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Title: Brief Encounter (3/3)
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom.
Summary: Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger in a public place? Would you like to?
Rating: 18/NC-17
Feedback: Always happy to have it.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never did, never happened.

Someone's touching me.

It's the middle of the night and when I fell asleep, I was alone, naked and sweating in the furnace that is my bedroom. Now someone's touching me, running cool hands over my chest and stomach. I open my eyes and all I see is black. I try to touch my face, but my hands have been hoisted above my head and tied to the headboard. I tug at the ropes, turn my head and rub my face against my arm, try and dislodge my blindfold, but it's hopeless. I've been restrained by an expert.

"Who - " I croak, and a tongue flicks my ear.

"Who do you think?" he whispers.

Him, oh God, it's him. It's been so long since our last encounter and I thought he'd forgotten me.

"Did you think I'd forgotten about you?" he reads my mind.

"Can you blame me? It's been so long."

"I know, I'm sorry. I had to go away for awhile. But now I'm back and I'm here to please you."

He strokes my chest and stomach again, his cool hands feel like heaven on my overheated flesh.

"How can your hands be so cool?"

Something rattles beside the bed and an ice cube is pressed against my throat. I moan, a long, low expression of bliss and the ice cube melts its way down my body, sliding over my nipples, moving in slow circles around my bellybutton. It melts away to nothing, I hear the rattle of the ice tray and a strange, crunching sound. And then his lips are on mine, his tongue, cold as the ice cube he just ate, invading my mouth. I want to scream, I want to pull him closer, I want to throw him down on this bed and ride him until the sun comes up. But all I can do is lie here, feeling my cock stiffen as he tongue-fucks my mouth.

"You like that?" he asks when he finally lets me go.

"Do you ... even ... have to ... ask?" I gasp.

He chuckles and flicks a finger over the head of my throbbing cock.

"No, I don't suppose I do."

The finger flicks my cock again.

"Tell me what you need. Anything you want, I'll do it."

I open my mouth and he puts a finger on my lips, shushing me before I've even said anything.

"Removing the blindfold isn't an option," he reads my mind again, "and I won't untie you. But anything else you want, ask and it's done."

What do I want? I think about it - and suddenly, I know.

"I want your mouth on me," I say, "I want you to lick my nipples, and then I want you to go down on me."

I say the words and his mouth is on me. I sigh and relax into the mattress as his tongue licks and stabs at my nipples, first one, then the other. At my command he moves lower, kissing and biting my stomach, dipping his tongue in my bellybutton. He licks my balls, then turns his attention to my shaft, kissing it, licking from base to tip. I tell him to take the head in his mouth and he does. I float for awhile, enjoying the sensation. It's so good, so unbelievably good - but it's not enough.

"More," I say, "take me all the way in."

He takes me, takes me so deep, I can feel myself, sliding in and out of his throat. Too slow - he's holding back.

"Enough," I buck my hips impatiently, "harder, faster, I want to come in your mouth."

He obeys and it's hard and fast and just perfect. I'm on the brink when I feel his hand slide between me and the mattress, feel his finger slip between my cheeks to brush my entrance. That touch, brief as it is, is all I need. I scream as my lower body jerks up off the mattress. He's right there with me, swallowing all I have to give. the flood slows to a trickle, then stops altogether and I flop back on the bed, dazed, white stars twinkling against the black of the blindfold. He release me and moves up my body, rubbing soothing circles on my chest. My head clears a little and I strain up to where I think he is.

"Kiss me," I demand, and he does. We kiss and kiss, slow, thorough kisses and I taste myself in his mouth suck my essence from his tongue. I can feel his cock, hard and ready against my hip, yet he makes no move. I really am in control tonight, it seems.

"What now?" he asks when we finally come up for air.

"Rim me," I tell him.

"Yes," he agrees eagerly.

He uses the second pillow to raise me up. Arse in the air, legs spread wide - I feel so open and exposed. And I love it.

And I love his tongue. I love the way it laps at my hole, over and over again. I love how it invades me and tastes my most intimate parts. Some other night, I would be happy to let him do this for hours, forever. But tonight, I have other needs.

"Stop, no more of that. Prep me and fuck me."

He pulls his tongue out and I feel so empty. But I'll soon be full again.

"Do you have any lube?"

"In the bathroom, in the cabinet."

He takes the pillow away and then he opens me up, makes me ready. I almost swoon when he pushes inside me. It's been so long since I've had him inside me and, if I'm being honest, it hurts a little. But the pleasure, the sheer joy of having him inside me again, makes the pain small, irrelevant.

"How do you want it?"

He lies on top of me, perfectly still even as his cock twitches inside me. I laugh.

"I think you know the answer to that one," I tell him.

And he does - oh God, he does! His first few thrusts are cautious, breaking me in gently. It's been a long time for me and we both know it. But the slow and careful approach doesn't last for long. I really didn't think it would. He jackhammers into me, giving me everything I need. Every thrust delivers, hits just the right spot and I buck and moan beneath him. I can't wrap my arms around him, so I wrap my legs around him instead, forcing him deeper inside. Almost, almost ... and I'm there, coming so hard, and this time I don't just see stars, I see constellations, whole galaxies. He drapes himself over me, spent, and we pant into each others' mouths.

It's even hotter in here than it was before I went to bed, but I don't care. The temperature is the last thing on my mind as he fucks me again, long and slow and sweet. And I damn near lose my mind when he lowers himself onto me and moves on my cock with all the grace of a dancer.

When I wake the blindfold is gone, and so are the ropes. But I'm not alone, as I expected to be. I roll onto my side and get my first real look at him. He ....

"You!" I exclaim.
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Title: Brief Encounter (2/3)
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom.
Summary: Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger in a public place? Would you like to?
Rating: 18/NC-17
Feedback: Always happy to have it.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never did, never happened.

I look at the parcel on my doorstep. There's no postage mark or return address, but that doesn't matter. I know who sent it. I've been waiting for my phantom lover to make his move, and now he has. I take the box inside, open it and examine the contents. A Venetian half-mask, a date and time: tonight, at eight. Excitement blooms deep in my belly as I check my watch. That's less than seven hours away.


I pull up outside a huge country house, the kind of place Agatha Christie writes about, where the upper classes gather to drink and dance and murder the night away. Light blazes from all the downstairs windows and I can hear music. I put my mask on and get out of the car.

The front door opens at my touch and I follow the music down a dimly-lit hall. I find myself in what I assume is a ballroom, it's too big to be anything else. It's full of masked men and women laughing, dancing and talking among themselves. Unsure of what to do, I stay on the edge of the crowd, hugging the wall and watching the dancers. Someone puts their hands on my shoulders - no, not just anyone, I'd know this touch anywhere. He turns me to face him and ... I still have no idea who he is.

His mask is the twin of mine and he's dressed head to toe in red silk, like something out of a fever dream by Poe. His cloak and hood cover his hair completely. He could be dark-haired, fair-haired or bald as an egg - I just can't tell. He takes my hand and leads me onto the dancefloor. We move in time with the music, staring at each other's masks. Our dance becomes more and more intense as he holds me tight and thrusts against me. My brain throws up a random fact I read or heard somewhere, something about how dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

I'm desperate for some kind of release, any kind of relief when he leads me off the dancefloor and out of the ballroom. I follow him up a long, winding staircase and into a bedroom. He switches on a lamp and stands at the head of the bed, looking at me. I want him to reach out and touch me, take control of me like he did the first time, but he does nothing. It falls to me to make the first move.

I take my mask off and let it fall to the floor. But that's not enough, so I take my clothes off. Naked, I stand before him, and my phantom lover is finally spurred into action. He steps forward, takes my hands in his and pushes me onto the bed. He stares at me and, even through the mask, I can see his eyes glitter as he sets every last inch of my body ablaze.

"Touch yourself."

It's an order, not a request. I take myself in hand and do as I'm told. I've never done this with someone watching and my first strokes are slow and unsure. But then I find my rhythm and my shyness evaporates. I close my eyes and lose myself in the sensation. The mattress dips as he joins me on the bed.


I roll onto my side, coat the first three fingers of my free hand in saliva and reach back. One finger slides home, two, now they're all inside, moving deep within me, making me ready. I hear a moan and raise my head. His trousers are shoved down to his knees, one fist wrapped around his cock. He removes his hand, inviting me to admire the organ that's already given me so much pleasure. I lick my lips as my fingers slip out of my back passage and I roll onto my back.

"Come fuck me," he invites, and I hurry to comply.

I crawl to him, he sits up against the headboard and pulls me onto his lap. I want to tear his mask away and cover his face with kisses, but I don't quite dare. I feast on his neck instead, licking, kissing, biting ...

... and then he's grabbing my hips, lifting me and lowering me onto his cock. My mouth falls open in a silent scream as he buries himself in me, right to the hilt. He gives me a minute to adjust and, then holds my hips in an iron grip as he jackhammers into me.
This hard and rough fuck is the exact opposite of our first coupling. Boneless and out of control, I feel like a puppet - but not dangled from above, drilled from below. Hinges creak, I turn my head and see two figures in white maks in the doorway, watching us. I'm too far gone to be embarrassed, so I just tilt my head back and moan. They want a show, I'll give them a show.

My hands and feet are numb, all sensation concentrated on the place where we're connected. My climax comes upon me like a sudden storm, filling my mind with white light. I come all over his clothes, ruining them, but he doesn't seem to care as he grunts and pulses into me, hot and wet. I'm dimly aware of being lifted up and off his cock. I fall sideways in a half-swoon.

When I come back to myself the masked strangers are gone and my mystery man is sitting on the edge of the bed with his back to me. He sighs heavily before standing and pulling his trousers back up. He gathers my clothes and watches me dress. When I'm done he places his hand on the small of my back and escorts me downstairs and out to my car. I get in, give him one last smile and drive off into the night.
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Title: Brief Encounter
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom.
Summary: Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger in a public place? Would you like to?
Rating: 18/NC-17
Feedback: Always happy to have it.
Disclaimer: Don't own them, never did, never happened.

I'm so fucking bored.

I hate these company presentations. They go on for hours and, as far as I can see, serve no purpose. But attendance is mandatory, so I suffer through at least one of them every week. I stand at the very back of the room, in the shadows, hidden by a large column. I always do this; it means I won't be called on to participate in some stupid exercise but, at the same time, if anyone asks if I was at the presentation I can say, in all honesty, I was.

We're about halfway through the presentation when I feel a pair of strong, definitely masculine, hands on my shoulders and a hoarse whisper in my ear.

"Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger in a public place?"


I try to turn my head and the hands clamp down on my shoulders, fingers probing and squeezing my flesh.

"No, don't turn around."

I face forward again and his grip loosens.

"You haven't answered my question."

"No," I whisper back, "I've never had sex with a stranger in a public place."

He presses against me and, even through two layers of clothing, I can feel his erection. His tongue flicks in and out of my ear.

"Would you like to?"

"How do you know I'm-"

"Gay?" His hands leave my shoulders and head south, I look down just in time to see them pushing my tie aside and unbuttoning my dress shirt, "I know all about you. I've been watching you, watching and wanting."

The hands are inside my shirt now, sliding up my chest and I choke back a moan as he sets my body on fire. It's incredible, he knows all the ways to touch me, to bring me to boiling point. I come close to fainting when his nails flick my nipples.

"You still haven't answered my question. Do you want me to fuck you, right here and now, or do you want me to stop?"

I reach up, pull his hands out of my shirt and guide them to the hard flesh between my legs.

"Good answer."

I watch his hands deftly unbuckle my belt. My trousers and boxers are pulled down, freeing my painfully hard cock. He takes me in hand and squeezes.

"Just look at that. You don't know how often I've thought about how it would feel to have your cock, warm and pulsing in my hand. It's better than I ever imagined."

I want him to stroke me, but his hand doesn't move. I rock my hips impatiently and he encourages me.

"That's it, baby, fuck my hand, nice and slow."

And I do. I brace myself against the column and thrust in and out of his hand, resisting the temptation to speed up my movements. When he finally pulls his hand away I want to scream and beg him to put it back, please, put it back. But I don't make a sound. He kneels and I feel his fingers part my cheeks, his breath, hot and heavy, on my hole.

Oh, he can't be serious...

He is. His tongue darts out and he laps at my arsehole like a cat with a bowl of cream. This is unbelievable. I thought the whole point of having sex in public was to make it quick and dirty. But my mystery lover is in no hurry. He just kneels behind me, giving me a slow and incredibly thorough rimming. And, after the rimming, an equally slow and thorough fingering, spit-soaked digits stretching me, teasing me. It's good, it's so good. But it's not enough.

"More," I beg.

He pulls his fingers out and stands up. I hear a rustle of cloth and then he's there, pressing against my entrance. He pushes the tip in and stops -  he's inside me, yes, but just barely. My head falls forward and I offer up a silent prayer: fuckmefuckmefuckme.....

My prayers are answered. He grabs my hips and pulls me, inch by glorious inch, back onto his cock.

"A perfect fit. I knew you would be."

He stills inside me, letting me get used to the feel of him, and then he starts to fuck me. Out of my very mind.

One hand is one my hip, holding me steady as he moves inside me, the other is on my cock, stroking in time with his thrusts. He knows just what to do; his cock hits my prostate every time, each thrust harder than the one before and I know I won't last long. Someone in the crowd drops something and the sound just adds fuel to the fire: I'm in a room full of people, I'm in a room of people and I'm being fucked senseless by a faceless stranger and there's no feeling more exciting.

"When you go to work tomorrow," he pants between thrusts, "take a good, long look at all the men you come into contact with. The man who sits across from you on the train, the one who pours your coffee, the man standing outside this building as you go in. I could be any one of them."

That's it, that's the end of the line. I clench my teeth to keep the scream inside and, as I sail over the edge, I hope someone does look around and catch us. Take a good, long look everybody, because this is how you please a man, really take him over ... oh ... fuck ...

But we're not done, not quite yet. I cling to the column for dear life as he bucks up into me, his rhythm breaking down as he loses control. He thrusts into me one last time, burying himself to the hilt. He snorts against my neck as he comes, bathing my insides in his juices. He sags against me, spent.

I could probably turn my head and look at him now, while he's distracted. But I don't - that would spoil it. I stay as I am, head forward and hands on the column as he pulls himself together. Fingers press against the underside of my chin.

"Close your eyes."

I do as I'm told and I'm given a reward; a hot, wet kiss that's over far too soon. He pulls out of me and I stand here, eyes still closed, listening to him pull his trousers up. No, it can't end like this! I start to protest and his finger is on my lips, shushing me.

"Don't worry, this isn't over. You belong to me now."

And just like that, he's gone.

As I pull up my own trousers and straighten myself out I'm suddenly aware of something: a familiar scent in the air, the rich, complex smell of sex and sweat. I have to get out of here before anyone else smells it and traces it back to me. I leave the room and run to the nearest bathroom.

I check out my reflection in the mirror. I don't look so bad, a bit flushed maybe, but nowhere near as bad as I thought I'd look. Only my eyes give the game away, the eyes of a man who's just been well and truly fucked. I smile as I splash water on my face. I know I'll see my stranger again, and soon.

I can't wait.


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