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Title: Club Silencio
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Here in the Club Silencio, many secrets are kept.
Warning: Drug Use
Feedback: Would be lovely.
Disclaimer: Total fiction

Here in the Club Silencio, many secrets are kept.

This is a safe place, a hidden place. It has a very select clientele: some of them are famous, some of them are powerful, all of them are rich. The average man could not afford to come here. But those who can are free here - free to indulge their appetites, far away from prying eyes and gossiping tongues. Some people come here for sex, some come here for drugs, some for alcohol, others for all of the above. It doesn't really matter, all vices are welcome.

Here in the Club Silencio, there are no limits.

Matthew crosses the main floor of the club, shouldering his way through small knots of people. In the real world he is a powerful and influential man and, even here, it shows: the confidence with which he carries himself attracts many admiring glances. But he ignores them all, these people have nothing to offer him. He has a very specific goal in mind tonight.

He sees a familiar mop of blond hair and hurries towards it. The blond man is leaning against the bar, sipping a glass of scotch. He smiles in welcome and slides a second glass over to Matthew. They look into each other's eyes as they drink, fingertips just touching where they rest on the bar. They don't speak, they don't need to; the knowledge of what they're about to do lies heavy in the air between them. There is none of the usual idle chatter you usually find at a club or in a bar, small talk about jobs and families and all the rest of it. That kind of revealing talk is forbidden.

Here in the Club Silencio, there are no names.

Placing his empty glass on the bar, the blond holds out a hand. Matthew takes it and allows himself to be lead to the room that has already been prepared for them. The stranger shuts the door, cutting off all sound - all the private rooms in the club have been soundproofed - and guides Matthew over to the bed. He cups Matthew's face in his hands and leans in. But, just before their lips can brush against each other, the blond stops, smirks and shoves Matthew back onto the bed.

Matthew lands on soft sheets - black sheets of the finest silk. Here in the Club Silencio, no expense is ever spared - and giggles to himself. He loves this. The ceiling has been covered with mirrored tiles and Matthew stares up at himself until movement to his left draws his attention. The blond is taking off his leather jacket and reaching for the syringe on the table beside the bed.

The other man goes to the foot of the bed and slips Matthew's shoes and socks off. He looks up at Matthew, silently asking for permission. Matthew nods and the blond spreads his toes, slides the needle in and presses the plunger. They always do it this way, it wouldn't do for a man in Matthew's position to be seen sporting track marks, even if this is only an occasional indulgence. The man crawls up Matthew's body and presses their lips together. Matthew reaches up and tangles his finger's in the blond's hair as their tongues meet and mate.

The drug begins to take hold and sink into his veins and Matthew moans into the stranger's mouth. The blond breaks the kiss and climbs off the bed. He takes a capsule from the table, puts it between his teeth, bites down and then shudders as the powder inside the capsule hits his bloodstream. Matthew watches the man's eyes and sees the pupils shrink to pinpoints. The other man bends and begins to strip Matthew. Matthew does not object, not even when his hideously expensive suit lands on the floor in a crumpled heap.

In real life Matthew is, and there really is no other way to put this, a control freak. This dominant character trait is what makes his business a success and his love life a disaster. To come here and let another man drug him into a state of complete relaxation and take control of him, to let go of all responsibilty is nothing short of bliss.

The stranger removes his own clothes and kneels at Matthew's feet again. He takes Matthew's right foot in his hands and begins to squeeze and rub gently. Matthew squirms in delight as the blond massages him. His feet have always been sensitive. When the other man takes Matthew's big toe in his mouth and sucks Matthew gasps. It is surprisingly exciting.

The blond's hands and tongue abandon Matthew's feet and begin to roam freely over his body. Matthew closes his eyes and gives himself over to the experience. The drug that has relaxed his body has also enhanced his nerve endings: Matthew feels as though dozens of hands, dozens of tongues explore him, caressing every inch of him. Then Matthew feels a hot, wet mouth engulf him as a wet finger slides into his back passage. Matthew moans and clutches the sheets as the blond sucks and fingers him.

When he finally feels the other man's cock sheath itself inside of him Matthew cries out with the sheer perfect beauty of it. He watches in the mirror as the stranger moves over him, inside of him, watching the muscles ripple beneath golden skin. The drug the blond took both heightens and prolongs his desire and Matthew soon loses all sense of time and space as the man fucks him. But then the stranger slides his hands under Matthew's thighs and rises up on his knees, lifting Matthew's lower body off the bed. Matthew has never felt anything like this before. In this new position every thrust seems to travel the length of his spine and he explodes in an orgasm so intense it is actually close to pain. The feel of Matthew clenching around him is too much for the blond: he stiffens, then bucks up into Matthew in a frenzy as his climax overtakes him.

They collapse on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Lying face to face, they exchange sloppy, satisfied kisses before exhaustion gets the better of them. When Matthew wakes he is alone, the blond is nowhere to be seen. He might have left the club and returned to his home, wherever that may be. He might still be here, in another room with someone else. It doesn't really matter. Matthew knows they will meet again, and soon.

Here in the Club Silencio, there are no surprises.


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