Dark Angel

Jan. 4th, 2016 08:20 pm
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Title: Dark Angel
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Waiting for a man. A very special man.
Rating: 18/NC-17
Feedback: Hit me with your rhythm stick.
Disclaimer: Don't own Muse, this never happened.

This is half of space_blackout's belated birthday gift.

I'm sitting in a corner, sipping a beer and waiting for a man. Not just any man; a very special man. I've never seen his face or heard his voice, but I'll know him when he comes.

Men drop by my table from time to time, trying to buying me drinks, start conversations. I brush off their passes, try and get rid of them with a minimum of fuss.

Then he walks in.

Black hair and black clothes framing an exotic, exquisite beauty. He is an angel. A dark angel. My dark angel. The one I've been waiting for.

He stands in the doorway, taking everything in. When he turns his head in my direction his eyes gleam - even in this dim light they gleam - and the connection is made.

My dark angel goes to the bar, gets a drink for himself and a fresh beer for me. He sits beside me, doesn't wait for an invitation, knows he doesn't need one. We drink in silence - what, really, needs to be said? He moves closer and puts a hand on my thigh. Even through the cloth, his touch burns. Fingers squeeze my leg and I'm suddenly breathless - dizzy!

I find myself sliding lower in my seat, trying to urge that hand higher. He picks up on what I'm doing, laughs softly and obliges, cupping my erection, groping me under the table. He teases me for a few moments before finishing his drink and leading me out of the bar. His hand rests on the small of my back as we walk to his car and the possessive gesture sends a thrill through me.

He takes me to the perfect location: a motel just outside of town, a cheap. sleazy dive. The kind of place where everything goes and nobody knows. He shuts the door and I drop to my knees. My dark angel groans as I take him in my mouth. I suck him slowly, loving the taste of him, rich and salty. He growls, grabs a fistful of my hair and starts fucking my mouth. His movements are quick and savage and it's like nothing I've ever experienced before...

... I'm yanked to my feet and shoved onto the bed. I strip myself bare, spread my legs and offer myself up to him. A tube is pulled from the inner pocket of his jacket and tossed onto the bed. I put on a good show for him as I prep myself, writhing and moaning like a cheap whore.

And then he's on top of me and his cock is sliding into me. I've never been as ready to receive a man as I am my dark angel. He slides all the way in on the first thrust and starts fucking me. Right out of my mind.

I paw at his back and shoulders until he grabs my wrists and pins them to the mattress above my head. Now I'm truly helpless, a butterfly pinned on a cork board, but I don't mind, no, I don't mind, because his cock is pumping in and out of me, hard, fast, and the friction is delicious - no, more than delicious. Divine.

I'm so caught up in the pleasure he's giving me that my orgasm, when it comes, is a complete shock, a lightning bolt frying every cell in my body. I shudder and howl but he doesn't stop, or slow. His movements actually speed up, increasing the tempo of my fucking as he uses my body, ruthless in the pursuit of his own pleasure.

He grunts, his rhythm begins to break down and I know he's close. I want him to come on me. Come on me, I beg him, come all over me, let me drown in it...

He's more than happy to oblige, pulling out and coming all over my face, chest, stomach. My dark angel bathes me in his juices, an animal marking its territory.

The morning sun is streaming through the window when I wake, cold and alone. My dark angel is gone and I wonder if it was all just a dream. But I still reek of him and, on the bedside table, I find a note. I smile as I read it.

My dark angel isn't done with me yet.


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