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Title: Fingers
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: R
Summary: "I love his fingers."
Feedback: Please do.
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nobody.

Okay, I was watching the Uprising video and I couldn't get the image of Matt's hands and, more specifically, his fingers, out of my head. I had no choice, I had to write this little piece of fluff. It's something unusual for me, a change from my other stuff. Does it work?

I love his fingers. Long and elegant, strong and sure, they are beautiful.

I love the way they caress the keys of his piano and the way they slide over his guitar.

I love how they hold a glass of wine, the way the dark liquid highlights the paleness of his skin.

I love the way they seem to take on a life of their own when he speaks of the things that arouse his interest, dancing in the air, graceful as a ballerina.

I love how they interlace with mine when he takes my hand, staking his claim, telling everyone I belong to him.

I love the way they press against the wood of the bedroom door, shutting us in, cutting us off from the rest of the world.

I love how they grip the back of my neck as he pulls me close, those clear, blue eyes boring into mine.

I love the way they frame my face as he kisses me, long and hard, wet and sweet.

I love how they strip me bare, taking everything: my clothes, my inhibitions, until all that's left is my desire for him.

I love the way they tease me, pulling at his own inconvenient coverings, baring his body to my hungry gaze.

I love how they know just how to touch me, finding all the places that make me arch against him and moan.

I love the way they wrap around my cock, stroking me, arousing me to fever pitch.

I love the way they feel inside me as he opens me up, making me ready to receive him.

I love how they cling to my hips when I ride him, hard and fast, as friction becomes heat becomes melting fire, a fire that consumes us both.

I love the way they hold me steady, trying to make the moment last, as our breathing returns to normal and we regain our senses.

And I love how they thread through my hair as I fall asleep, safe and warm in his arms.


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