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Title: Game
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. A conversation, a game.
Disclaimer: They're not mine.

Dom puts the phone to his ear.


"It's me."

"Of course it is."

Dom smiles to himself. Matt has no time for small talk. He never did. He never says hello, just "it's me" or "what are you doing" or "I'm coming over. Take your clothes off." And he never says goodbye. He just hangs up.

"What's up, Matt?"

"Nothing much. I'm just sitting here, missing you and thinking about how we met. Do you remember that?"

"How could I forget?"

Dom casts his mind back to that meeting, when they shook hands and stared into each other's eyes for the first time, blue clashing with grey. Two reporters, both young, each one fully convinced he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

It was hate at first sight.

They fought for months, playing mind games and trying to outshine each other. Then, one wet and windy Friday evening, a heated debate in the newsroom turned into a screaming match in the underground car park and that turned into rough sex in the back of Dom's car, all those weeks of aggression and unresolved sexual tension finally exploding in their faces.

They spent the weekend in Matt's bedroom, only crawling out of bed to use the bathroom and order food. From that moment on they were practically inseperable, the Woodward and Bernstein of the 21st century, as Matt liked to say, only younger and much better-looking.

"I'm so bored," Matt says, "let's have some fun. Let's play a game."

Dom's mouth goes dry, his cock already beginning to stiffen. Matt's so good at this kind of thing, the pornographic pictures he paints never failing to send Dom soaring to the heavens. Even the idea of this game is enough to get Dom going, but he tries to play it cool.

"What kind of game?"

"You know perfectly well what kind of game," Matt's voice is low and amused, "now, I want you to lie on your back and close your eyes."

Dom does it, letting his free hand drift up and down his stomach."

"I want you to think back."

"Think back to what?"

"Spain. That night in the hotel. Do you remember that?"

"Oh yeah, I remember."

"You came out of the bathroom with a towel around your waist and you were still wet from your shower. Your hair was slicked back, water was running down your chest..."

"You never could resist me when I'd had a shower, could you?"

"Shh Dom, let me tell it. I looked at you, wet and dripping in the doorway and I had to have you, right there, right then. I grabbed you and threw you onto the bed. You landed on your back and I crawled on top of you and ripped your towel away. You were already hard," Matt pauses, letting his words sink in, "you were already hard for me."

"Jesus, Matt," Dom moans, hand fisting around his cock as he remembers how it was, Matt straddling him in boxers and nothing else.

"And I was hard for you. I pinned you to the bed and I ran my tongue over you, all over you, lapping up the water on your chest and stomach. By the time I got to your thighs you were arching your back and begging me to suck you. When I did, you were so keyed up all I had to do was swirl my tongue around your cock and you were coming, pouring yourself down my throat."

Dom's sweating now as his hand speeds up.

"Do you remember what happened next, Dom?"

"Yes, fuck, yes."

"Why don't you tell me about it?"

"When I got my breath back I shoved you back onto the bed and I pulled off your boxers. You lay with your hands behind your head, watching me as I got the lube and started fingering myself, getting myself ready for you. You reached up and grabbed my hips, guiding me onto your waiting cock. I stared into your eyes as I rode you, slow at first, then faster and harder..."

Matt groans, a low, primal sound,

"Fuck Dom, I miss you so much. I want to see you, I need to see you..."

"Matt, no!"

But it's too late. Matt's already on his feet, forgetting himself, pulling them out of the game and back to the bitter reality they're trapped in. Dom stands, arousal forgotten, and they look at each other through the barred window that divides their cells, their "phones" - in reality just small chunks of rock they found on the floor - still pressed to their ears.

How long have they been here? How long has it been since their persistent digging came to the attention of this country's corrupt government and they were taken from the boarding house in the middle of the night, stripped of everything and dumped in this hole? Dom doesn't know. Long enough for them to have given up on any hope of rescue, anyway. Long enough for them to have grown thick beards that reach to their chests and for the flesh to melt away from their bodies. They're not men anymore, they're flesh-covered skeletons.

Matt smiles sadly, revealing several empty sockets where teeth used to be. His chest and stomach are criss-crossed with belt marks and knife scars, the guards using him to alleviate their boredom. They've left their marks on Dom as well, but Matt always gets the worst of it. He always had a smart mouth and captivity hasn't tamed it - but there's more to it than that. Their captors like to hear Dom scream, so they beat and cut Matt and make him watch. Tears prick Dom's eyes as he recalls a night when even that wasn't enough for them, so three men forced Matt to his knees while a fourth unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and -

Ah, but he doesn't want to think about that. He tries to think of something he can say that will take their minds of their situation for a little while. But then he hears one of those bastards whisper in his ear, the recall so complete it's like the man is still in Dom's cell with him:

"We like hurting your friend and we love hearing your screams, but we'll get bored eventually. When we do, we'll take him outside and then..." the man grinned, making a gun shape with his hand, "You won't see it but you'll hear it. We'll leave you here until you've lost your mind and then we'll do the same to you."

He doesn't want to believe that day will ever come. But then the door of Matt's cell opens, they march in and grab him and Dom knows it's here. Dom thrusts his hands between the bars, screaming for Matt and begging them to take him instead. But they ignore him and drag Matt out of the cell. Matt doesn't struggle, doesn't make a sound, he just stares at Dom. As they pull him out the door and out of Dom's life forever, Dom sees Matt's hand, the "phone" still held to his ear. And suddenly, Matt's silence makes perfect sense. He never says goodbye...

The sound of the gunshot fills the world.

... he just hangs up.

Note: Okay, this turned out to be a dark little story and I should have put some kind of warning in the header. But I was afraid it would spoil the story a bit, which is why I didn't. I came very close to not posting this (partially because of the content and also because I think it might not be any good) and if it's upset or annoyed anyone, l'm really sorry.


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