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Title: Happiness in Slavery
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Matt/Dom/Chris. Oh yeah, I'm going there.
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: A master and his slaves: "Bow down before the one you serve. You're going to get what you deserve."
Feedback: I'd love to hear from you.
Disclaimer: This is fiction. I don't own Muse and or the lyrics of Nine Inch Nails.
Note: A disgusting lump of filth with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, this was inspired by the lyrics of one Nine Inch Nails song (Head Like a Hole) and the title of another (self-explanatory).
More Notes: This chapter is in celebration of the always awesome millionstar's birthday. She hoped for a sequel and so I made one, just for her.

M lies on his side, using one hand to fondle his cock and the other to finger his arsehole, keeping himself ready for the ploughing he will soon receive. Beside him the mattress groans and squeals, the sounds mixing with and complimenting D's cries as the other slave receives his.

M's turn comes. The master finishes D off, pulls out and, without missing a beat, rolls onto his back, pulls M up and over and spears him quickly and efficiently. M's limbs twist and flop about like a broken string puppet's - but this puppet is drilled from below, not dangled from above.

Touch yourself," the master's command cuts through the pleasure fog in M's brain, "and keep your eyes on me at all times, M. I want to see how much you enjoy my fucking."

M is a good slave and he always does as he's told. His arms and legs soon become numb, all sensation flowing to his cock and core. The experience is so intense M cannot help but sob aloud. He keeps his eyes on the master, sees the sweat glisten on his neck, his upper lip, sees his face contort and darken with pleasure. The slave's orgasm suddenly upon him, his seed raining down on his master's chest and stomach. The master's thrusts don't falter, the iron grip on M's does not relax.

M is straddling the dividing line where pleasure turns to pain when the master finishes. He surges up on his final thrust, his hot seed bathing M's insides. The master collapses back onto the mattress, taking M with him. He gathers both slaves to him and they cuddle into his chest, enjoying the attention. The master hasn't used either slave in six weeks and they were beginning to feel neglected.

The phone rings. The master wipes a sticky hand on the sheets and answers it.

"I'm with a couple of slaves. Which ones?" he smiles down at D and M, "the blond you fucked last time you were here and the one you're so desperate to buy. No, I told you, you can't have him, I don't care how much you're willing to pay."

He pushes his slaves off and takes the phone into the bathroom. D and M take the opportunity to exchange a few chaste kisses, but nothing more than that.


"Are you enjoying the show?"

M is in the master's bedroom again, but D isn't with him this time. Except he is, in a way: M and his master recline on the master's bed and watch the live feed piped in from another bedroom, watch D sporting with two of the master's business partners - make that potential business partners. They're taking turns with D, each competing to fuck the slave in the showiest way. M tears his gaze away from the screen and smiles up at his master.

"Of course I am, Master. I love being with you, I've missed you."

The master taps M's cheek.

"Feeling left out, were you?"

"A little bit."

His master smiles and strokes his cheek.

"Don't worry, you and D are still my favourites. But I had to take you both out of rotation for a little while, and here's why."

He ticks off points on his fingers.

"One, you all need time to rest, you should know that by now. Two, while you and D are my favourites, I have twenty-four other slaves. Should I just let them sit around, eating and watching television while I spend all my time fucking you? Three, the others would get jealous if I did that. And, finally, I need variety. If I spent all my time with you and D I would get bored with you. I might even consider accepting one of those tempting offers."

The explanation satisfies M and the subject is dropped. Master and slave turn their attention back to the screen and the exploits of D. M's fellow slave is on his hands and knees now, both holes filled up. The master takes M's hand and places it on his cock. M needs no further prompting. He begins to stroke and almost swoons with happiness when he feels the master's hand on his own cock. They soon find a rhythm that suits them, syncing up with each thrust into D.

"You'll be in that room soon, with those men," the master gaps.

"I will?"

"Yes M, you will. We're close to signing a contract, but we're not quite there yet. I want to keep them happy, keep them interested, so I gave them some time with D, as a goodwill gesture. When we finally seal the deal, I'll give them the star prize. I'll give them you."

D is coming. He can't scream, not when his mouth is ... otherwise engaged, but M and his master have seen him in this position several times, and they both know the signs. So D comes, and his master and fellow slave are not far behind. They lie together in a sticky, contented heap. The master is happy, the time is right: M licks his lips, gathers his courage and plunges ahead.



"I need to ask you something."

"So ask."

"D and I were wondering if we could sleep in each other's beds sometimes."

His master sits up abruptly.

"No, you can't fuck in your free time, you know that. We've already talked about this."

"We don't want to fuck, Master. We just want to sleep in the same bed sometimes. And maybe ... cuddle?"

"Cuddle? You want to cuddle?"

"Yes, master, we do."

The master taps his chin thoughtfully.

"I don't know, M. I'll have to think about this."

"Of course. It's up to you, Master, it's always up to you."

The master smiles.

"Yes, it is, isn't it?"
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Title: Happiness in Slavery
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Matt/Dom/Chris. Oh yeah, I'm going there.
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: A master and his slaves: "Bow down before the one you serve. You're going to get what you deserve."
Feedback: I'd love to hear from you.
Disclaimer: This is fiction. I don't own Muse and or the lyrics of Nine Inch Nails.
Note: A disgusting lump of filth with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, this was inspired by the lyrics of one Nine Inch Nails song (Head Like a Hole) and the title of another (self-explanatory). This is, I think, the eigth piece of mine to be inspired by a song. My creative process apparently goes like this: Step 1: switch on iPod. Step 2: ????? Step 3: profit! Or something.

M opens his bedroom door and looks up and down the hall. He can't see anyone, but that doesn't mean he isn't being watched. He takes a deep breath, steps out into the hall and ... nothing. No sirens, no flashing lights. M sighs, relieved, and scuttles down to D's room.

"Finally!" D exclaims, running fingers through his golden hair, "I was beginning to think you'd changed your mind."

"Never. But I had to make sure the coast was clear. You know how dangerous this is."

"I do."

What D and M are about to do is absolutely forbidden. D and M are slaves and they live to please their master. He has complete control over their sexual activities. He tells them how, when and, most important of all, who to fuck. The only way one slave can fuck another is if the master wills it. But D and M can't help themselves. They've tried to resist, tried to fight their growing attraction to one another, but it's a waste of time. They have to do this. If they don't, they'll go insane.

D pulls M close. M moans as D licks and kisses his neck. Erections rub together, separated only by the thin, silky thongs both slaves wear.

"Let's get on the bed and play with each other's cocks," M finally manages to say.

"Sounds good to me."

They slip off their thongs and go to bed.

"Tell me about that time in the office," M gasps as D caresses him.

D smiles.

"What time would that be?" he asks, eyes wide with feigned innocence.

M tugs the blond slave's stiff rod, wiping the smug smile right off his face.

"Don't tease. You know what I'm talking about. The time he had you service him while he was on the phone."

Oh, that time. D shivers, thinking about the master - the slaves have never been told his name, but D caught a brief glimpse of a business letter once and he knows the master's first name is Christopher - and that afternoon.

"The master called me into his office. He was in his chair, talking on the phone. When he was done with that call he had me kneel between his legs. He had a lot of phone work to do, he said, lots of deals to close and he needed a nice, long sucking to keep him entertained. He went back to work, and so did I."

"How long were you down there?"

"I don't know. All I can tell you is he made ten calls and my knees and jaws were aching before he was done."

"And he kept his erection and didn't come?"

"Kept his erection, didn't come and made a small fortune.

"How do you know that?"

"He celebrated by bending me over the desk and fucking me raw."

"My God."

"I slept on my stomach and ate standing up for a week."

"I remember," M moans as their strokes get faster, harder, "you lucky bastard."

"Not as lucky as you."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't be so coy. You know what I want to hear about. The night that put you out of action for the best part of two months."

M takes a few deep breaths to calm himself, then begins.

"The master came for me, he actually came and fetched me himself. He brought clothes for me to wear, and a collar and leash."

"Did he make you walk on all fours?"

"Yes, all the way to the reception room on the ground floor. He pulled me to my feet and brought me inside. The room was full of men. Master lead me around the floor and his friends couldn't keep their hands off me. They were pawing my cock, my bum, treating me like a piece of meat."

"Which you loved."

"Of course, wouldn't you? I was enjoying it so much, I didn't notice the stocks being brought on and placed in the middle of the room. But then the master pulled me away from his guests and over to the stocks. He unclipped my leash, took my clothes off and announced that I was to be the night's entertainment. Master put me in the stocks and, as he was closing them, he whispered in my ear, promising me a treat to put me in the mood. I was wondering what he meant when I felt his hands pulling my cheeks apart and his tongue licking my areshole."

"Oh, Jesus," D groans at the image. He's serviced the masters friends and clients and he's loved every second of it. But he's never been served up to a whole room of people, the way M was. And a rimming ... that's a very special treat and it's been too, too long since D had the master's tongue anywhere near his arse.

"I can't take anymore," he gasps, "I need to fuck you, M. Please, let me fuck you."

M moves onto his back and spreads his legs in invitation.

"I thought you'd never ask."

They both sigh when D's cock slides home, a long, drawn-out sound of pleasure.

"Finish it."

"Hmm?" M begins to stroke himself in time with D's thrusts.

"Your story, finish it."

"Oh. Well, when Master was done with my arse he blindfolded me and gave me to his friends. A cock in my arse plugged one hole, one in my mouth filled the other. That's how it went. Every time one cock finished in me, another took its place, on and on until they'd all had at least one turn in me. I was covered in spunk, it was all over my face, dripping out of my arse and down my thighs. I had to be carried from the room because I was dead from the waist down. It was the best night of my life," M smiles and clenches down on D's cock, "until now."

They come together, moaning and gasping into each other's mouths.

What should we do now?" asks D.

They've showered away all traces of their first encounter and are curled up on D's bed.

"We could try a 69," M suggests.



D and M look at each other, concerned. They've never been summoned to the master's office at the same time before. D takes the lead and knocks.

"Come in."

The master is bent over his desk, examining some papers, a tall glass of water at his elbow. He reaches back and scratches himself and his jacket rides up. He's not wearing a shirt and his slaves are treated to a quick glimpse of the scorpion tattoo at the base of the master's spine. T, a slave with a head for trivia, claims the scorpion represents an ancient death god. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. All D and M can agree on is how they'd like to run their tongues over it and find out how it tastes.

The master straightens up, turns around. A couple of quick, purposeful steps bring him face to face with his slaves. He says nothing for the longest time, just stands there with his hands on his hips. Neither slave can meet his gaze for long so they stare at his chest and the faint gleam of his nipple rings.

"You boys have been naughty," the master says at last, "very naughty, oh yes. You've been fucking each other, fucking without my permission."

They take deep breaths and the master reaches out and touches their lips, shushing them before they can begin their protest.

"Don't insult me by trying to deny it. I've seen the DVD. Your rooms are wired for sound and vision, didn't you know that?"

M and D hang their heads, both feeling very foolish.

"I was furious when I heard about what you'd been doing. My first instinct was to punish. I thought about breaking you, in a very real, very physical sense."

The slaves gasp and he strokes their cheeks, reassuring them.

"But I won't do it. To spoil a pair of beauties like you would be nothing short of criminal. Of course, that's only one type of punishment. I could just get rid of you. I could sell you and make a tidy profit. Especially with you," he holds M's chin in an iron grip and drinks from his mouth, "my friends are very taken with you. I've already had some tempting offers."

He laughs at their panic-stricken faces.

"Don't worry, that's not happening. I've never told you this, but of all the slaves I own, you two are my absolute favourites."

He pauses and lets his words sink in, watches their faces flush with pleasure.

"I just hate the idea of you being owned by anyone else, of anyone else controlling your pleasure. There'll be no selling you off, no punishment at all, in fact. I should, you did break the rules. But then I watched your DVD and I forgot all about your disobedience. All I could think about was how much it turned me on."

The master reaches down and strokes them through the silk. They moan and thrust against his hands, wanting more.

"You hot little sluts," he tears the flimsy material right off them and takes a cock in each hand, "I can't believe I never put you together. Well, that's going to change. This is how it's going to be. You'll fuck each other, but only when I tell you to. I'll control your pleasure, just as I've always done. But remember this: if you break the rules again, it's over. No more chances. I'll personally flay the skin from your backs and, when I'm done, I'll give you, not sell you, give you, to some men I know. Men with a special love of surgical instruments. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Master," they answer.


He gives their cocks one last stroke before leaving them and and sitting behind his desk.

"Now we've got that out of the way," the master says, "we can turn our minds to more pleasurable activities. I loved your DVD performance but, well, it's like watching footage of an amazing concert. Good, but nothing compared to the real thing."

They smile as his words wash over them and wait for further instructions.

"Face each other and kiss. Plenty of tongue."

M and D don't have to be told twice. Their master leans back in his chair and palms himself through his trousers.

"Such sweet little sluts," he sighs, "don't be afraid to use your hands, boys."

He watches them kiss and fondle each other, admiring their beauty. The perfect combination of light and dark, why he never thought of combining their talents before - well, that's just one of life's great mysteries.

"Alright, that's enough of that. M, I want you to get on your knees and take D in your mouth. Turn your head, D, look me in the eyes. You don't look away and you don't come unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," D whimpers as M sucks his cock.

Their master touches himself through his trousers with one hand and sips water with the other. He watches D as M's mouth works its magic, taking note of every bead of sweat dotting the slaves brow, every gasp and grimace as the blond fights for control. The master said he wouldn't punish them, but that was only half-true. This sweet torture, this is D's punishment. They both broke the rules, but the master knows his slaves and he knows it was all D's idea. M is a divine fuck and his oral skills are beyond compare, but he's passive, needs to be told exactly what to do and when. D's the one with the little rebellious streak. That needs to be stamped out.

D's face is bright red and slick with sweat by the time the master decides to call a halt to the proceedings.

"Time to change things up a little. I want D on his hands and knees, facing me."

A bottle of lube is retrieved from a desk drawer and lobbed in M's direction.

"Okay, M, it's time for you to put those lovely long fingers to work. You know what to do."

"Of course, Master."

The master opens his trousers, freeing his hard cock. He takes himself in hand as he watches the dark-haired slave finger the blond.

"Is D ready to be fucked, M?"

"He is, Master."

"Then what are you waiting for? Lube up and put your cock where it belongs."

D's mouth drops open in a silent scream as he's invaded. M slides it all the way in and looks to his master for guidance.

"How should I fuck him, Master?"

"Like a jackhammer, M. Hard, fast and without mercy."

"As you wish, Master," says the slave, and goes to work.

Moan, squeals and the wet, slapping sound of flesh on flesh soon fill the room. The master plays with himself and alternates between watching M's stomach muscles flex as he thrusts and the tortured expressions on D's face. The blond is purple and he's sobbing with frustrated desire and his master takes pity on him.

"Okay, boys, that's enough. You can come. You can both come. M, give D a hand."

M reaches around, gives a quick tug and the blond erupts like a volcano, spraying spunk everywhere. It's too much for M; the combination of D's seed in his hand and the blond's arse clamping down on him sends him over the edge and all the way down.

D and M are cleaned up and given an hour to recover. The end of that rest period sees both slaves face-down on their master's desk, side by side, hands behind their backs and freshly lubricated arses in the air. Their master removes his jacket and slicks up his cock. He runs the head over one arse and then the other.

"Two sweet, hot little holes in front of me," he says, "but which one do I want to fuck? Do I want this one," he slides into M and graces him with half a dozen quick, hard thrusts before withdrawing, "or this one?" he gives D the same treatment.

The master sighs and shakes his head.

"It's impossible, there's no way to choose. I'll just have to fuck both of them."

And that's exactly what he does. He fucks D for a few minutes, then turns his attention to M, then back to D. On and on it goes, back and  forth, back and forth. The slaves love every second of it. They gasp and moan and each one hopes he'll be the slave the master chooses to come inside.

But their hopes are to be dashed. As the master senses his orgasms about to over take him he pulls out of the slave he's in and uses his hand to finish. But he's not selfish: he takes special care to come over both slaves' arese, marking them as his. When he's done he unties them.

"That's enough excitement for one afternoon, I think. Go back to your rooms, clean yourselves up and get some rest. You're going to need it. I'm having a party on Friday night and you two will be the stars of the show."


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