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Title: Midday
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Summary: Sequel to Midnight. Some afternoon delight.
Rating: 18/NC-17
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: Don't own the members of Muse, this is fiction.

It is a fine day, cold and crisp, and I am in a fine mood. I hum to myself as I skim through the streets. I plan to call on Dominic Howard today. Our midnight rendezvous is already several weeks in the past and I have yet to pay him a visit. An appalling lapse in manners on my part I must admit, and yet it was not my fault. My beloved papa burst into my rooms the morning after the party - and at a most indecent hour, too! - and hauled me off to the country before I knew what was what.

An escape attempt was out of the question, for I know better than to bite the hand that pays my allowance. And anyway, in truth, an escape was not really desired. My father may be a dusty old relic of a bygone age (something even he is aware of) but he is my father and I am quite fond of him. So I stayed in the country and we talked, drank, played cards and chess. A month in each other's company, however, and we found we had each drunk our fill of the other. When I informed him of my intention to return to the city he did not protest.

And so I am returned, ready to reacquaint myself with this man, my midnight, moonlit lover. I wonder, will I receive a warm welcome? Perhaps, perhaps not. My apparent indifference may have caused offence. I might find him in the arms of another man, or several other men. These possibilities do not distress me as much as you might imagine. I have been rejected before and I have survived the experience.

I hand my card to Dominic's valet and am promptly ushered into a small dining room. Dominic would appear to be something of a late riser, for I come upon him in his shirtsleeves, finishing what is either a very late breakfast or an early lunch. He pushes back from the table and lights a cigarette.

"You may go, Robert," Dominic dismisses his man, "take the afternoon off. I will attend to this gentleman's needs myself."

Master and servant exchange a knowing look and Robert does as he is bid. I must say, I do envy this degree of familiarity, this level of trust; I waste so much time and effort concealing my own ... activities ... from my own valet. He might be utterly trustworthy, he might be the worst kind of low blackmailer. I do not know and I definitive answer is not worth the risk...

"I did not expect to see you again, Matthew," Dominic's voice pulls me back to the present moment, "I thought you had forgotten me."

I sit and light a cigarette of my own.

"Were you disappointed?"

"Desperately. I cried every night. My sheets and pillows were wet with tears."

"Really? Tears, you say?"

"Well, soaked in some strange liquid at any rate."

We laugh and I explain myself.

"You were staying with your father," he muses, "but now you're here."

"Indeed I am. A guest in your house."

"Yes, well, then I had better take care of my guest. Would you like some tea, Matthew, or coffee, perhaps?"

"No, thank you."

"Something stronger?"

"Nothing to drink, thank you, Dominic."

Dominic finishes his cigarette and rises from the table.

"Well then," he drawls, "perhaps I could take you to bed and bugger you 'till you can't sit down, would that be agreeable?"

I crush out my own cigarette in a convenient ashtray.

"Most agreeable," I tell him.

I follow him to his bedroom. Once inside, he slams me against the door and thrusts his tongue between my parted lips. Yes, oh yes; I have been returned to Eden after a lengthy exile. I keep my desires fimly corked up when I'm with family, which means I haven't had any since the night of the party. I have abandoned famine for feast and it is glorious. Dominic grinds against me and I quickly rise to the occasion. Dominic breaks our kiss and arches a perfect golden eyebrow.

"So eager," he taunts.

"You have no idea," I reply.

He opens my trousers and I moan as his fingers close around my prick. The moan becomes a strangled yelp when his thumb glides over the very tip of me.

"My word," he gasps, "you're positively dripping."

My knees buckle when he licks my fluid off his thumb. He catches me and holds me up while he strips me bare, handling me as an impatient child would a rag doll. I am delighted to report that daylight has not tamed him; this is indeed the same rough beast I met by moonlight.

On my back, in his bed, I drink in every inch of his naked body; sleek and golden, a young lion looming over his prey. The comparison becomes even more apt when he begins to savage me, teeth and nails tearing flesh, drawing blood, marking me as his.

"Bind me," I gasp.

He is biting my nipple - gnawing on it, in truth - but my words halt him in his tracks.

"Remember where you are, Matthew," he cautions, "and with whom. I will not be ordered about."

"It was not an order, merely an expression of a desire."

"You desire this, then?"

"Yes, so much. To be helpless before you, absolutely at your mercy, is my dearest wish."

"Very well."

Dominic climbs off the bed and walks over to the large wardrobe in the corner of the room. He searches through it while I recline upon the bed and stare at his arse. I think of how it will look, how it will flex when he is thrusting into me and bite my lip to suppress a moan. Dominic returns with an armful of silk ties and deposits them on the bed beside me.

"On your hands and knees," he commands, "turn away from me and grasp the bedpost in both hands."

I do as he instructs and am soon bound fast to the bedpost. Dominic kneels behind me and caresses my buttocks. I whimper and life my hindquarters, like a dog longing to be petted. He chuckles and gives my arse a playful pinch.My prick, already stiff with want, twitches when he tongues my arsehole.

"Just as good as I remember," Dominic murmers between licks, "you really do possess a most delicious areshole, Matthew. I could eat it all day and never be satisfied."

Dizzy with lust, I squeal like a girl when his prick bulls its way into my back passage. Rough he is, rough and ruthless. I am glad of it. I have no time for gentle caresses and sweet kisses. I prefer the sour to the sweet, always have, and now I receive all I desire and more as Dominic's nails gouge my flesh and his prick buggers me into oblivion. He sounds like an animal too, grunting and growling as he has his way with me and howling when he pours himself into my arse. Then he drapes himself over me, hissing perfectly obscene promises of violations to come even as his hand clamps around my prick and milks me dry. Now it's my turn to howl.

I hang, limp as a deboned fish, as Dominic uncouples from me and releases me from my bonds. He lies beside me and rubs the feeling back into my wrists. I must confess I did not expect him to be quite so considerate in the aftermath. I am even allowed to sleep for an hour or two.

I wake in the mid-afternoon and Dominic wastes no time. I am soon spread-eagled on my back, all four limbs bound to his bedposts. I feel like a ritual sacrifice, offered up on an alter of lust. Dominic keeps a hand on my throat while he ravishes me, squeezing until the pleasure and pain are indivisible.

I love every moment of it.


"Was it too much?" Dominic aks, touching the bruises on my neck, the wounds on my chest.

"No. It's just ..." I frown at the tip of my cigarette, "i'll have a devil of a time concealing these marks from my valet."

"I'm sorry."

"It's quite alright. But, perhaps, you could bear it in mind? For next time? Assuming, of course, there will be a next time."

He laughs softly.

"You are a strange man, Matthew."

"How so?"

"There are a select few men who have sought me a second time. But I am too raw even for them and no man has ever expressed interest in a third encounter."

"I'm not like other men."

"No, you are not. Do you have plans for this evening?"

"No, why?"

"I would like, if I may, to take you to dinner."

I smile.

"I would like that."


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