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Title: Tamed
Author: hannah_chapter
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: "Do you want to be tamed? Is that what you want?
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer: I don't own Muse and this is fiction.
Note: This is a birthday present for the amazing ashamedbliss. A rough and pervy gift, but that's just how I roll...

Dom peers through a slit in the tent and checks out the crowd. It's a full house tonight. Matt Bellamy leads his lions into the middle ring and the audience goes wild. Dom can see girls in the front row jumping up and down, trying to catch the lion man's eye. Dom can understand the attraction but they're wasting their time. Bellamy (if the circus gossips are to be believed) is gay but may as well be a eunuch for all the attention he pays to either sex. And Dom? Well, let's just say his philosophy has always been "two legs good, four legs bad."

The applause rises to a crescendo as Bellamy takes his bow and leads his cats out of the ring. The ringmaster introduces the next act and Dom tries to compliment the lion tamer's performance. But Bellamy looks right through him and walks off.

"Prick," Dom mutters at the retreating back.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," the ringmaster suddenly at Dom's side.

"Come on, Chris! You can't be afraid of a skinny little guy like him. You could break him in half."

"I never said I was afraid of him. But I do think a man who makes a living taming wild things should be treated with the proper respect."

Dom smirks and turns away and Chris goes off to introduce the next act. Dom shifts impatiently from foot to foot, waiting for his turn. It finally comes and he strides into the ring, one hand waving at the crowd, the other clutching his throwing knives. Those girls are trying to get his attention now and he beams at them, loving the way they lick their lips as they stare at him. Oh yes, it's going to be a good night.


Dom tries to keep up with Chris as the big man storms through the camp.

"I said I was sorry, Chris. What do you want from me?"

"I want you to straighten yourself out and act like an adult, like a professional," Chris stops and turns to face Dom, "every time, every fucking time!"

"It wasn't my fault."

Chris snorts and starts walking again.

"It never is. But it happens in every new town we visit. I get a call and I have to come and pay to get you out of jail. Who were you fighting over this time? A man or a woman?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I don't suppose it does. But you need to stop, Dom. The booze, the drugs, the fights, the constant shagging around, you need to knock all that on the head."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll have to let you go."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I? Look, I like you, Dom, in spite of everything, and you're one of our top attractions. But I can't keep doing this. Everyone's got a limit and I'm almost at mine."

They've reached Dom's caravan. Chris puts a hand on his arm.

"Why do you do it?"

But Dom just shakes his head and disappears inside.


Two, four, six days pass and Dom makes a point of behaving himself. He stalks through the camp each night, scowling at everything; he knows he'll lose control, and soon. He couldn't actually put it into words when Chris asked him, but the truth is, he can't help himself, he has to act out, be wild and reckless. There's something wrong with him, something's missing, it's an itch in the middle of his back, one he can never reach. And so he goes out, looking for action, for new experiences, for relief. But he never finds it.

Walking through the camp on the seventh night, Dom finds himself outside the animal enclosure. The lions are in cages, obviously, but their trainer makes a point of erecting a large tent over the cages, shielding his babies from the elements and curious members of the public. Dom takes a deep breath and goes inside.

A small lantern illuminates the interior but Bellamy is nowhere in sight. The big cats are alone. They look up as he approaches but they don't go crazy, as he thought they might. One lion shakes itself and ambles over, sticking its nose through the bars. Dom reaches up and ...

"Get away from them!"

The lion tamer's angry shout fills the air. Hands grab Dom's shoulders and pull him away from the cats. Dom's feet tangle in each other and he falls to the ground. He sits up and glares at Bellamy.

"What was that for?"

Bellamy ignores him and goes to his lions, fussing over them. Dom picks himself up and brushes himself off.

"You don't have to be so rough. I didn't hurt them."

"As if you could. Why are you even in here?"

"I wanted to see them, you know, up close."

"Okay, you've seen them. You can go now."

But Dom doesn't leave. He's never been alone with the lion man before. Come to think of it, he's never seen Bellamy out of costume before. It's strange, but casual clothes, messy hair and stubble actually enhance the man's beauty. There's no harm in trying to strike up a conversation. Who knows, it might even lead to something more ... intimate.

"Have you always wanted to work with animals?"

Bellamy doesn't even turn around.

"What business is that of yours?"

"Don't be like that. I just want to talk to you."

"But I don't want to talk to you."

"What's wrong with you, Bellamy? Why can't you try to get along with other people? Why do you have to be such a cold, stuck-up little bitch?"

Now the lion tamer turns to face Dom, the faintest hint of a smile on his face.

"Is that what people say about me? That I'm cold, an ice queen?"

"I have heard that you've got an icicle where your cock should be."

"And you think you can melt it?"

"I could give it a try."

Bellamy laughs, a bitter, brittle sound.

"Like I'd touch you with a ten-foot pole. You're probably riddled with STDs, a clap clinic's delight."

"I always play it safe. Always."

And he does. Drunk or sober, he always wears a condom. He doesn't want any screaming, shitting little bundles of joy. Bellamy's not impressed. He turns his back on the blond but Dom isn't giving up without a fight. He glides up behind Bellamy and plants a wet kiss on the back of his neck. The lion tamer whirls around and Dom closes the gap between them, covering the other man's lips with his own. Bellamy pulls him closer, tongue duelling with Dom's and for one, glorious moment, Dom sees just how good this could be...

... and then he's shoved away with such violent force he crashes into the empty cage behind him. Long fingers bite into his shoulder and neck and hot blue eyes blaze into his own.

"You slut," Bellamy snarls, "you mindless, self-pleasing slut. I've seen the way you prance around, thinking you're God's gift to ... everyone, chewing people up and spitting them out. You make me sick."

Dom stares at the lion man, enthralled. He should be furious; he's broken noses for far less. But he isn't. Something buried so deep inside him he didn't even know it existed raises its head and cries for attention. Dom's cock, already at half-mast, pushes against his assailant's thigh. Bellamy looks down and smiles.

"What's this, now?" he tightens his grip on Dom's throat, "do you like it when I'm rough?"

Dom can't speak with Bellamy's fingers on his throat but he manages the tiniest of nods,. Bellamy's grip loosens slightly and he leans forward, tongue darting out to flick at Dom's lower lip.

"Do you want to be tamed? Is that what you want?"

Dom hesitates, then nods again.

"Are you sure? I won't be gentle."

The hand is suddenly gone and Dom gasps out two words:

"I'm sure."

Bellamy backs off and points to a spot between the two sets of cages.

"Stand there."

Dom walks over to the spot and waits for further instructions.



"No," Bellamy steps forward and Dom instinctively backs away, "that's not how this works. You don't ask questions. I tell you what to do and you do it."

"But ... I ... can't we go to your caravan at least?"

"We go to my caravan when I say we go to my caravan. Now, get naked."

Dom strips, all the way.

"On your hands and knees."

The blond's on the ground before the lion man can finish his sentence and Bellamy smiles, pleased with such swift obedience.

"I need to get some things. Stay here, don't move a muscle."

Dom remains on his hands and knees, acutely aware of the lions staring down at him. The moment stretches out to infinity. He tries to be good, he really, really does, but he can't help himself. The skin just below his eye begins to itch and he raises a hand to scratch it.

Something rattles and he turns his head. The object encircles his neck and cinches tight, cutting off his oxygen. Dom flops over onto his back and black spots begin to dance in front of his eyes. The offending object is removed and Bellamy stands with a foot at either side of Dom.

"Disobedient pets are disciplined."

"What was - " Dom can't even finish the sentence.

"This?" Bellamy holds up a chain, "this is a choke chain. Good for training dogs, but it works just as well on humans."

Dom only hears about half of this, too busy staring at the whip in Bellamy's other hand. Bellamy laughs.

"You're thinking I'm going to use this on you and you're right, I am," he runs the whip over Dom's chest and stomach, "but not the way you're thinking. Hands and knees again."

Dom obeys and moans when a slick finger teases his opening.

"Have you ever been on the bottom?"

"Yeah, but it's not my position of choice."

"It is now."

Fingers invade Dom, stretching him. They're soon replaced with something thin, hard and slippery - the handle of the whip. Bellamy places one hand on Dom's hand to steady himself and fucks the blond with long and precise strokes. Each thrust hits the perfect spot and Dom shudders and whines.

"Like this, do you? I knew you would. This is just what a slut like you needs, a cock that never goes soft."

Dom bucks under Bellamy's hand and his seed soaks into the ground beneath him. The whip is removed and thrown aside. The lion tamer wipes his hands on his trousers and picks up Dom's clothes, tucking them under one arm. He leaves the whip where it is and picks up the chain, looping it around Dom's neck again, pulling the blond to his feet.

"Now we go to my caravan."

Bellamy leads Dom through the quiet camp and leads him into his caravan. He removes the chain and throws a damp cloth in Dom's general direction.

"Clean yourself up and lie on the bed, arms and legs outstretched."

Lying on the bed, Dom raises his head slightly and watches Bellany undress. The lion tamer finds a condom and puts it on.

"Maybe you play it safe and maybe you don't, but I'm not taking any chances."

He uses a fresh bottle of lube to prep himself. When he's done he crosses to the bed and covers the blond's body with his own.

"If I had a real bed I'd tie you to it. But we'll just have to make do. You don't move, you don't make a sound. You'll take what I have to give you and you'll take it in silence. Do you understand?"

Dom risks a nod.


The blond bites the inside of his cheek as the lion tamer possesses him. So big, so hot ... did he really think Bellamy had an icicle between his legs? No icicle here, no, this is a branding iron. Dom didn't think he could get a second erection after such an intense orgasm but his body has other ideas, rising to the occasion once more.

Bellamy fucks him slowly, calmly, his expression nothing short of serene. The sweat running down his face is the only clue to his aroused state. Dom is almost on the edge again. It won't be long now...

... his pleasure is denied. Bellamy reaches down and grabs the base of his cock. Dom damn near goes cross-eyed, but manages to keep quiet. Somehow. The exquisite torture goes on and on until Dom is insane with desperation. Bellamy finally takes note of his distress.

"Do you want to come?"

Dom keeps his mouth shut.

"You can speak."

"Yes, I want to come."

"Beg me and I'll think about it."

"Please, please, let me come, I need to come, please, please..."

Bellamy removes his hand.

"Then come."

And Dom does, bucking and writing beneath the lion man. He didn't think it was possible or even legal to have two earth-shattering orgasms so close together - but it is. He lies, limp and unmoving, body still buzzing from its high as the lion tamer finishes inside him.


The sun is already high in the sky when Dom is allowed to get up and dress. He moves slowly, his entire body aching, He spent the night being fucked in positions he never though possible and performing fellatio until his jaw ached. Bellamy watches him dress and, when he's done, claims a savage kiss.

"We'll have no more bad behaviour, will we?


"No, we won't. No booze, no bimbos, no brawls. You'll come here after tonight's show."


"That's a good boy. Go clean yourself up and get some rest. You're going to need it."

Dom shuffles through the camp with his head down. The other performers watch him go and shake their heads, They can't believe it's the same man. And it isn't, not really.

He's changed.

He's been tamed.


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