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Title: Yes Sir Part Thirteen
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 15/R
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

Dominic is carrying a breakfast tray to Matthew's bedroom, as he does every day, when he is accosted by the new Lady Bellamy.

"No, no, no," she scolds the servant, "this simply will not do."

"My lady?"

"My husband may have dined alone in his rooms when he was a bachelor, but those days are gone. Lord Bellamy will take breakfast with his wife, as a respectable gentleman should. Take this meal away and bring a fresh breakfast to the small dining room."

Dominic turns away from Matthew's room, reluctant. This goes against a well-established routine, but a lifetime of servitude has rendered Dominic quite incapable of disobeying a member of the ruling class.

"No," Matthew emerges from the bedroom in his shirtsleeves, cheeks shining from his morning shave, "put my breakfast in its accustomed place, Dominic."

"Yes, my lord."

Dominic carries the tray into the bedroom and arranges the meal in the usual fashion. Lord and Lady Bellamy continue their discussion in the hall.

"Really, Matthew, I must protest."

"My dear, you are the mistress of this house and I bow to your judgement in most matters. Not in this. Breakfast in my room is a vital part of my morning routine, which must be accomplised in near-solitude, else I simply would not have the strength to face the world. Do you follow?"

The new mistress of the house is a spirited young lady, but she is also more predisposed to listen to reason than her predecessor was. She does not pursue the matter any further and takes her leave.

Matthew returns to the bedroom, alone. He brushes a thumb across his servant's cheek before sitting down to breakfast.


Lord Bellamy removes his dinner jacket and tie. He has been quite chatty up to this point, as is his way. But now, as his gaze drifts to the bedroom door, Matthew fusses with his braces and sighs.

"I suppose I should - "

He gets no further, he cannot speak with Dominic's tongue thrust so deeply into his mouth. Dominic knows what Matthew should do. He should go to his wife and perform the duties of a husband. But, in Dominic's opinion at least, there has been too much duty and too little pleasure of late.

Matthew makes soft sounds of protest, but they lack all conviction and neither man is fooled. Even so, Matthew tries again.

"...... I should ...." he murmers between kisses

His words become bliss-fiiled moans as Dominic caresses him.

"Yes, Matthew?" the servant enquires sweetly as he expertly manipulates his master, making good use of all the tricks he has been taught, "what should you do?"

Matthew does not reply. He moans, he sighs, he gasps and clutches the sheets as Dominic takes him roughly from behind, but he does not reply.

The lord finds his voice afterwards, when Dominic lies in his arms, head pillowed by Matthew's chest. Matthew runs a hand down his servant's back, fingertips trailing over damp skin.

"Well, Dominic, you may not have a gentleman's education, but you learn quickly and you learn well."

Dominic smiles at that, then raises his head as an unwelcome thought intrudes.

"Did I presume too much?" he asks.

"Come now, you should know better than that. As lovers we are equals. If you want me, why then, I am yours for the taking."

Reassured, Dominic lays his head on Matthew's chest again and listens to his heartbeat. He has come to love that sound.

"I am sorry, my love." Matthew says.

"For what?"

I have neglected you of late, I know. I wish it did have to be like this, but I must spend time with my wife. The Granvilles are an influential family and their approval is vital. I cannot have her complaining to them of ill treatment and neglect. I must play the part of a loving husband."

"I know you must."

"If her presence, if your position is really, truly intolerable, we could always -"

"No," Dominic interrupts, "do not offer to send me to Christopher again. We have already had this discussion and I made my decision. Now I must live with it."

"I give you so little of myself these days, Dominic, so much less than I should."

"I thought I had had made myself clear, Matthew. You will never give me less, just so long as you give me all it is within your power to give. A day, an hour, a minute, it is enough, because it is you."

Matthew makes no reply and Dominic stretches and sighs. He wishes he could stay here all night. But it cannot be.

"I should leave," he tells his master.

"You should. You will," Matthew rolls Dominic onto his back and covers the servant's body with his own, "but not just yet."

"No," Dominic gaps as Matthew's tongue tastes a nipple, "not just yet."


The girl's eyes widen as she claps eyes on Dominic. She turns her face away, but too late.

"Dominic," she mumbles, "I did not expect to see you today."

"That much is obvious," Dominic reaches out, takes his sister by the arm, "look at me, Lizzie."

She obeys her brother and Dominic exclaims angrily as he beholds her bruised cheek and split lip.

"I will kill him," Dominic spits, "I will KILL him!"

"Dominic, no. You must not confront him."

"What should I do, then? Stand aside and let my sister be abused by a monster?"

"He does not abuse me. These injuries are not of his making. I ..." her words dry up and Dominic swears he can see the wheels turning in her head as she attempts to conjure up a plausible explanation, or any explanation, really, "I fell. Yes! I fell and struck my face on the edge of a table."

"Is that so? Forgive me for saying so, sister dearest, but you have been awfully prone to falls since your marriage. You were not half as clumsy in the days before Reg."

"You would say that, of course. Even before our marriage, you did not trouble to hide your hatred of Reg. It is jealousy, Dominic, plain and simple. You look for reasons to find fault with my husband. But they only exist in your head."

Why must it be like this? Why must you lie to me?"

"I am not lying. Reg is a wonderful husband and I am happy in my marriage. You must believe me, Dominic."

"Elizabeth, I only wish I could."

Dominic encounters his sister's husband - he cannot, will not, call this man brother - on the way out. He looks up at the big man and feels the old, familiar hatred, pulsing behind his eyes and making his head ache in a most dreadful way. Reg smiles, that slow, contemptuous smile that plants thoughts of murder in Dominic's brain.

"Well well, look at this," Reg drawls, "the little lord has come to visit. We are blessed."

"I did not come to see you. I came to my sister."

"Come to stick your nose where it is not wanted, come to meddle in affairs which are none of your concern."

"She is my sister."

"No, she is my wife. She belongs to me, now."

Reg sneezes into his hands. He inspects the mess and then he slowly, deliberately wipes it onto the lapels of Dominic's suit coat.

"Think you are better than me, Dominic?"

"The contents of a public latrine are better than you."

"Such wit! But listen here, little man. You are not better than me, you only think you are. You prance around in your fancy clothes, looking down your nose at the likes of me, but who bought the clothes you wear? All you are is what your master makes you, what he allows you to be. I will say this one last time: you have no power over me. My wife is my property and I shall use her in whatever way I please."

Dominic has no rebuttal. Threats of retribution would be laughed off. Dominic makes threats in the heat of the moment, when he is with his sister, but he cannot make good on them. Reg is big, powerful and he would shatter Dominic like glass. That is bad. They both know it, and that is worse.

The servant spins on his heel and leaves, the brute's mocking laughter ringing in his ears. Even if he could give Reg the beating he so richly deserves, what would it accomplish? Lizzie would not thank him for it. Dominic is suddenly aware of pain, sharp pain, in his hands. He opens his fists and regards the wounds on his hands. His hands always tighten into fists when he speaks to Reg, This is the first time he has drawn blood, though. The servant's shoulders slump in defeat. He finds a handkerchief, wipes away the blood and turns his face homeward.

The lamplighters have already embarked upon their nightly rounds when Dominic returns to the house. Lord and Lady Bellamy are attending a dinner party and so the servants indulge in a leisurely dinner of their own - or try to. Dominic pushes a roast potato around his plate and does his best to ignore the shrill chatterings of one of the chambermaids. Why oh why must this household be plagued by such empty-headed, gossipy girls?

This maid changes Lady Bellamy's bed linens, just as Dominic's aunt changes Lord Bellamy's, and Ellen told it true: chambermaids always know when a bed has been shared - and they know when it has not.

"There was blood, you know, the morning after their marriage. Lord Bellamy was pleased, I am sure. His wife came to him pure, unspoiled."

The girl, whose name Dominic has never troubled himself to learn, ignores the cries of disgust that greet this remark and prattles on.

"And let me tell you, Lord Bellamy has proved himself a most dutiful husband, yes indeed, visits his wife regularly, like clockwordk he is. But I would wager it is all duty and no passion. I have seen his lordship's kind before. Men like Lord Bellamy may breed children in their wives beds, but they take their pleasure elsewhere."

She drains her glass and grins slyly.

"Of course," she purrs, "Dominic would know all about that."

Dominic raises his head at this.

"What are you talking about?" he asks.

"You are Lord Bellamy's servant, are you not?"

"Yes. I am. What of it?"

She is treading on unstable ground now, but lacks the wit to withdraw to safety.

"You know everything about your master, what he does, where he goes. If he keeps a mistress, or visits houses of ill repute, you would know about it. Masters have few secrets from their servants. So tell us Dominic, does Lord Bellamy indulge his base desires, does he pursue the secret delights of the flesh? Does -"


Every single occupant of the table jumps, startled by Dominic's angry bellow and the sharp crack as he slams both palms on the table with all of his strength. He has just broken open the scabs on his hands, which does nothing to improve his temper. The chambermaid shrinks back into her chair, terrified.

"Dominic is quite right," Ellen, bless her, steps in to pour oil on troubled waters, "good servants make discretion their watchword. They keep the secrets of their masters. Asking a servant to violate this sacred trust simply is not done."

A rumble of agreement greets Ellen's remarks.

"Quite right," one of the coachmen pipes up, "quite right. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we have had more than enough vulgar talk at this table tonight."

That is the end of the matter. The girl curls up in her chair, rigid with fright and also shame, and the other servants return to their meal. Dominic, however, has lost what little appetite he had. He throws his napkin down and leaves the table with his meal barely touched.

In his room, Dominic sits on the chair by the desk and stares at the wall. Someone knocks at his door. This was expected. But it is not Ellen at his door - it is his mother. She carries his dinner into the room and sets it upon the desk.

"You left this behind, son."

"I do not want it. I am not hungry."

"You are bleeding."

"It is nothing."

She ignores him. She fetches a damp cloth, kneels before him and cleans his wounds.

"Really, Mum, it is nothing. You should not fuss over me."

"I am your mother. If I do not fuss over you, who will?"

Dominic smiles at that. Her touch comforts him, makes him think of childhood. Happier days than these. He sighs.

"I should not have done that," he says.

"That girl's ignorance is quite something to behold. She was inappropriate, to say the least, and your reaction is perfectly understandable. Gregory was the same, always so quick to defend the old lord. Still though, it is not like you to lose your temper. You were always such a good-natured boy, Dominic. I hope you do not mind me saying so, but you gained sharp edges when your master replaced his father."

"This position overwhelms me on occasion. There are people, so many people, seeking an audience with Lord Bellamy and I am the gateway they must pass through."

This is true. Dominic is regularly accosted by men on the street, men who would be ever so grateful if Dominic would grant them an hour with his master. He comes home with pockets full of calling cards. Some even try bribery, but Dominic will have none of that. Not that it matters either way; Matthew gives most cards a brief glance, then tosses them on the fire.

"I hate to say this, son, but perhaps you should leave your position."

"I thought you were proud of me for gaining such a position."

"I am. But I worry it might be too much for you. The strain could take a toll on your health."

"I am in the very pink of health, I assure you, and I would never leave my position. My place is here, in this house, with my master. In any case, my position is not the source of my current troubled mood."

"What is it, then?"

"My sister."


Dominic relates the details of his visit.

"Are you quite sure you are not imagining this, Dominic?"

"Have you heard none of what I just said?"

"Of course I have, but you have never liked your brother."

"Do not call that man my brother. I have no brothers."

"If something was wrong, Liz would tell you."

"Do you know your daughter at all? Lizzie never was one to admit to any wrongdoing. Do you remember that cut on her leg and the infection that followed?"

"How could I forget? It was the longest two weeks of my life."

"You thought she injured herself here, but that was a lie. It happened when you took us north to visit Father. We went climbing in the orchard. We were not allowed in there, but children will play where they wish. Lizzie fell from a tree branch, cut herself on the way down. I cried and I tried to run for you, but she stopped me. She swore she would never speak to me again, not once in her whole life, if I told. If it has not been for that infection, you would never have known she injured her leg at all. That is how Lizzie's mind works. Better to live with pain rather than admit to any kind of mistake and if she cannot hide a cut or bruise, she will lie about its origin."

"Even if you are right, and I am not saying you are, what can you do about it?"

"I do not know."

She leaves him and Dominic remains in his chair. He does not eat, or read, or move. He only stirs himself when his bell rings. Lord Bellamy has returned. Matthew is undressing when Dominic enters his bedroom and so the servant goes to prepare a bath for his master. He does not need to be told to do this. He has learned to anticipate Lord Bellamy's desires. All of his desires.

Naked, Matthew enters the bathroom and sinks into the hot water with a happy sigh. As he washes himself, he tells Dominic all about the latest society scandal. A well-respected gentleman has been caught in a compromising position - with another man. He has fled the country, leaving his wife, children and hastily discarded lover to face the consequences.

"The irony of the situation is, of course, not lost upon me," Matthew says, "I condemn this man even as I pursue a homosexual relationship of my own and risk a similar fate if caught. I am the foulest kind of hypocrite."

"Perhaps, but you must do what society expects of you."

"Oh, I know. I have said this before I am sure, but you do know that, if the true nature of our relationship were to be discovered, I would not abandon you, Dominic. I would take you with me."

"I know, I trust you, Matthew. But it will not come to that."

"Let us hope not, for both our sakes."

Dominic politely refuses his master's invitation to join him in his bath and goes to fetch Matthew's robe. The lord takes a long, hard look at his servant as he towels himself off.

"What is wrong, Dominic?" Matthew takes his servant by the wrist, "what did you do to your hands?"

Dominic tells his story again as Matthew slips into his robe. Lord Bellamy listens to the sorry tale, his expression one of sympathy. He is about to speak when Dominic interrupts.

"Do not tell me there is nothing I can do, Matthew. I already know this, I have been told so several times today."

"I was not about to say that. I was trying to offer you whatever help I can. What can I do for you, my love?"

The servant considers the question.

"It may be a waste of time, it almost certainly will be, but I should like to go to the Northern estate and speak to my father."

"Very well. It will be difficult, but I shall try and get along without you for a few days."

Dominic smiles for the first time today.

"Thank you, Matthew."


"Are you sure this is not all in your head, Dominic?"

"Why does everyone ask me this?" Dominic asks his father, "I saw the bruises with my own two eyes."

"She might have fallen."

"She might have, but the ape all but admitted it."

"Well ... it is a husband's duty to correct a wife. If he did punish her, he must have had reason."

"How can you say this? She is your daughter, your first-born child. How can you be so cold?"

"I assure you, Dominic," I am just as concerned as you are."

"I can tell," Dominic says, sarcasm dripping from each word.

"Do not take that tone with me, Dominic Howard. I am still your father."

"Be a father, then."

"What do you want from me? I cannot do anything. Lizzie is no longer my daughter, no longer your sister. She is Reg's wife and in the eyes of the law, that is all that matters."

Dominic thinks of his master and the hoops he must jump through to keep his wife and her family happy. But that is the difference, Dominic supposes, betweenthe  of a rich and powerful lord and the daughter of a lowly gamekeeper. There is nothing more he can say. He takes leave of his father and goes to the main house and the room which has been prepared for him. As the personal servant of Lord Bellamy he has been afforded every courtesy, treated as though he were the very nobility he serves. Consumed with anger and worry as he is, Dominic has not taken much pleasure in this special treatment.

The plight of Matthew's mother has given him some small measure of enjoyment, however. She spends her days locked up in her rooms, speaking to no one.  There are no visitors. She did receive some in the beginning, squires from nearby estates. But these visits came to an end when her guests came to understand that all she wanted from them was help in returning Paul to his original position - and she in turn came to understand her visitors would do no such thing. Paul sowed bitter seeds everywhere he went, it seems.

Dominic goes to bed. This journey has been for nothing, his father's words give him little joy. He will go back in the morning.


"So tell me, Dominic, how was your visit?"

Matthew raises his eyebrows as he takes note of Dominic's expression and posture.

"As bad as all that?"

"It was a complete waste of time. He cannot help or will not help. I cannot decided which is worse."

"I wish I could do something for you, Dominic. But the law is the law and in a case like this, even my hands are tied."

"I know. I cannot change anything and I am failing. As a brother and as a man."

"You are not a bad brother, Dominic. Trust me, on this subject I am an expert. You have done all that a man could and more than most men would."

"It is not enough. What else can I do?"

"Wait. Watch. Be her safe place in a storm and make sure she knows it."

Matthew puts his hands in his servant's shoulders.

"I do not wish to make light of your predicament, my love, but I received some good news while you were gone."

"What news is that?"

"Two things. To begin with, my wife is pregnant."

"This is very good news. What is the second thing?"

"I must go abroad on business and I will need my servant at my side."

Lord Bellamy presses a finger to Dominic's lips, silencing his protest.

"I know you are worried about your sister. But you can do nothing for her at present and your emotions will consume you if you stay. Removing yourself from all this for a few months is the wisest course of action."

"You may have something there, Matthew. So tell me, where are we going?"

Matthew laughs.



"Yes, Dominic, America. We are going to New York."
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Title: Yes Sir Alternate Ending
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

NOTES: Okay, this is kinda important, I really want to make clear that this is NOT the latest chapter, or the real ending to this story. It's just an angsty little what if, what might have happened if Dominic had made a different decision a couple of chapters ago.

Dominic presents his card and, while he waits, takes in every detail of the hall he stands in. He lived, worked and came to manhood in this house. But that was over three decades ago and this place is a foreign country now. He may have left as a servant, but he returns as a gentleman and noted scholar and all those who would remember him as he once was have long since departed.

He is eventually relieved of his hat and overcoat and ushered into a small sitting room. Dominic remembers this place. Here it was that a young aristocrat was soundly beaten by a brother long since dead in a gutter and a servant taught to read. Dominic waves off an offer of refreshment and, when he is sure the servant has withdrawn completely, turns his attention to the chair by the window.

"Dominic," the occupant of the chair croaks, "such an unexpected joy your visit is! You look fine, yes, so very fine."

"Matthew. You look..."

Dominic tries to find something positive to say, but fails. The Matthew of old - slim, pale, elegant - is no more. Ravaged by disease, the figure in the chair resembles nothing so much as a freshly disinterred corpse, a skeleton to which some scraps of flesh and wisps of hair stubbornly cling. Matthew waves a claw-like hand, impatient.

"Please, Dominic, do not seek to shower me with empty words of praise. I am quite aware of how I look and flattery is wasted on the dying. Quite wasted."

Dominic does not challenge this assertion, they both know it to be true.

"How long?" Dominic ventures.

"A week, a day, an hour, who can say? It is of no consequence to me. I have put my affairs in order and made peace with my loved ones and fate has been kind enough to grant me a final audience with you. I feared you might arrive too late."

"But you knew I would come to you, when I was informed of this last illness."

"I did. There was no question in my mind. Our love may have waned over the years, but it never truly died."

"No, indeed it did not."

They fall silent, remembering times past. Their first separation, which had occured between the death of the old lord and Matthew's subsequent marriage, had been so very painful. Master and servant had clung to one another and wept - oh, how they had wept! All night they had wept. Then they dried their eyes and Dominic allowed Christopher to lead him away.

They missed each other terribly in those first years and wrote back and forth three, sometimes four, times a week, Dominic's crude scratchings steadily evolving into long, polished missives as he flourished under Christopher's tutelage. True to his word, the older man had restricted himself to the role of guide and mentor and Dominic could have wished for a better teacher.

Nine, almost ten, years had passed when affairs of business brought Matthew to Vienna. The flow of their letters had slowed to a trickle, no more than one every three months or so, and they truly thought they could meet as friends and equals. They thought their love, their hunger for each other, was dead.

They were wrong.

Their love was not dead, merely dormant. All it took was the slightest of touches, an innocent brush of hands as they sat in a coffee house, to wake it from its slumber.

It had taken immense strength of will to restrain themselves as they rode back to Dominic's lodgings. Once there, they had devoured one    another, a frantic tumble on a sofa followed by hours in Dominic's bed, hours spent reacquainting themselves with the secrets of each other's flesh.

They were together whenever Dominic's studies and Matthew's business dealings permitted and these months were the happest times in both men's lives. Oh, it was light and laughter and love, sweet love...

...and then it was over.

Their first separation was painful, but it was a mere pinprick when compared to the agony of the second. Another night spent in each other's arms, weeping silently, and yet so much worse than the first, because they knew, knew how it could be.

All Dominic needed to do was utter one word: "stay."

And Matthew would say one word in return: "yes."

Yes, they would be together, they would have each other - but this prize would come at the expense of everything else. Their reputations would never recover, Dominic's budding academic career would be curtailed and Matthew's wife and children disgraced. In short, everything they had worked in the years since their first parting turned to ashes and dust, rendering that sacrifice utterly meaningless.

So Dominic had held his tongue and Matthew left Vienna, never to return. They ceased all communication, for even that was dangerous. Dominic's work began to attract the notice of other wealthy patrons and he no longer needed or wanted Matthew's financial support. During his brief visits to England upon the deaths of family members - father, mother, aunt, sister - Dominic had stayed far away from the Bellamys. All the Bellamys.

"I have followed your work over the years, Dominic," Matthew's harsh croak breaks the silence, "you have done so well. Christopher and I knew you would, but you have exceeded our expectations. Christopher would be proud. I know I am."

"All I am, I owe to you."

"No. I may have laid the foundations, but that is all. You did it, Dominic, only you. Be proud of what you have accomplished."

"I am, believe me," Dominic replies. He continues in a softer voice, "but I do think about you often, wonder how it would have played out if I had rejected Christopher's offer and remained your servant. Do you think we would have been happy, to live like that?"

Dominic waits for a reply, receives none.


But Matthew is gone, his life slipped away between breaths. The blue eyes Dominic still dreams about are dead and dull.

Dominic gets to his feet. A deep wound has opened inside of him and, once he is alone, he will weep, loud, painful sobs that will threaten to tear his body apart.

But that is later. Now, he bends over Matthew. He closes his former lover's eyes and kisses the cold clay of his cheek.

"Goodbye, Matthew," he whispers, "goodbye, my love."

He leaves the room and goes in search of someone to impart this dreadful news to.
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Title: Yes Sir Part Twelve
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

Sudden, shocked silence.

Gregory stands in the doorway, red-faced, breathing heavily. Dominic is watching his master. And Matthew? For what appears to be a pain-filled eternity, Matthew looks like a lost and badly frightened little boy. Then he remembers himself. His face loses that helpless look and, when he speaks, it is with the calm confidence he brings to unpleasant, yet necessary, business dealings. Dominic has never admired his master more than he does at this critcal juncture.

"Show me," Matthew commands the older man.

The old lord's servant bows and leaves the room. Matthew follows. Dominic remains where he is, uncertain. Should he follow Matthew? A curt, beckoning gesture from his master assures him that he should.

They file into the old lord's study. Lord Bellamy is slumped across his desk, face frozen in an awful grimace, half-open eyes staring at nothing. Matthew kneels by the desk and closes his father's eyes. This gentle, loving gesture brings a lump to Dominic's throat and he thinks of his own father, living and working so far away from here. Matthew rises and addresses Gregory.

"Who knows about this?"

"No one, my lord, I came directly to you."

"Then my mother does not know."

"She does not."

"Where is she?"

"In her parlor, my lord."

"Is Charlotte with her? No, I withdraw that question. Charlotte does not spend any time with our mother unless she can find no other way to occupy herself."

"Miss Charlotte is not at home. She is dining with your sister and your sister's husband this evening."

"I see. Dominic!"

"Yes si - yes my lord?"

"Take one of the carriages and bring my sisters home. Take them up to my mother's parlor upon your return, I will be waiting there."

"Yes, my lord. Should I tell them about your father?"

"If they should ask you, but I do not believe they will. We all knew this day was coming, and sooner than we should like. Go on, Dominic, do as I ask."


Dominic shivers and draws his coat around him, truly grateful for Matthew's latest gift as Ernie guides the carriage through the streets and back to the Bellamy house. Matthew may indulge Dominic and allow him inside the carriage, but the servant is not foolish enough to presume this indulgence extends to the rest of the Bellamys. When Matthew's brother-in-law led the ladies into the carriage Dominic climbed up onto the driver's seat immediately and without protest. He is glad, in a way; it may be cold up here, but he cannot hear the women weeping. Matthew knows his sisters well - they saw Dominic and they knew their father was gone. Now they mourn him in the carriage below.

The servant leads them to Lady Bellamy's parlor and Matthew is there to greet them with loving embraces and kind words. The ladies join their mother, but Gregory has arrived with more news and so Matthew remains outside to speak with the servants. The undertaker has taken the old lord away, Matthew is told, and the doctor awaits Matthew in the library, along with Lord Bellamy's solicitor and some of his business associates.

"Good," Matthew says, "now listen to me, both of you."

The servants await their orders.

"Dominic, you will wait upon the gentlemen in the library. Give them whatever they require."

"Yes, my lord."

"Gregory, I would have you go belowstairs and gather the servants together. All of them. Tell them of my father's death and tell them I am now master of this house. Deliver a message to them from the new master of this house."

"What message, my lord?"

"Lady Bellamy is not to leave this house without my consent and without an escort. All visitors to her rooms must first meet with my approval. She may write letters if she wishes, but these letters will not leave this house. If any servant should be approached and entrusted with one, they must come to me at once. At once. Those who obey my orders will be rewarded. Those who do not will be dealt with. Harshly. Servants in this house need to understand where their loyalties should lie. Make them understand, Gregory."

"My lord, it shall be done."

Matthew joins his family and Dominic goes down to the library to wait upon the gentlemen within. These fine men talk among themselves and, for the most part, take no notice of the servant filling their glasses. They make toasts, salute the dead lord and discuss the new one. Dominic finds their attitudes, their assessments of Matthew's abilitles, intolerable. By what right do they judge Dominic's master? Dominic bites his tongue as he refills the glasses. The gentlemen rise when Matthew enters the library. He ignores them and calls Dominic to his side.

"Go to the kitchen, Dominic. My family will not have dinner tonight. But we will have a light supper in, shall we say," Matthew consults his watch, two hours' time."

"Very good, my lord."

The kitchen is much as Dominic expected: crammed full of servants and buzzing like an angry beehive. Dominic looks for Gregory, but the older servant is nowhere to be seen and so Dominic excuses himself and goes in search of him. The door of Gregory's room is half-open. The older man sits on his bed, gazing into the middle distance. He rouses a little at Dominic's approach.

"What, here already?" Gregory's tone is bitter, so very bitter, "you do not waste time, do you, boy?"

"I do not understand," Dominic replies, "what is it you think I have come to do?"

"Why, to remove me from this room and claim it for your own, of course."

"I already have a room. Why would I want yours?"

"Because it is yours by right. You are Lord Bellamy's servant and this room is now yours."

Dominic shrugs, uncomfortable. Gregory's room is larger than his, a good deal larger in fact, and more comfortably furnished, but the servant has no designs upon it. He is quite content with the room he has.

"I did not come here to fight over a room."

"Then why did you come?"

"I am worried about you. I know you were close to your master."

Gregory's shoulders slump and a single tear courses down his cheek.

"Close? I should say I was. I was a boy, even younger than you, when I entered his service. The bond which forms between a master and servant ... well, I am sure I do not need to explain this to you, Dominic. I have seen you with your master."

An icy finger presses against Dominic's heart. He tries to keep the note of panic out of his voice.


"Yes. You are loyal to him, as a good servant should be, and your master gives you his trust in return. You have come to know his heart and mind like no other. You have become close to him, closer than friends, closer, even, than family."

"Oh," Dominic sighs, relieved, "yes, I suppose I have."

"But what can you do if your master leaves you behind? What can I do, now that the man I built my life around is no more? Look at me; no wife, no family, only duty. An old, useless man with no place in this house."

Dominic wishes he could ease the older man's pain, but he cannot find the right words. Perhaps there are no words for a situation such as this.  But he can listen and so he does, as Gregory speaks of times past, of all the years he spent with the old lord. Their conversation does not end until after the Bellamys have had their supper and the servants finally sit down to a meal of their own.

As the servants eat, Dominic notices a peculiar thing. Gregory, as Lord Bellamy's servant, has always been a well-respected member of the household and the other servants have always deferred to him. But now he sits, already forgotten, at one corner of the table while everyone switches their affections to Dominic. In truth, it makes Dominic more than a trifle uncomfortable. But he knows he must become accustomed to it, for he is Lord Bellamy's servant now.

The hour grows late as Dominic ascends the stairs and makes his way to Matthew's bedroom. He has not been summoned, but he needs to see his master. Matthew is removing his shoes when Dominic enters the bedroom. They are alone for the first time since Gregory brought that terrible news. The servant lingers by the door, suddenly unsure of himself.

"Do you wish do be alone, Matthew?" he ventures, "I could - "

And then Matthew is crossing the room and pulling Dominic into his arms.

"No," he mutters into his servant's neck, "I do not wish to be alone. Stay with me, Dominic, please, stay with me."

"I will."

They go to bed and lie side by side, not quite touching.

"It was his heart," Matthew's voice, thick with unshed tears, breaks the silence.

"His heart?"

"Yes. I am told it was quick, that he did not suffer. That was some small mercy at least. I ..."

Matthew's voice fades away to nothing. Dominic is about to reach for him when he speaks again.

"Not enough time," he moans, "we did not have enough time."

Dominic pulls his master close and Matthew's icy calm finally shatters. He clings to Dominic and weeps into his shoulder, loud, wracking sobs that tear at the servant's heart. Dominic does what he must, all that he can do, holding Matthew and offering what comfort he can. Matthew's tears taper off and master and servant drift into a light, troubled sleep. Dawn has not yet broken when Dominic wakes. He wishes he could stay, knows he should not. He slips out of Matthew's bed and begins to dress.

The other servants are beginning to stir when Dominic returns to his room. He resists the urge to limb into his own bed and lays out a suit and prepares himself for the day ahead. He is halfway through his shave when Ellen steals into the room. Dominic runs the razor underneath his jaw and waits for her to say something. She does not. He washes the soap off his face and faces her.


"Where have you been all night?"

"Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?"

She is about to speak when he interrupts.

"Spare me your lectures please, I have no stomach for them today."

"As you wish. But if people ask, if your mother asks, where you spent the night, what will you say?"

"That I was with my master, serving him as well as I can in this difficult time. But no one will care to ask such a question. It is the discord which exists between the two of us, and not my dealings with my master, which sets tongues wagging around here."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you rarely speak to me these days and, when you do, it is only to provoke a quarrel."

"That is not true."

"Oh, but it is. You know it is."

"What would you have me do? Lie to you, feign approval of your ... improper relations with your master?"

"No. I only ask that you keep this secret, as you promised you would, and leave me be. Let me order my own affairs."

This clearly does not sit well with his aunt and she is about to tell him so - but he cuts through her tirade before it even begins.

"I am sorry," he says, "but I will not listen to anymore of this. You have made your feelings on the matter quite clear and I have done the same. There is no more to be said."

And, with that, Dominic leaves the room.


Visitors trickle in and out of the Bellamy house all morning, so many people, Dominic cannot hope to recall them all. But one visitor does capture Dominic's attention: Miss Margaret Granville, Matthew's soon-to-be-bride. When the servant lays eyes on this tall, beautiful girl with auburn hair a sharp spear of jealousy drives itself deep into his heart. Their encounter is brief and he is careful to treat her with all the courtesy a young lady of her station is entitled to. She does not glean so much as a hint of the servant's true feelings.

Lady Bellamy behaves much as Matthew predicted she would. She tries to leave the house and is promptly thwarted. She does not approach Dominic, for she knows his loyalty to Matthew is an unbreakable chain (and besides which, she openly despises her son's servant), but half a dozen others are entrusted with letters and tempted with lavish rewards. Every single letter is immediately placed in Matthew's hands. Lady Bellamy is confined to her rooms and Matthew shuts himself up in his father's study - his study, now - expressing a desire to be left alone.

Dominic respects his master's wishes and leaves him be. But, when the clock strikes midnight and Matthew has not yet emerged, Dominic knocks on the study door. Receiving no answer he goes inside and finds his master. Matthew is sitting behind the old lord's desk and he is quite drunk. This is a new and altogether disquieting state of affairs. Matthew does consume alcohol, but never to excess, for he will not walk his brother's path.

The servant speaks to his master and is rewarded with slurred nonsense. Undettered, he coaxes Matthew out of his chair. The new lord stumbles and Dominic catches him. He leads Matthew out of the study, hoping to put his master to bed with a minimum of fuss. But his hopes are dashed when, halfway to Matthew's rooms, their progress is halted by Lady Bellamy. Her presence rouses her son to a kind of semi-sobriety.

"You," Matthew says, "have no business wandering the halls of this house. Of my house."

Lady Bellamy casts a cold, contemptuous look upon her son.

"Drunk?" she sniffs, "really, Matthew, you are a disgrace."

"Oh?" Matthew sneers, "I see. Your precious Paul can drink all day and all night and that is perfectly acceptable. I spend one night numbing the pain of my father's passing and I am a disgrace."

"Do not speak of your brother! He is the best of men, the true heir to your father's title!"

Dominic bites his tongue, else he might laugh in Lady Bellamy's face. Her powers of self-delusion truly are something to behold. Matthew is not bound by Dominic's rules and he does laugh in his mother's face.

"My bother is scum. He destroys everything he touches and he will never have my father's title. I am the true heir, and there is nothing you can do about it."

Matthew's words inflame his mother. She rears back and delivers a stinging slap to her son's face.

"I should have smothered you in your crib," she hisses.

Dominic gasps and loses his sure hold on his master's arm. But Matthew no longer needs his support, for his mother's words have shocked him into absolute (if temporary) sobriety. He touches his cheek and addresses his mother.

"Madam," the new lord says, "I am in your debt, for you have provided the answer to a question I have been pondering for some time now."

"Do enlighten me," she sneers.

"It will be my pleasure. To send you to the Northern estate upon my father's death was always my intention. The air in this house will be all the sweeter for your absence and your children will not miss you. Indeed, they will not. But I still had some doubts. What would people say? Now I find I do not care. But why should anyone care? Who will miss such a bitter and thoroughly unpleasant woman? No one will. And so, you will leave the day after my father's funeral."

Lady Bellamy screeches and clutches her bosom.

"You cannot do this, Matthew! You dare not!"

"I can. I do. It will be done."

Matthew staggers a little upon this last declaration, for sobriety was but a temporary guest. He thrusts out an arm.

"Take me to my room, Dom'nic."

"Of course, my lord."

They leave Lady Bellamy to her lamentations. They reach Matthew's room and the master collapses onto his bed, senseless. Dominic tries to undress him, but only succeeds in removing his shoes and trousers. He makes Matthew as comfortable as he can and sits with him for over an hour, at which point it becomes clear Matthew will stir no more this night. Dominic kisses his master's forehead, douses the lights and goes to his own bed.


The old lord is buried on a cold, rainy day. This is, in Dominic's opinion, perfectly appropriate. It should, he feels, always rain at funerals. The main drawing room swells with visitors, all drinking tea and eating crumpets and mourning the old lord's passing. Matthew sits on a large sofa, a sister on either side of him. Lady Bellamy has withdrawn to her bedroom, where her maid is packing her belongings. Matthew had the right of it - Lady Bellamy's banishment has incited not a single word of protest, not even from her own daughters. All her years spent doting on a cruel and feckless son, resolutely blind to the havoc he wreaked, now come back to haunt her, for none will now speak in her defence.

Dominic is returning to the kitchens, an empty tea tray dangling from one hand when his free wrist is gripped and he is led into a quiet corner. He frowns up at his assailant.


The other man smiles and releases Dominic's wrist.

"Hello, Dominic."

"I thought you had left the country. You were to leave the day after our visit."

"That was my intention. But when news of Lord Bellamy's passing reached me I resolved to stay and attend the funeral," Christopher lowers his voice, "Matthew tells me you will not be coming to Vienna with me."

"No, I will remain with my master."

"That is your last word on the subject?"

"It is."

"Alright. I will respect your decision. But if you should ever have to cause to change your mind, if your position here should become unbearable, then write to me," Christopher presses a card into Dominic's hand, "and I will help you."

Dominic pockets the card.

"Thank you, Christopher."

"Goodbye, Dominic. I wish you luck."


Death, it seems, is not quite done with the Bellamy household. A housemaid's shriek rouses the whole of the servants' quarters the morning after Lord Bellamy's funeral. The reason for her distress is quickly discerned: Gregory, lying at the foot of the stairs, his head canted at an odd angle.

"Such a pity," Matthew remarks to Dominic in the early afternoon, "to have a well-earned retirement thwarted by such an unfortunate accident. I had planned to provide him with a handsome pension, as per my father's instructions."

"I am not so sure it was an accident," his servant replies.

"What do you mean?"

"With your father gone, Gregory felt he had no purpose, no reason to live. He may have taken his own life."

Matthew considers this.

"It is possible, but I do not think it likely. I believe his death was an accident."

"But -"

"Enough," Matthew rarely employs a sharp tone when dealing with his servant, but he does so now, "I am the master of this house and if I say it was an accident, then it was an accident."

Dominic drops his eyes and Matthew's tone softens.

"It must be an accident, Dominic," he says, "I wish to honor my father's servant and give him the decent Christian burial that is his due. But if anyone should suspect suicide..."

Matthew spreads his hands in a helpless gesture.

"Do you see?"

"I do."

"Then you will not tell anyone else of your doubts?"

"I will not."

"Thank you, Dominic."


Matthew examines himself in the mirror, taking in every inch of the tailored morning suit he wears, then turns to his servant with a stricken expression. He does not look like a man about to be married. He looks like a man about to ascend the gallows.

"I cannot do this," he says.

"You can. You will."

"I do not want to."

"And yet you must. You know you must."

"I know."

Matthew pulls Dominic into a sudden embrace.

"This means nothing," he whispers fiercely, "it is duty, nothing more than that. It is not real. Last night was real. That was love. That was desire. Remember that, Dominic."

Dominic recalls the previous night and how Matthew took him again and again with a passion that bordered on desperation.

"I will," he tells his master.

Matthew kisses him deeply and presses their foreheads together.

"I love you, Dominic. Now and always. This will not change that."

"I know," Dominic pulls away from his master, "you should go. They will be waiting."

"Yes, I suppose they will," Matthew sighs,"I do not expect you to attend me today, Dominic, or tonight."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I would not force you to endure that. Go now, my love, and return in the morning."

Dominic goes below to Gregory's room - he does not think of it as his room but he supposes he will, in time - and tries very hard not to think about how his master and lover is, even now, joining himself to a woman, promising to love and honor her.

Most of Gregory's possessions were removed, but Dominic kept the old man's desk. He sits at it now and copies sentences out of a book, hoping to improve his penmanship and occupy his mind. There is a gentle knock on the door and Ellen enters the room. Her nephew puts his pen aside.

"Come to gloat, have we?" he says, "come to wag a finger and boast about how you foresaw this?"

"No," she holds up a tray, "I just thought you might like a cup of tea."


She sets the tray upon the desk and he watches her pour.

"This must be difficult for you, Dominic," Ellen says.

"It is. But it is difficult for him, too. You might not believe that, but it is the truth. He marries because he must, not because he wants to."

"His marriage will change things, it cannot help but change things."

"I know. But it will not change his feelings for me, or mine for him."

"You sound very sure of that, Dominic. What if you are wrong?"

"I am not wrong. I would not have remained here if I doubted him."

"I do not understand."

"I was offered a chance at a new life, an opportunity to go abroad and study, to become more than a servant. I elected to stay."

"And you believe you made the right choice?"

"I believe I made the only choice."

"Well, Dominic, i hope you do not have cause to regret your decision. For all our sakes."


Matthew, pale and red-eyed, is slumped half-dressed in a chair when Dominic enters his bedroom the following morning. He says nothing of the previous night and Dominic does not press him. But when Dominic passes his chair Matthew reaches for his servant and presses his face against Dominic's stomach. This gesture says all that needs to be said. Dominic wraps his arms around Matthew.

And so they remain, locked in a loving embrace, as the sun rises on a new era.


Okay, this isn't the end of the story, there's still 4/5 chapters to go. But I will start skipping ahead in time from this point, 5 years, 10 years, right up to the end of the relationship. I just wanted to mention this, so people know what to expect.
hannah_chapter1: (Fatrix)
Title: Yes Sir Part Eleven
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

A heart, beating steadily beneath his ear.

A chest, rising and falling.

Voices, soft, low voices, speaking of unfamiliar people and unfamiliar places.

These are Dominic's first impressions upon waking.

The servant opens his eyes and his fingers twitch. Matthew feels him stirring and runs long fingers through his hair.

"Hello, my sweet," he says, did you sleep well?"

"I did."

They kiss and Christopher laughs, startling Dominic, who had almost forgotten the third man sharing a bed with them.

"My my, but you are just too adorable for words," he drawls.

Matthew and Dominic ignore him and Christopher pouts, unused to such treatment.

"Well then," he says, "the afternoon is not yet over. Shall we go out and have some tea?"

This gets Matthew's attention. He sits up and smirks at his old friend.

"We shall," he says, "but not quite yet. You have had your fun with us, Christopher. I think it only fair that we should have some fun with you."

Christopher considers the proposal.

"You are right, Matthew," he agrees, "what would you have of me, then?"

"Oh, I think Dominic should decide. Which would you prefer, Dominic, the mouth or the arse? I can recommend both."

It takes several minutes for Dominic to regain the ability to speak.

"I think ... perhaps ... I would like to try the arse."

"Arse it is, then, " Matthew says, "Christopher, would you be so kind?"

"But of course."

Christopher gets on his hands and knees. And now it is the tutor's turn to be shared by two men. Dominic looks down, enraptured by the sight of his own prick moving in and out of an unfamiliar arse. Then high, breathy moans cause him to gaze into Matthew's face and watch his master's ever-changing expression as he is given oral pleasure.

And when it is all over, and they have rested themselves and recovered somewhat from the exertions of the afternoon, they wash and dress and return to the drawing room. Christopher summons the servant and has tea brought in. This is, in many ways, the strangest part of the afternoon, or so it seems to Dominic. While it is true he has, on occasion, taken tea with Matthew in the master's rooms, they remain painfully aware of their respective roles when out in public. Dominic waits in the servants' quarters if there are any, outside if there are none, while his master eats and drinks and conducts business. To sits at a table and be waited upon as though he were any other gentleman - it is beyond Dominic's comprehension.

They finish their tea and take their leave of Christopher. Silence reigns supreme in the carriage in the journey home, the occupants lost in their own thoughts. Dominic watches his master, notes the furrowed brow and unconscious flexing of the fingers. He has seen this before, it happens when Matthew is preparing himself for an unpleasant, yet necessary, task. The carriage comes to a halt and the servant follows his master into the house and all the way to Matthew's private sitting room. Matthew drops onto the sofa. The evening is drawing on, so Dominic lights the lamps. He waits for orders, but there are none. Matthew gazes into the middle distance, unmindful of his surroundings.

This uncomfortable moment stretches, and stretches and Dominic wants to scream. Then Matthew sits up and blinks, like a man startled out of a dream. He sighs and pats the seat beside him.

"Sit with me, Dominic. We have much to discuss."

Dominic joins his master, heart hammering in his chest. Matthew's hand comes to rest on top of his, before enfolding it in a tight, almost painful, grip.

"This afternoon," Matthew falters, "I did not ... I never ... to force you into such an awkward position ... never my intention ..."

Matthew stumbles on and, nervous as he is, Dominic still has to choke back a laugh. He has seen Matthew happy, calm, in the throes of passion, in a towering, pain-filled rage. But he has never seen his master so hesitant, unable to express himself.

"Matthew," he interrupts, "there is no call for this. You did not force me to do anything. I was a willing participant in the events of the afternoon and, while I would not care to recreate the experience, I do not regret it."

Matthew's expression slides from worried to relieved.

"You know Christopher was my first lover," he says, "as I am yours. My body still responds to his touch. But that is as far as his influence goes. He has no claim upon my heart. That belongs to you, Dominic, and you alone."

Joy renders Dominic mute as Matthew pulls him onto his lap, into his arms.

I love you, Dominic, I will always love you."

Dominic clings to his master, almost weeping with joy. How he has longed for this day, longed to hear those words. Matthew indulges him for a few precious moments. But then he sets Dominic aside and his expression is grave.

"You know I cannot acknowledge you, Dominic. This is something I can never do."

"I know. I do not care. This is all I need, Matthew."

"But it cannot always be like this, Dominic. You know I cannot remain a bachelor. I am not quite thirty and, in society's eyes, a freak of nature. I should have been wed long ago."

"I see."

"Of course, nobody cared about me when I was the second son, adrift in Europe. But now I am the heir and people have already begun to remark on it. I must still wagging tongues, but that is not my only concern. I must have children. The Bellamy line cannot end with me."

Matthew reaches out and links their fingers together.

"I should have told you about this, and please believe me when I say I wanted to. But I could not, for the life of me, think about how to go about it."

Cold dread rises inside Dominic.

"You are engaged?"

"No, not quite. But that is a detail. The bargain has been all but struck."

"Who is she?"

"Her name is Margaret and she is the daughter of my father's oldest friend. She was engaged to my brother, but no man in full possession of his faculties would abandon his daughter to Paul's tender mercies and the engagement was soon called off. But my father will not abandon this, he has long cherished the idea of binding our families together. And, I must confess, I find it all rather apt. I have already taken my brother's title, why not take his bride, too?"

"The engagement will be announced soon?"

"I expect it will. Lord Granville, having been scalded once, was by no means eager to hand his only daughter over to another Bellamy son. I have spent months, oh so many months, charming the man. I have expended more energy upon wooing him than upon his daughter."

"And your wooing has been successful."

"It has. We are now haggling over dowries but that is, at most, a minor obstacle, soon overcome."

"Have you met your intended?"

"Yes, we have met, even taken tea together, with her mother and several maiden aunts to chaperone, of course."

"Do you like her?"

Matthew shrugs.

"I suppose I do. A pleasant young lady, but also possessed of a keen mind and a strong will. She will make a wonderful Lady Bellamy."

The master pauses and regards his servant. Dominic's hand has grown clammy and his complexion has taken on a greenish tint.

"It upsets you, Dominic, all this talk of my marriage."

"You are mistaken, Matthew."

"No, I do not believe I am. You hate the idea, as do I. But we both know it must be done."

"Yes, I know."

"It will be unpleasant for you, most unpleasant. But what if another path were open to you, Dominic? A way out of this awkward situation?"

"I do not understand."

"We had a long talk, Christopher and I, while you slept. He could take you back to Vienna with him."

He knows it is only his imagination, but Dominic would swear the ground is shifting beneath his feet, falling away from him. When he speaks his voice is a high, wounded thing.

"You would cast me off so abruptly? Is this how you express your love, Matthew? Assuring me of your everlasting devotion and, in the same breath, giving me away to your friend?"

"Dominic, you do not understand-"

"I understand, I understand perfectly. You mean to put me aside, as you put aside all things that might inconvenience you."

"That is not true."

"It is, it is true. Milly got in your way and you had her removed. I know of your plans to send your mother to the North upon your father's death, you have told me of them often enough, and now you want to be rid of me, too!"

Dominic stops, flustered. He has never raised his voice to his master before. But Matthew is not angry. Unhappy, desperately unhappy, but not angry.

"Please listen to me, Dominic, and try to understand. I love you and I do not want to send you away. The very idea is more than I can bear. I want you to stay. But do you really think you can?"

The servant tries to speak but his master sweeps over him.

"Let me finish. Could you live here, Dominic, could you share this house with my wife? Could you see her every day, knowing she has, in public at least, taken the place that is rightfully yours? Could you endure my visits to her bed, even though these visits would be purely for the purpose of procreation?"

Dominic absorbs Matthew's words. These things Matthew has spoken of - these are the questions Dominic has turned over and over in his mind, late at night, when he cannot sleep. The master brings their foreheads together for a moment before continuing.

"You can stay here and suffer through my marriage, or you can go with Christopher. You have no cause to trust him, but you can trust me and I tell you now, his intentions are good. He does not want to take you off my hands, like an unwanted pet or plaything."

"What does he want, then?"

"To help you. Go with him and you will see. You will receive a fine education and you will never want for money, not so long as I live. You could have a good life, a better life. It is all within your grasp, Dominic, all you need to do is reach out and take it."

"A better life, you say. How can you be so blind, Matthew? There is no life for me without you, you must know that, see that."


"No. You have said your piece, Matthew, now let me say mine. I know it will be difficult for me when you marry, I have always known this. It will be painful, but I can bear the pain."

"Oh, you say that now, Dominic, but you may change your mind when the events we have been speaking come to pass."

"I will not. I can endure the pain, I can endure anything, if it means I remain here, with you."

"This is what you want, then, Dominic? What you really, truly want?"

"It is. I want to be with you, Matthew, always. I never want to leave your side."

The master holds him tight.

"Then you never will, Dominic, you never will."

Footfalls, heavy, urgent footfalls, in the hall outside Matthew's rooms. Master and servant have just enough time to disentangle themselves and move to opposite sides of the sitting room. And then Gregory wrenches the door open and bounds into the room, flush of face and wild of eye.

"Sir," he addresses Matthew, "my lord, I mean to say ... I found ... he has ... your father is dead."
hannah_chapter1: (Frog)
Title: Yes Sir Part Ten
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

Dominic passes a hand over his new winter coat, the fabric impossibly soft beneath his fingers.

"Do you like it?" his master asks.

Of course I do. But you did not need to do this, Matthew."

Matthew dismisses his servant's complaint with a casual flick of his fingers.

"I wanted to do it. You needed a good winter coat, Dominic."

"Yes, but," Dominic touches his coat, then gestures at the scarves and gloves that accompanied it, "this is too much."

"Nonsense. When it comes to you, Dominic, nothing is ever too much. You should know that by now. You know I like spending money on you."

He dresses you in pretty clothes and pets you when it pleases him.

Matthew touches Dominic's cheek.

"What is the matter, Dominic? What troubles you?"

"Nothing troubles me. I am fine."

"Now, we both know that is not true. Something is troubling you and has been for some time," Matthew's thumb traces small circles near Dominic's mouth, "I see this look on your face so often these days, Dominic, and it worries me."

The master places both hands on Dominic's shoulders.

"Look at me, Dominic."

Dominic obeys his master's command and the warmth and love - yes, he would swear to it, love - in his master's eyes makes him tremble.

"You can always come to me, Dominic. You can talk to me, ask for my help. It will always be given. There is nothing I would not do for you, nothing I would not give you. Ask, and whatever you need will be yours."

"I ..." Dominic hesitates, then falls back upon a half-truth, "I am worried about my sister."

"Your sister? Is she unwell?"

"No, but I worry about her all the same."


"I do not like her husband. He is a rough, unpleasant man and I fear for her. I think he mistreats her."

"Do you have any proof?"

"No, and she denies it. My parents tell me I cannot interfere, that what happens between a man and wife is their business, and theirs alone."

"Your parents are right, Dominic."

"I know they are. But standing by and doing nothing - what kind of brother does that make me?"

Matthew sighs.

"You are a good brother, of that I have no doubt. All I an suggest is that you watch and wait and, if you think you need my help, do not hesitate. Come to me at once."

"I will."

Dominic takes one of Matthew's hands in both of his and kisses it.

"Thank you, Matthew."

Matthew smiles and pulls his servant into an embrace. Then he catches sight of the clock on the mantelpiece and curses.

"Damn it all! I must go out and meet with some of my father's friend's and it is later than I thought."

"Is there anything you need me to do?"

"I do not think so. Attend to your reading and we will have a lesson when I get back."

"Yes, Matthew."

The master leaves and Dominic gathers up his things and repairs to his bedroom. He tries to read but cannot focus, mind too full of the conversation he just had.

He did not lie, not exactly. He is worried about his sister, but that is a vague feeling, an ill-defined sense of something being wrong. It comes and goes. What really concerns him, what keeps him awake at night, is his relationship with Matthew.

He loves his master, loves him completely. When he is with Matthew, in or out of bed, he is happy. But when he is here, alone, the doubts begin to creep in. Dominic loves his master, but he is not a fool. He knows that what they have - whatever that might be - cannot last. Ellen was wrong about a lot of things, but she was right about that. Matthew must marry, will marry, and what will he do, then? Will he keep Dominic by his side? Or will he cast him off, leaving him with nothing but memories and pretty clothes, both of which will become dirty and threadbare as the years go by?


"Good news?"

"Hmm?" Matthew glances up from the letter he is reading, "did you say something, Dominic?"

"You were smiling. Have you received some good news?"

"I suppose I have, at that. My old tutor, Christopher, has returned to England."

"To stay?"

"Alas, no. He is here for two weeks, no more than that."

"You will visit him?"

"I will. And you will accompany me, Dominic. I want you to meet him."

Dominic swallows, his throat suddenly dry.


"The day after tomorrow, I should think," Matthew reaches for ink and paper, "I will write to him at once and arrange it."


Dominic stares out of the carriage window, seeing nothing, stomach pulled into a small, painful knot. He slept not a wink last night. He just lay in his bed, guts throbbing, thinking about this meeting with Matthew's former tutor - and first lover, he cannot forget that detail, no matter how hard he tries.

They arrive at Christopher's lodgings and are ushered into a small drawing room. Dominic hears Christopher before he sees him, a loud, confident voice booming in the hall outside, dismissing the servant who showed them in. And then Matthew's tutor is in the room.

So this is Christopher. Taller than Matthew and Dominic and broad with it, Christopher looks more like a fighter than a scholar, a real bare-knuckle, back-street bruiser. Christopher bounds across the room to Dominic's master. Ignoring the offered hand, Christopher pulls Matthew to him and kisses him, a long, deep tongue-kiss.

Rage, pure, jealous rage consumes Dominic. It is like the night Milly presumed to try and touch Matthew, magnified a thousand times. He advances on Christopher and Matthew, hands balled into tight little fists. His approach does not go unnoticed. Christopher releases Matthew, cocks his head to one side and smiles.

"We are upsetting your servant, Matthew," Christopher says, "this is the servant you spoke of in your letters, is it not? Dominic?"

Matthew raises a hand in invitation.

"Come and join us, Dominic."

Dominic obeys, as he always does. He takes Matthew's hand and is drawn into a kiss. Christopher cuts in, claiming Matthew's mouth for his own before passing him back to Dominic. And so it goes, back and forth, the future Lord Bellamy shared like a communal cup of ale.

"You see, Dominic," Christopher murmurs, "there is no need for worry. I do not wish to take your master from you. All I want is to share him for a little while."

He slips a hand beneath Matthew's shirt and the master moans and reaches out, palming Christopher's prick with one hand and Dominic's with the other.

"See how he wants us," Christopher says, "see how he wants us both. Your master may look and sound like a gentleman, Dominic, but, in truth, he is little more than a common whore."

Matthew jumps and moans at this and Christopher chuckles softly. He guides them out of the drawing room, across the hall and into a bedroom. Servant and tutor work together, removing Matthew's clothes, then their own. They take him to bed and share him, as Christopher promised they would. Dominic touches and kisses Matthew's neck and chest, tongue and fingers teasing nipples. Christopher busies himself between Matthew's legs, kissing and licking the master's stiff prick.

Dominic watches Christopher finger Matthew's arsehole. The sight of the master being pleasured by someone else is strangely compelling. Matthew pulls Dominic's face to his and their tongues join in the old, familiar dance. Then Christopher is nudging Dominic away, his touch gentle, yet insistent. The tutor covers Matthew and enters him in one smooth, efficient movement.

Matthew's eyes roll back in his head as he is fucked, Christopher's first, slow, gentle thrusts quickly giving way to something more primal. He reaches out blindly, searching for Dominic and Dominic is there. He takes Matthew's hand in his and squeezes as he watches his master receive a hard and thorough pounding.

The servant's prick is throbbing, aching for attention and Dominic slides his free hand between his legs. Just as he begins to stroke himself, though, Christopher groans, a low sound halfway between pain and pleasure, and pours himself into Dominic's master. He pulls out and rolls off, leaving Matthew unsatisfied, panting for more. Christopher laughs at Matthew's predicament.

"Need more, do you, Matthew? One prick not enough for you? What a greedy little slut you are."

Christopher crooks a finger at Dominic.

"Your master needs you, Dominic."

The servant mounts his master and pushes inside a back passage already slippery with another man's juices. He moves carefully at first, acutely aware of the third man avidly watching his performance. But then master and servant  fall into their old, familiar pattern and the world around them ceases to exist. Dominic does not feel Christopher's eyes upon him or take note of how the other man's prick is already becoming stiff. All he sees and feels and hears is Matthew. The way is always has been, the way it always should be.

When it is over all three man adjourn to a nearby bathroom, wash themselves and, when they are clean, they go back to bed. Dominic winds up in the middle, a naked man on either side. Christopher reaches over and flicks Dominic's nipple, making the boy jump and gasp.

"You really are a perfect specimen, Dominic," he says, "will you let me have you? Just this once?"

Dominic looks to his master for guidance. Matthew smiles.

"You do not need my permission. The decision is yours to make, Dominic."

The servant thinks about it. One part of him wants to say no, wants nothing more to do with this strange man. But a larger part is curious, wonders how it would be with someone other than Matthew. He looks at Christopher and nods, giving permission. Before he can even begin to have second thoughts, Christopher's tongue is in his mouth. Any doubts Dominic might have are soon melted in the fire of the other man's passion.

Dominic is soon lying on his side, facing Matthew. He feels Christopher's fingers pulling his cheeks apart, feels the other man's breath, hot and heavy, at his entrance. He moans and lifts his leg slightly, giving Christopher better access.

"Oh, you have been thoroughly corrupted," Christopher marvels.

He slides his tongue inside Dominic and, at the same time, Matthew reaches down and takes his servant in hand. The boy wails, overwhelmed. He has never felt anything like this, the experience so intense it makes him light-headed. But then Christopher's prick takes the place of his tongue, Matthew's mouth replaces his hand and Dominic and any semblance of coherent thought. He is lost, floating in the fog of pure sensation as the two men share him. He floats, floats...

When Dominic comes to his senses he is in Matthew's arms. Christopher has fetched a damp cloth from the bathroom and is cleaning the mess between Dominic's cheeks. Dominic pays no attention to the tutor and his actions. He clings to his master and Matthew cuddles him and croon softly. Dominic yawns and then he is falling into a deep sleep, his sleepless night and the exertions of the afternoon finally catching up with him. Matthew pulls the sheet around him and holds him tight. Christopher props himself up on one elbow and watches Matthew fuss over his servant.

"Why Matthew, I do believe you are in love with this boy."

Matthew's arms tighten around his servant.

"Yes, Christopher, I love him. What of it?"

"Foolish, Matthew, very foolish."

"Who are you to speak of foolishness? I bring my servant to our meeting and you take it as an invitation to a threesome!"

"I heard no objections from you."

"That is beside the point. You had no way of knowing Dominic and I were ... intimate. He might have been nothing more than a servant."

Christopher laughs softly.

"Come now, Matthew. I knew you were much more than master and servant. I have always known."

"How did you know? How could you know?"

"I read the letters you sent to me. A brief mention of a new servant in one letter would be one thing. Devoting at least half a page to him in every single letter you send me, well, that is something else entirely."

Matthew blinks and Christopher laughs again.

"You did not even know you were doing it, did you?"

"No, I did not."

"You see? Foolish. More than foolish, reckless, to foul your own doorstep in such a manner. A servant in your father's house. For shame, Matthew."

"I know, but," Matthew pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts, "I had been home for three weeks. On my best behaviour, trying to be the good son, the dutiful one, ignoring my mother and her frosty silences and spiteful remarks. And when I saw Dominic, when he came into my room that day, well, I simply could not resist."

"i can understand that," Christopher runs a hand over Dominic's flank, "yes, I most certainly can understand that. But you should have exercised a little restraint. Allowed yourself one brief dalliance and then sent the boy on his way, threatened or bribed him into holding his tongue."

"I confess, that was my original intention. But I could not do it, could not simply have him once and then never lay eyes on him again. I needed to have him by my side."

"And now you are in love with him."

"I am."

"Well, Matthew, you know what I would advise."

"Yes, I know."

Dominic whimpers and shivers in his sleep. His master strokes his hair and croons to him until he settles. Matthew looks at his tutor and sighs.

"I will not give him up, Christopher. I am weighed down by other people's expectations. My father and his associates need me to restore the family reputation, repair all the damage done by my brother. Charlotte and Emily want the brotherly affection they never received from Paul. And my mother wants me to step aside and let Paul take what she believes to be rightfully his. Everyone wants something from me."

Matthew looks down at his servant, his expression soft and loving.

"But not Dominic. I would move Heaven and Earth to make him happy, and he asks for nothing."

"Well, what did you expect?" Christopher is amused, "he is a servant, Matthew. He was raised to serve his betters, not to have them cater to his every whim."

"You may be right, but that does not change anything. I cannot give him up. I need him, Christopher. He is my light."

"You will keep him, then?"

"I will. I want him by my side, until the day I die."

"How romantic. You and your sweet boy. So tell me, Matthew, will you have Dominic serve food to the guests at your wedding? Will he wait for you in your bedroom while you visit your wife's?"


"You had not thought about this?"

"I did not want to think about it."

"I am sure, but ignoring it will not make it go away."

Matthew passes a hand across his eyes.

"It is an impossible situation, Matthew, " Christopher says gently, "you must see that. If you really love him, you will send him away."

"What would you have me do, Christopher? Discard him like an old coat? Throw him out onto the streets to starve?"

"No, of course not."

"What would you have me do, then?"

"Give him to me."

Matthew's hold on his servant tightens and his expression turns sullen and greedy, the face of a child who wants all the cake for himself. Christopher makes a placatory gesture.

"I did not mean it like that, Matthew. I do not want your servant for myself. But I could help him take the first steps on the path to a better life. He looks like a bright little chap. Can he read and write?"

"Yes, he can."

"Excellent. I could take him back to Vienna with me. He could be tutored until he is ready for a place at a university. You would support him, pay for his education?"

"You know I would."

"Then do it. If you really love him, Matthew, set him free."

"I need to think about this, Christopher, and speak with Dominic."

"Do that, Matthew, and do not delay."
hannah_chapter1: (Calm)
Title: Yes Sir Part Nine
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.


The young lady standing outside the dress shop smiles and holds out a gloved hand. Matthew removes his hat, takes the offered hand and kisses it.

"Miss Carlisle. I trust you are well."

Dominic maintains a respectful distance and waits for his master to finish his conversation. Milly, laden with parcels, joins her mistress and Dominic cannot believe his eyes. This pale, beaten-down creature bears little resemblance to the brassy, impudent girl he once knew. The reason for this change quickly becomes apparent when her mistress turns on her and subjects her to a vicious, very public and, so far as Dominic can tell, undeserved tongue-lashing. It only ends when Matthew, taking pity on the girl, steps between maid and mistress, offers Miss Carlisle his arm and invites her to take tea with him. The young lady accepts and they summon a hansom cab and depart, leaving their servants to their own devices.

Dominic watches the cab trundle down the street, then turns to Milly - or to be more precise, the spot once occupied by Milly, for the girl in question has vanished. He finds her in an alley off the main thoroughfare, sitting on a barrel, her parcels at her feet. She looks up at him, then away.

"Oh, it is you," she says, "come to gloat, have you? Go on, get it over with."

"I did not come to gloat. I thought you might need help with your parcels."

"I do not. I want nothing from you."

"I am sorry, Milly. I never wanted this."

"No? You could have dealt with me yourself, as a man should. But no, not you. You hid behind your master and let him bring me low."

"I did what I had to do, I did not have a choice. But you did, Milly. You could have kept my secret, you could have let me be. I gave you no cause to try and hurt me."

"You handled me most roughly, you threw me to the floor."

"I am sorry for that, but I did not act without due provocation. I was defending my master. Your behaviour was most inappropriate."

She laughs.

"Inappropriate? Who are you to lecture anyone about propriety?"

"Who are you? Insulting your former master, airing your grievances to all and sundry ..."

"Hark at you, so high and mighty. Your master makes you feel special, like the most important person in the world. You love him for it and you look down on me. But I have been where you are now and I know it will not last. When your master tires of you, and he will, Dominic, that much I can promise you, what will you do? What will you do when he casts you off for a younger, prettier boy? Will you smile and forgive him? Or will you strike at him any way you can, as I did?"

Dominic thinks about it.

"It would break my heart. But I would stay silent. I would keep his secrets. I owe him that much."

"Would you? We shall see."


Dominic sits at the table, shirtsleeves rolled up. He dips the pen in the ink and copies the sentence, working slowly, each carefully formed letter a struggle. When he is done he puts the pen aside, flexes his fingers and waits for his master's verdict.

"Very good, Dominic."

The servant looks at the paper, doubtful.


"Yes. You might not think so, but you are improving. I do not think your penmanship will ever be beautiful, but it will serve."

"It is difficult."

"Of course it is. You have come to reading and writing at such a late age and I am sure my teaching methods leave a great deal to be desired."

"You are a good teacher, Matthew."

"A good teacher would never tolerate a left-handed student. He would beat you until you used the right."


"The left hand is sinful, it belongs to the Devil, or so I have been told."

"Do you believe that?"

"Certainly not, it is superstitious nonsense. If you want to use your left hand, then use it. Now, finish the page."

Dominic picks up the pen and Matthew watches him work.

"Did you enjoy your talk with Milly?"

"No, I did not. Did you enjoy your tea with her mistress?"

"It was exhausting. The delightful Miss Carlisle could talk for an eternity, without stopping even once for breath or refreshment. The man she marries will need some strong earplugs."

"Perhaps she will remain unmarried."

"That is possible, but unlikely. Her dowry is large, large enough to blind any potential suitor to her faults."

"You are not a potential suitor?"

"Good lord, no. I would sooner stick red-hot knives in my eyes than join myself to that young lady."

Dominic tries not to let the relief he feels show on his face. He bends to the paper and begins to write again.


The servant yawns as he leaves his master's room. It is late and everyone else in the house has long since retired for the night - or so Dominic thinks. He enters the kitchen and sees he was mistaken. His aunt Ellen is awake and sitting at the table, a lamp by her hand.

"Ellen? Why are you still up?"

"I could not sleep," she gestures at the chair opposite her, "sit and talk with me."

Dominic sits, eyeing her warily. His mother's half-sister by their father's second wife, Ellen is, in truth, just seven years older than Dominic. Young and full of fun, more like an older sister than an aunt. But now, sitting in this dark kitchen, she is quiet, her expression grave.

"We never talk anymore, Dominic," she finally says, "I never see you."

Dominic shrugs, uncomfortable and guilty.

"Things have changed."

"They have. You have gone up in the world, the young lord's servant. A lucky boy."

Dominic is silent.

"A very lucky boy, oh yes. Do you like your master, Dominic?"

"I do."

"Do you like your work?"


"And when your master lays you on your back and uses you as a man uses a woman, do you like that?"

Her words act like a bucket of cold water to the face; shocking him, freezing him right down to the core, rendering him speechless.

"Where did you come by such a ridiculous idea?" he manages at last, "I do not share my master's bed. I am his servant, nothing more than that."

His denial sounds hollow even to his ears.

"Do not lie to me, it hurts when you lie to me."

"I am not lying."

"You are, you are lying and we both know it. I change your master's bedclothes and I am not blind. Blond hair all over his pillows and certain ... stains ... upon his sheets tell me all I need to know. Your master share his bed with a fair-haired boy. He shares it with you."

Further denials would be a waste of time, he does not even try.

"How long have you known?"

"I have always known."

"You did not ... tell my mother?"

"No. I have kept your secret."


"I thought, I hoped, you would find the courage to put an end to it, that you would come to us and tell us about your master and what he forces you to do. But you did not and I can bear it no longer."

"He does not force me. I ... like it."

"You cannot like it. It is not possible."

"But I do. He is good to me."


Ellen is up and around the table before he can stop her. She yanks up his coat and shirt, exposing his injured back. His bruises, fading now, are still visible and Ellen exclaims in horror.

"It is as I feared. He dresses you in pretty clothes and pets you when you please him and he beats you when you do not. This cannot go on. I will put a stop to it."

Dominic turns in his seat and pushes her away.

"You will do nothing. Interfere and I will never speak to you again."

"You cannot mean that!"

"I can and I do," he stands and adjust his clothing, "I know you mean well, but my master is not the monster you believe him to be."

"Your bruises - "

"Are not of his making. He has never raised a hand to me in anger."

She is not appeased.

"That does not make him any less of a scoundrel. He may not beat you, but he has corrupted you. He took a boy too young and ignorant to know better and taught him to revel in vile, unnatural acts."

"No, it was not like that. He did not corrupt me. He showed me the path I was always destined to walk."

"I do not believe that."

Of course she does not and he cannot make her understand. He could tell her about girls - Milly was not the first to approach him, although she was the boldest - and about how their advances have always confused and repelled him and how welcome his master's kisses had been. Oh, there had been fear - and that had so much more to do with Matthew's social position than his gender - and some pain, but there was pleasure, too, more than Dominic had ever known, and none of the disgust society tells him he should associate with such an encounter. He could tell her these things, but why even bother?

"I know you do not believe it, but it is the truth. Now, what will you do? Will you keep my secret?"

"I will, but secrets can be hard to keep. You may still be found out. What will you do then? What will you do when your master flees and abandons you to your fate?"

"He would take me with him. He said he would take me with him. He promised."

"Oh, I am sure he did, but anyone can make a promise. How can you trust him to keep his word?"

"He said I would be servant and now I am. He said he would teach me to read and write and he has. He does not make empty promises."

"Well then, let us say he is true to his word and he takes you with him. What will happen to us? Me and your mother and your father? What will we do when the Bellamys dismiss us and throw us out of this house? Who will take us in? Who would want to be associated with us in the wake of such a scandal?"

"I ..."

Dominic does not know what to say and Ellen continues.

"Of course, it may not come to that. Your secret may stay just that, a secret. But how do you think all of this will end? Your master is set to inherit his father's title, and sooner rather than later, if what I have heard about the old lord's health is true, and he cannot remain a bachelor forever. He must get himself a wife. A lord must have a lady, to breed little lords of his own. Where is your place in all of that? Even if your master does have feelings for you, he can never admit to them. Can you accept that? Are you content to be nothing more than his secret shame?"

"I will be ... whatever my master wants me to be. I will be his. I will always be his."


"You are quiet today, Dominic. Is something troubling you?"

Dominic looks up and into his master's eyes.

Tell me you love me.

Tell me we will never be parted

The words Dominic cannot bring himself to say.

"No, no trouble. I am fine."

"You are sure?"

Dominic smiles and squeezes Matthew's hand.

"I am. All is well."

All is well?

Oh, if only that were true.

hannah_chapter1: (Dunecat)
Title: Yes Sir Part Eight
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

When Dominic opens his eyes he is alone in Matthew's bed. He gradually becomes aware of a familiar sound in the next room, the sound of a man voiding his bladder. Matthew comes back into the room as Dominic sits up and swings his legs over the edge of the bed.

How do you feel, Dominic?"

"Stiff, sore," Dominic winces as he stands, "and I need to piss."

Matthew smiles at that.

"Do you need help?"

"No, I can do it on my own."

Dominic empties his bladder and washes his swollen, tear-streaked face. Returning to the bedroom, he crawls back into bed and the warm cradle of Matthew's arms. The master carresses Dominic's cheek.

"My sweet one," he murmers, "my beautiful boy."

The servant kisses his master's fingertips and settles into his usual position, lying with his cheek pressed against Matthew's chest. Matthew traces intricate patterns on the back of his neck.

"I wish you could sleep in my bed every night, Dominic."

"Your father would not approve."

Matthew snorts.

"No, I cannot imagine he would. I have already received a lecture on the dangers of taking any of the maids or serving girls into my bed."

Dominic giggles.

"Why do you laugh?"

"My mother said something similar to me. She made me promise not to touch any of the girls in this house."

They both laugh at that.

"Then our parents have no cause for complaint, Dominic. We are most obedient and obliging sons."

"I suppose we are," Dominic hesitates, unsure if he really wants an answer to this question, then plunges ahead, "Matthew?"


"Have you ever been intimate with a woman?"

"Yes, but I did not much care for the experience. I find I prefer my own gender."

"And how old were you the first time you did, the first time you were..."

"The first time I went to bed with a man?"


"I was fourteen, younger than you were. I was seduced by one of my tutors, a man named Christopher."

Matthew smiles fondly at the memory.

"I was so nervous, a skinny boy with sweaty hands. But Christopher put me at my ease. He knew just what to do."

Dominic thinks about his first time with Matthew and tries to picture his master as a nervous boy seduced by an experienced older man.

"Did you love him?""

"Christopher? No, I did not love him. I admit I was very taken with him; he was charming, well-read, well-travelled, everything I wanted to be. But it was a schoolboy crush, nothing more than that. I knew our affair would be brief, and so it was. But I learned a great deal from him and we have remained friends. We still write to each other."

Conversation dwindles away to nothing and Matthew strokes Dominic's neck until the boy falls asleep.


It is the evening of the following day. Dominic lies naked on Matthew's bed while his master applies the ointment and rubs it into his much-abused flesh.

"I encountered one of the serving girls in the hall outside my father's study earlier this afternoon. She fairly fled at the sight of me and she was not the first servant to appear nervous in my presence today."

"They think you beat me. They think I did something to offend you and your response was swift and savage. I told them it was not true, but they did not believe me."

"I see. Well, perhaps it is for the best."

"I do not understand."

"I would rather be accused of mistreating you than be accused of being too familiar with you. My family's fate rests upon my shoulders and I must be careful. I cannot afford to be tainted by even the faintest whiff of scandal, Dominic. If our true relationship were to be discovered, it would be the end of me. We would be forced to flee abroad and my father would have no choice but to have Paul released from prison and restore him to his former position. Such an act would destroy this family. I cannot allow that to happen."

"Do you want to end this?"

"No, Dominic, I never said that. I just think we must exercise the proper caution."

Matthew finishes with the ointment and wipes his hands on his trousers.

"It will take some time for these bruises to fade. Is the ointment helping at all?"

"Yes, I believe so."

"Good, that is good," Matthew bites his lip, "when I saw you lying on the ground my blood ran cold. I thought that mindless oaf had killed you."

Dominic sits up.

"What if he had? Would he have been arrested?"

"No, it would have been covered up. It is a strange society that would persecute a man for a homosexual affair and let a murderer go free, but this is the world we live in. Oh, I would have made some token protest, but it would have had no effect. Lannister would have gone free. But then, in six or perhaps twelve months' time he would have become the victim of a most unfortunate accident. Unfortunate ... and fatal. Trust me, Dominic, you would not have gone unavenged."


Dominic has just returned from a visit with his sister when he meets Lord Bellamy.

"Ah, Dominic. Would you be so kind as to lend me some of your youthful strength? I cannot find Gregory and this house is too damned big, it takes forever to get from one end of it to the other."

"Of course, my lord. Where do you wish to go?"

"My study, Dominic."

The lord puts his arm around Dominic and rests most of his weight on the boy. They walk slowly through the house, but they are not even halfway to the study before they must stop so that his lordship can catch his breath.

"Are you unwell, my lord?"

"I am always unwell, Dominic. With every day that passes, this blasted gout takes another piece of me. I look at the grotesque, swollen lumps that were once my toes and I want to vomit. It is only a matter of time before I lose the ability to walk. Gregory will have to wheel me around in a bath chair and carry me up and down the stairs."

They arrive at Lord Bellamy's study and the older man releases Dominic. He opens the door and beckons the servant inside.

"Come inside, Dominic. I would speak with you."

Heart hammering in his chest, Dominic complies. Lord Bellamy lowers himself into the chair behind the desk and points to one of the empty seats. Dominic sits and tries to look unconcerned.

"I must confess I do not concern myself with the affairs of my servants and Gregory knows better than to waste my time with stories. But he came to me yesterday and told me something, a most distressing tale, concerning you and my son, Dominic."

"What kind of tale, my lord?"

"A tale of cruelty and ingratitude, my boy. If what I have heard is true, your master has forgotten everything you have done for him and given you a savage beating over some minor transgression. Is this true?"

"No, my lord, it is not."

"Your loyalty to your master is commendable, Dominic. But I wonder, is it loyalty that stills your tongue, or fear? You can speak freely. No harm will come to you, you have my word. But I must have the truth. God has already seen fit to plague me with one unthinking brute of a son. I thought Matthew was better than that. If he is not, then I need to know. Now tell me, Dominic, is what I heard true? Did your master beat you?"

"No, my lord. I was beaten, but not by your son. Another gentleman is the guilty party. Not only did my master have no hand in it, he was the one who put an end to it."

"Why did this man want to hurt you?"

"He said I laughed at him, my lord."

"Did you?"

"No, my lord, but he said I did."

"Does this man have a name?"


"Which one of the Lannisters?"

"The younger, my lord."

"I see. Well, that does explain a few things."

Lord Bellamy leans back in his chair and studies Dominic.

"I could have the doctor come and examine your injuries."

"My master already made that offer, but there is no need, my lord. I am badly bruised, that is all. I will soon heal."

"You are sure?"

"Yes, my lord."

"As you wish. You may go, Dominic."

"Thank you, my lord."


Knocking. At his door. Somone is knocking at his door. Emerging from the depths of sleep, Dominic recognises the voice of Gregory.

"Wake up, Dominic!"

Dominic stumbles over to the door and opens it. Gregory stands in the hall, half-dressed, holding a lantern.

"Your bell is ringing, Dominic. Your master wants you."

Dominic steps out and looks at the bells on the wall. There is a bell for each family servant, which their master or mistress can use to summon them. Gregory speaks the truth, Dominic's bell is ringing.

"What can he want at such a late hour?"

"I do not know, but I suggest you go and find out and be quick about it. That bloody noise is keeping us all awake."

Dominic dresses quickly and leaves his room. What can Matthew want so late? He tended to the servant's bruises earlier in the evening and then he left the house, giving Dominic the night off. The servant spent a quiet evening reading in his room before going to bed early.

Matthew is peering at a blood stain on the back of his shirt, or trying to, when Dominic enters his bedroom.

"Ah, Dominic. Help me with this, would you?"

"What happened?"

"I was attacked. Most of the men had cudgels but one of them, as you can see, had a knife," he pulls his shirt off, "I need to clean this cut, but I cannot quite reach it. I need you for that."

"I should send for the doctor."

"There is no need for that, it is just a scratch. Clean it and bandage it. Do we still have bandages in the bathroom?"

"We do."

"Good," Matthew sighs, "it would be nice if I could go an entire year without needing to wear bandages."

Dominic gets a basin of water and sets to cleaning his master's wound. It is a long cut but not deep, as Dominic discovers to his immense relief.

"Did they take all your money, Matthew?"


"The thieves, did they take all of your money?"

"Oh, I see. These were not thieves, Dominic. They were hired thugs."

"Hired by who?"

"Lannister, who else?"

"How do you know they were paid to attack you? And how do you know it was him?"

"I saw him, Dominic. He was watching and he did not even have the wit to stop his carriage somewhere in the shadows. It was right underneath a street lamp. I could see him leaning out the window and, when some constables came to my aid, I saw him beat a hasty retreat."

Dominic winds a bandage around Matthew's back and shoulder.

"This cannot be allowed to continue. I must put an end to this nonsense."


"The old way, Dominic. A dawn meeting, in a secluded spot, with pistols. That is the gentleman's way."

A cold sweat breaks out on Dominic's brow.

"But you could be killed!"

"I could, but I do not think it likely."

"But it is possible. What of your family, Matthew? What will become of them if you die?"

"I cannot let this go, Dominic. I must do something."

"Something, yes. But not this."

Matthew puts his shirt on and paces up and down the bedrooma few times before appearing to come to a sudden decision.

"I have an idea. We will wait a day or two, and then we will call on Lord Lannister."


"Yes, we. You are coming with me, Dominic."


"Tell me, Dominic, what do you think of Lord Lannister's house?"

They are seated in a small room off the front hall, waiting for the lord to grant them an audience. Dominic look around the room, taking note of all the ornaments and ornate, largely useless furniture.

"It appears to be somewhat over-decorated."

"It certainly does. This is what happens when a family has too much money and no taste."

"Your house is much easier on the eye."

"You can thank my mother for that. Much as it pains me to give that woman credit for anything, she does possess excellent taste."

A servant appears and they are shown into Lord Lannister's study. His lordship does not rise to greet them, or waste time with social pleasantries.

"Why are you here?" he asks bluntly.

"I am here because your son tried to have me killed two nights ago."

"Did he, now? If he did attack you, and I only have your word that he did, I should think it was no more than you deserved. You beat and humilated him in public, and all because he dared to give one of your servants a clip about the ear."

Matthew locks eyes with Lord Lannister.

"Dominic, please take off your coat, raise your shirt and show his lordship your back."

Dominic does as he is bid. His bruises have barely begun to fade and his back is still various shades of blue, purple and black.

"That will do, Dominic. You may wait outside."

Matthew waits until Dominic has left the room before speaking again.

"As you can plainly see, my lord, your son did more than just clip my servant about the ear, as you would have it. He beat that boy, without provocation, without mercy. I intervened and cautioned him against trying it again. The matter should have ended there, but your son refuses to let the matter drop. Now, I came here today to tell you this cannot go on. You must control your son or face the consequences."

Lord Lannister is on his feet in an instant, his face turning an unflattering shade of red.

"How dare you, sir! You presume to come into my house and threaten me? Me? I say I will not stand for it! My family is an old and respectable one. The blood of kings flows in my veins and I will not be threatened by the likes of you!"

Matthew laughs.

"You come from a long line of vulger counter-jumpers. Your father bought your title and the blood that flows in your veins is little more than rancid piss. I, on the other hand, can trace my lineage all the way back to the Norman conquest, so please do not presume to put on airs with me, my lord."

The lord's face turns an even darker shade of red and the veins in his temples are clearly visible. Matthew pretends not to notice, keeping his tone casual as he switches to another, apparently unrelated, topic.

"I understand you have suffered some financial setbacks recently, my lord. You have taken out several loans, including a rather sizeable one from my father."

Lannister drops back into his chair, all malice extinguished.

"I will make good on them."

"I am sure you will, in time. But what would you say if I told you I could have your debts called in tomorrow?"

"You cannot do that."

"That, my lord, is where you are wrong. My father already thinks lending you so much money was a serious mistake on his part, one he would not have made if he had not been preoccupied with my brother's bad behaviour. He is already tempted to call in your loan and your son's mistreatment of my servant has only served to harden his resolve. I am afraid, my lord, your son chose the wrong servant to abuse. That boy saved my life and we take a special interest in his well-being. But if my father were to learn of your son's attempt on my life, he would do more than just call in his loan. He would persuade all your creditors to do the same."

"He cannot do that!"

"He can, it would not be difficult. I have met with all of your creditors and they would love to see you ruined. You are not very popular, my lord. I cannot imagine why."

The older man's face has gone from red to white.

"What do you want from me?"

"I want an apology from your son, a public apology, and I want your personal assurance that no harm will come to me or my servant. Agree to my terms and I will persuade my father and your other creditors to stay their hands. Go against me and we will ruin you and laugh while we do it. You will lose everything, from this garish monstrosity of a house right down to the socks on your feet. What say you, my lord? Do we have a deal?"

His lordship rises and proffers a hand.

"We do."

Matthew stands and they shake hands. Lord Lannister scowls at him.

"You are a ruthless little shit. Truly, you are your father's son."

"Thank you, my lord. I will see myself out."

Matthew leaves the study and Dominic follows him out to the carriage.

"Is it over, Matthew?"

"I hope so, Dominic. We shall have to wait and see."
hannah_chapter1: (Calm)
Title: Yes Sir Part Seven
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

"This is for you, Dominic."

Dominic blinks at the parcel on the table, then at Matthew.

"A gift? Why?"

"Come now, Dominic. Surely you have not forgotten your own birthday?"

Birthday. His birthday. Of course Matthew knows the date, it is but one of the little personal details they have shared while in bed. But he never thought Matthew would remember the date, much less celebrate it.

"You did not have to do this."

"Perhaps not, but I wanted to. Now, open your gift."

Dominic tears off the paper to reveal four beautifully bound books. The smell of rich leather drifts up to him and the gold lettering gleams in the morning light. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the gift, Dominic cannot find the words to thank his master and Matthew mistakes his silence for disappointment.

"I know this is not an extravagant gift, but I thought it best to get you something you can keep in your room. But if you do not like it I could always - "

Dominic is suddenly in his arms, covering his face with kisses. Matthew laughs and draws his servant into a long, tender kiss. They part and Matthew rests his forehead against Dominic's.

"I would like nothing better than to take you to bed, Dominic. But Father is expecting me."

In these last few months Dominic has, with Matthew's most enthusiastic encouragement, become much bolder in his affections. Now he slips a hand between their bodies and cups his master.

"But Matthew, you cannot go to your father with such an unsightly bulge in your trousers. What would he think?"

Dominic kneels and unbuttons Matthew, ignoring his weak protests.

"But ... it is your birthday ... you do not have to ... oh, God...."

The master's words become moans as Dominic takes him in his mouth. The servant has become quite adept at this particular task. He knows how to draw out the pleasure and he also knows how to bring Matthew over the precipice in a matter of minutes, which he now proceeds to do. Matthew throws his head back as he loses all control and spills into Dominic's mouth. Dominic swallows it all, releases the rapidly softening prick and gets to his feet. Matthew leans against the table, eyes closed, breathing in shallow pants. He comes to his senses as Dominic pulls up his trousers and fastens them, eyes opening and fixing on his servant.

"You are a wicked boy," he gasps.

"Then you should be very proud. You have taught me well."

"I suppose I have, at that," Matthew regains his composure and straightens his clothes, "Father and I have business to conduct. We will leave within the hour and we will be out all day. I do not expect us to return until sometime after midnight. You will remain here."

"What would you have me do in your absence?"

"Nothing. Take this day and make it your own."

"You are sure?"

"I am. It is your birthday and I want you to enjoy it."

They enjoy one last kiss before parting. Dominic takes his precious bundle down to his room and places it carefully in a drawer. He goes to the kitchen, looking for his mother. She is busy rolling pastry when he finds her.

"What is it, Dominic? Does your master need something? He cannot be hungry, you only brought his breakfast up an hour ago."

"No, he does not want anything. He has gone away and given me the day off. I thought I could help you."

"Bless you my love, that is most thoughtful of you, but you would only be in the way. Men have no business in kitchens. Wait here a moment," she disappears into the depths of the kitchen and returns with a small pork pie, "here, I do not have time to fetch your gift now, it will have to wait until tonight but, in the meantime, take this along with you."

Dominic hugs her and she kisses his cheek.

"Happy Birthday, Dominic. Run along, now"

Dominic takes his pork pie and goes back to his room. He changes into old clothes and sits on the bed to eat it. The pie quickly disappears and Dominic washes his hands, making sure all the grease and dirt is gone. When he is satisfied he takes his new books and lays them on the bed. Such a beautiful gift and a thoughtful one, too: these books will aid him in his studies and he can hide them from prying eyes and avoid awkward questions. Matthew can buy him clothes and no one thinks it strange, for an unkempt servant reflects badly on any employer. But masters are not usually in the habit of buying gifts for their servants.

He picks up a book at random and turns to the front page. He reads slowly, tracing a finger along each line and reading the long, difficult words aloud, breaking them down so he can understand them. Dominic's ignorance did not trouble him when he worked below stairs but, when he entered Matthew's service, he became aware of it and, in time, ashamed of it. He has worked hard in an attempt to eradicate that feeling. Long hours of study have already begun to yield dividends. Dominic can now read most of the handbills posted around the city and, in the fullness of time, he believes he will be able to read them all.


Dominic walks down the hall towards Matthew's bedroom, his master's breakfast tray in his hands. He is almost at the door when  he hears raised voices and he recognises the shrill tones of Lady Bellamy. Dominic winces, no good can come of this. Matthew is never at his best early in the morning. He is sullen and almost completely silent until after he has washed, shaved and dressed and Dominic never attempts to engage him in conversation before he has eaten breakfast. The servant stops outside the door, unsure of what to do, as the argument rages within.

"For shame, Matthew, he is your brother!"

"He is a drunkard and a bully and, if what I have heard is true, a rapist. Why should I lift a finger to help him?"

"He did not rape that girl!"

"Only because he was interrupted, it was certainly not for lack of trying."

"Do not say such things! It was not rape, it was merely ... high spirits."

"High spirits? High spirits? If you found him standing over a corpse with a bloody knife in his hand, I expect you would explain that away as high spririts, too."

Lady Bellamy tries to defend herself. Matthew will not be interrupted.

"Do you know, when I was a boy, I  would sit and watch as you lavished all your affections on Paul and I wished you would spare even the smallest piece for me. But now I am glad you did not, for your love is a poisonous thing and I want no part of it. You destroy everything that you touch."

Dominic shifts his weight from one foot to the other and a floorboard creaks. The door opens and Dominic comes face to face with Lady Bellamy, dressed all in black, dabbing at her eyes with a hankerchief. Matthew is behind her, still in his shirtsleeves, face raw from his shave. Lady Bellamy stops dabbing at her eyes and glares at Dominic.

"My son and I are having a private conversation! How dare you spy on us! This is the last straw, boy. I will have you dismissed!"

"You will do no such thing. You tried that once before, do you not recall? You did not succeed then and you will not succeed now."

"But he is spying on me!"

"Spying? I have never heard anything so ridiculous. Dominic is my servant, he is welcome here. But you, madam, are not. I thought I had made my position clear. If you must speak to me, you send a message and wait for me to attend you. You do not come to my rooms. Are you incapable of following a simple instruction? Must I have Dominic erect a barricade in the hall to keep you out?"

Matthew turns his back on his mother.

"I have said all I wish to say to you, madam."

Lady Bellamy leaves the room and Dominic watches her drift down the hall. She looks like a small, melancholy raincloud. Matthew slumps into a chair and puts a hand over his eyes. He does not look as Dominic sets the tray on a table and closes the door. Dominic approaches his master from behind and massages his neck and shoulders, fingers kneading the tight, knotted flesh. He works in silence and the muscles slowly loosen as Matthew begins to relax. He sighs and reaches up, taking one of Dominic's hands and bringing it to his lips.

"I suppose you heard all of that."

"Most of it. Has something happened to Paul?"

"They took him off to debtor's prison yesterday."


"Yes. I must admit, I am surprised. I did not think he would last this long."

"Your mother has not taken the news well."

Matthew snorts.

"No, as you saw, she is wearing her mourning outfit. Woe is her, she has lost her only child."

"She has four children."

"Try telling her that. I do not much care, I am used to her neglect. She was not happy until she drove me out of the country, after all. But I see her ignoring my sisters and, truly, it makes my blood boil. Emily is getting married in three months' time, did I tell you that?"

"You did."

"And my mother does not care. She roams the halls, weeping and wringing her hands when she should be planning her daughter's wedding. Emily's new family has arranged everything."

"That is good of them. They must care for her."

"They care for her dowry."

Matthew rubs his eyes.

"That was mean-spirited, I should not have said that. But my mother's visit has left me in very ill temper. To come at a man before he has even had his breakfast, it is just not civilised."

"If you do not mind me saying so, Matthew, I think you need to go away from this house, even if only for a weekend. It would be good for you"

"I think you may be right. Pack me a bag and pack one for yourself. We will go north. I will shoot small, helpless animals and you can see your father. It will be a most pleasant weekend."



Dominic pushes open the door of his father's hut. The lantern is lit and a fire burns in the stove, but the shed is empty. No, not quite empty. His father's dog, Jack, is splayed out on the floor by the far wall. He raises his head at Dominic's approach, but does not get up. Dominic sits on the floor to pet him and Jack snorts and roll onto his back. His paws flail madly as Dominic scratches his belly. The hinges on the door creak as Mr. Howard shoulders his way inside, a dripping bottle of cider in either hand. He holds them up.

"I put them in a bag, tie it to a branch and let it all float in the river. It keeps the bottles nice and cold. Your master did not mind you coming away to see me?"

"No, he said I could take some time for myself, just so long as I wait on him later in the evening."

As a matter of fact, Matthew spoke at great length about his plans to commit outrageous acts of perversion on Dominic's arse and prick when he returns, but this is not the kind of thing a son can share with his father.

"That is good. Come, have a drink with me."

Dominic gets up and father and son sit at either side of the stove. Mr. Howard hands Dominic one of the bottles and Jack, put out by the lack of attention, struggles to his feet and limps over to the stove, bumping into a table leg along the way. He collapses at Dominic's feet. Mr. Howard looks down at the dog and shrugs.

"It is old age, Dominic, it cannot be helped. We all get old."

"How old is he?"

"Almost fifteen, a very good age for a dog."

"I thought you might have gotten rid of him when I did not see him this afternoon."

"No, he is no more use as a gun dog. His sight and hearing are going and he cannot run like he used to. But he is good company, so I keep him here. He is retired."

The elder Howard toys with the bottle and stares at his son. His father's scrutiny makes Dominic uncomfortable.

"What? Why do you look at me that way?"

"I was just thinking, you would sit on that floor and play with Jack when you came to visit. He was a puppy then and you were little more than a baby. Now look at you, I did not recognise you when I first laid eyes on you this afternoon, all dressed up the way you were. A right proper gentleman."

"I am no gentleman, merely a gentleman's servant."

"And one day you will be a lord's servant. You could not stay below stairs forever, and your mother and I talked of bringing you up here to learn my trade and, one day, replace me. But this new position is more than we ever could have dreamed of. Tell me, is your master a kind man? Does he treat you well?"

"He does. He is a good man."

"Then he is nothing like his brother. When I think of what he did to that poor girl - "

Mr. Howard stops and raises the bottle to his lips, drowning his word in cider. But the son will not let this rest.

"What did he do?" Dominic recalls the conversation he overheard, "did he rape her?"

"No, but that does not make it any better. He came up here, oh, it must be at least two years ago now, with the lord. He never went out shooting with the rest of the party. He stayed in his room all day."


"Yes. Then, on one of the few evenings he did come out of his room, he knocked over one of the serving girls and she spilled coffee on his shoes. It was all his fault, but he did not care. He grabbed the girl by the hair and began to beat her and he did not stop until he had broken every bone in her face."

The cider rises up in Dominic's throat and he chokes it back.

"What did Lord Bellamy say?"

"Nothing, he was not here when it happened."

"He was not told? Why? Why would you all keep such a thing to yourselves?"

"We did not have a choice. We know our place here, Dominic. It may be different for you but, up here, we do not speak to his lordship unless he speaks to us first and, even then, we tell him what he wants to hear and nothing more. And how could any of us point a finger at the man who would be our master some day? We never thought the lord would replace one son with the other. For my part, it had been so long since your master had been seen up here, I had forgotten Lord Bellamy even had another son. The older one was the one that mattered"

"What happened to the girl."

"The pain become too much to bear. She filled her coat pockets with stones and she went to the river."

A heavy silence descends. Mr. Howard takes a long drink and changes the subject.

"Your mother is well? And your aunt Ellen?"

"They are."

"And what of your sister? Have you seen Lizzie at all?"

"I went to see her last week, but I did not stay for long. Reg was there."

Dominic's brow darkens as he considers his brother-in-law. Reg was on Dominic the moment he stepped through the door, making fun of his suit, calling him "the little lord" and asking all kinds of impertinent questions: just how many times a day is Dominic called upon to wipe his master's arse? How big is his master's prick? Dominic, cautious after the incident with Milly, was forced to hold his tongue. But, in truth, Dominic can ignore Reg's jibes. His treatment of his wife, on the other hand...

"I do not like Reg," he finally admits, "I do not like the way he speaks to Lizzie."

"But you cannot interfere. What happens between a man and wife is their business and theirs alone."

"I know, but I do not like it."

Dominic spends another hour with his father, finishing his drink. Returning to the main house, he wanders unfamiliar halls, trying to remember where Matthew's room is. He finds it, knocks and enters. The master welcomes him with a smile and Dominic is soon pressed up against the wall with his trousers around his ankles and Matthew's tongue between his arsecheeks, all worries forgotten.


The hall is cold, but Dominic does not mind. This club has a kitchen and Dominic could go there, but he does not care for the place. It is rough and noisy, full of servants playing cards and gossiping about their masters. Dominic would rather wait for his master here. The servant looks up as another gentleman, too tall and broad to be Matthew, appears. Even from a distance, Dominic can smell the drink on his breath and, as he watches, the gentleman stumbles and almost drops his stick. Dominic looks away, but he is too late. The man advance on him.

"You laugh at me, boy? You dare to laugh at me? Insolent young pup."

"No sir, please sir, I was not laughing at you, I swear it."

"Insolent and a liar too, eh?" the stick catches Dominic behind the knee and he falls to the ground, "you need to be taught a lesson and I am just the man to do it."

Dominic curls into a ball as the gentleman beats him. He covers his face with his arms, but the blows rain down freely on his back, buttocks and thighs. Dominic hears footsteps, someone else has entered the hall and he prays for an end to this torment, But the stranger does not interfere and the fury of Dominic's assailant appears to increase with each blow. Dominic could die here. Why will no one help him?


Matthew's voice, cold as a March wind, cuts through the air.

"What? What did you stay to me?"

"You heard me. I told you to stop. Let the boy be."

Dominic raises his head as the other man snarls and charges at Matthew, stick raised over his head. Matthew stands his ground and, at the last moment, steps to one side and sticks out a foot. The gentleman trips and sprawls on the ground.

"Lump," Matthew sneers, "if the likes of you can be a gentleman, then there is hope for every ape in Africa."

Matthew goes on one knee beside the fallen gentleman.

"Do you see that boy on the floor?" the gentleman makes no reply and Matthew repeats the question, enunciating each word clearly. "Do. You. See. Him?"

"Yes, I see him."

"You do? Excellent! I thought perhaps you were blind as well as stupid. Now, hear me and hear me well. That boy is my servant, do you understand? My servant. My property. The next time you presume to lay your hands on something of mine will be the last time you have hands."

The master stands, glances at Dominic, then delivers three short, vicious kicks to the fallen man, two to the stomach and one to the soft parts between his legs. Matthew turns and walks away as the other man begins to vomit. He steps over Dominic without looking at him and, when he speaks, his tone is impatient.

"Get up."

Dominic struggles to his feet and follows Matthew out of the club, past all the people who have spilled out of various rooms and now stand about, gawking. They climb into the carriage and Matthew remains cold and silent, staring out the window and chewing on a knuckle. Dominic huddles in a corner, afraid to speak. Matthew has never been so cold to him. Does he blame Dominic for what just happened? Dominic tries to think. Was it his fault? Could it be so?

In the main hall of the Bellamy house Jenkins appears and takes Matthew's hat, cloak and gloves. He takes note of Dominic's dishevelled appearance and turns back to Matthew.

"Is everything alright, sir?"

"Quite alright, thank you. I have a servant to chastise, that is all. He must learn not to humiliate me in public."

"Oh sir, I must apologise for his behaviour, but I did tell you he was not trained for above stairs-"

Matthew rounds on him.

"Shut your mouth and keep your nose out of my affairs if you do not wish to share in this boy's punishment!"

Jenkins pales and slinks away. Matthew grabs the back of Dominic's collar and marches him upstairs. Someone has been in to light the lamps in the master's bedroom and Dominic stands by the door, watching Matthew as he pulls off his coat and tears impatiently at his cravat and collar. Dominic trembles and tears spill down his cheeks. Matthew faces him again and his expression softens. He reaches for Dominic and the servant cannot help himself; he shies away.

"Oh Dominic, come here. Please."

He reaches out again and Dominic goes to him. Matthew guides them over to the bed and sits on the edge with Dominic in his lap. Dominic begins to cry, sobbing into his master's neck. He hates himself for it. It is a shameful, childish thing to do and he is not a child anymore. But he cannot help himself. The sudden, savage beating and the thought of displeasing his master in some way, it is too much. Matthew puts a hand on the back of his neck and rocks him gently.

"I am sorry, Dominic," his voice splinters with anguish, "I did not want to treat you so badly but, in that situation, with other people present, I did not have a choice. Forgive me, please forgive me."

Dominic's tears finally dry up and he raises his head and tries to explain.

"I, he - "

"Shh, you do not have to say anything. This was not your fault, it was mine."

"How can that be?"

"Your attacker..."

Matthew stops and gathers his thoughts.

"Who is he?"

"He is the only son of Lord Lannister and he is, or was, one of Paul's many drinking companions. You see, Dominic, for every young man who flatters me and tries to be my friend there is another who sneers at me, calling me thief and usurper and blaming me for Paul's predicament. Young Lannister is a prominent member of this second group. He has seen you with me and he knows you are my servant. When he saw you in that hall he saw an opportunity to show me just how little he thinks of me and strike a blow for Paul. As I said, this was my fault, not yours."

"You are not angry?"

"I am angry, but not with you, Dominic, not with you."

Dominic gives voice to his greatest fear.

"You would not send me away, then?"

"No, never."

Matthew's grip tightens and Dominic yelps.

"Damn me, I did not think of your injuries!"

The master pushes the servant off his lap and stands.

"Wait here, Dominic."

Matthew leaves the room and Dominic sits on the bed. The master returns with a glass, half-full of some dark liquid.

"Here, drink this."

"What is it?"

"Brandy. I do not share my brother's love of alcohol, but it has its uses. This will calm your nerves and help with the pain."

Dominic takes the glass and emties it in three long swallows. Heat blossoms on his stomach and spreads out through the rest of his body. Matthew takes the glass away and pulls the servant up.

"Take your clothes off, I need to see what he did to you."

Dominic undresses and lies face down on the bed. Matthew gasps: every last inch of Dominic's back is covered in bruises and raised welts.

"Oh, Dominic..."

Matthew reaches out a hand to touch Dominic's back, then thinks better of it, stroking the servant's hair instead.

"You took care of me when I was hurt, now I will take care of you. You will sleep here tonight."

Dominic protests.

The other servants will - "

"The other servants can go hang. Tell them I forced you to sleep on the floor as a punishment."

Dominic can hear Matthew moving around the bathroom. The master returns to his side and runs a wet cloth over his back. Dominic sighs as the cloth soothes his bruised, burning skin. Matthew takes the wet cloth away and comes back with a dry one and the blue ointment jar. He pats Dominic dry and applies the ointment. It soaks into Dominic's skin as Matthew takes off his cloths. In bed Dominic lies in his master's arms, face pressed against Matthew's neck. Matthew kisses the top of his head.

"You are safe now, Dominic. I will never let anyone hurt you again."

hannah_chapter1: (Daria)
Title: Yes Sir Part Six
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

Dominic clears his throat to get his master's attention. Matthew has been staring at the ceiling, lost in his own thoughts, but he turns his head at the sound.

"What is it, Dominic?"

"The doctor is downstairs, sir."

"Is he, now?"

"Yes. He asked me to tell you that if you do not keep your tongue civil this time he will cut the offending organ right out of your head."

Matthew makes a rude noise.

"Very well. Show him up and then wait outside. I will try to be polite but I promise nothing."

The doctor is shown up and shuts himself up in Matthew's bedroom. Waiting outside, Dominic amuses himself by walking up and down the hall. The doctor finally emerges from the bedroom. He stops at the threshold and delivers a parting shot.

"For the love of all that is good, Matthew, clean yourself up! I have known East End whores that smell better than you do."

The medical man makes a swift exit, paying no mind to the insults emanating from Matthew's bedroom. The master is still muttering to himself when Dominic returns to his side. Matthew runs his good hand over the stubble on his jaw.

"Tell me, Dominic, and please be truthful, do I smell as bad as all that?"

"You are somewhat ripe, sir. You have been in bed for over a week, after all, and if I may be blunt, I believe you may have had an accident while you slept, more than one, perhaps."

Matthew raises the blanket, sniffs and makes a disgusted face.

"I think you are right. How did I not notice this?"

"You were sedated for the better part of three days, sir, and when that wore off you were already accustomed to the smell."

"Then I shall do as the old coot suggests and wash."

"Shall I prepare your bath then, sir?"


When the bath is ready Dominic helps his master into the bathroom, for Matthew has not stood on his own two feet for quite some time. Matthew sits on the edge of the bath and Dominic removes the bandages around his torso. The servant's eyes widen when his master's injuries are revealed. The bruises have only just begun to fade and the proof of Paul's brutality is plain to see. Dominic helps Matthew into the bath, taking care not to jostle his injured hand. Matthew sighs as the hot water goes to work on his body and Dominic picks up a cloth and washes his master's back, making a special effort to be gentle.

"When we are done here, Dominic, I will dress and go down to my sitting room."

"Very good, sir. Shall I bring your dinner to you there or would you prefer to dine with your family?"

"I will dine in my rooms. If I must continue to suffer the indignity of having my food cut up and fed to me then I shall do it in private. And I do not wish to share a table with that woman."

Dominic does not need to ask who 'that woman' is.

"She gives me the coldest looks whenever our paths cross, sir."

"That does not surprise me. She went to Father about you, you know. She wanted him to dismiss you and not just you, any and all members of your family serving in this house. She wanted you gone."

The servant drops the cloth.

"Do not take on so, Dominic. You and your loved ones have nothing to fear. You saved my life and Father will not forget that. I will not forget that. I will not let anyone take you away from me."

Dominic retrieves the cloth and washes beneath Matthew's armpits.

"Does every member of your family serve mine, Dominic?"

"My sister does not, but the rest of us do. My mother is one of the cooks, my aunt is a chambermaid and my father is a gamekeeper on your father's northern estate."

"Is he, indeed? I must go up there some weekend and do some shooting. Do you see him often?"

"As often as his duties allow, sir."

Dominic runs the cloth over Matthew's chest and stomach, private parts and legs.

"Does the cut on your head need to be cleaned and dressed, sir?"

"No, it has already been taken care of."

"Then, sir, if you will lay back a little, I will wash your hair."

When his hair is clean Matthew fingers his stubble again.

"I do not trust my left hand with a razor, Dominic, but this growth is irritating. Do you think you could shave me?"

"I will do my best, sir."

Dominic takes a chair from the bedroom and places it beside the bath. He gathers the materials he needs and sets to work, spreading the soap over Matthew's cheeks and chin. The angle is awkward so he works slowly and carefully as he guides the blade over his master's face. He finishes and surveys his handiwork with no small amount of pride: he did not raise so much as one drop of bood.

Matthew emerges from the bath and Dominic takes a towel and pats him dry.

"The doctor left fresh bandages, sir. Does your chest need to be wrapped up again?"

"Yes, but not just yet. There should be a blue jar there on the shelf by the basin."

The servant finds the jar and sniffs the lid.

"What is this?"

"It is ointment, I purchased it in Vienna. The merchant told me it would soothe all aches and pains but I have not had cause to use it until now."

Dominic applies the ointment and wraps fresh bandages around Matthew's torso. When Matthew is fully dressed he pulls Dominic into a loose, one-armed embrace.

"Thank you, Dominic. Thank you for taking care of me."

"You are more than welcome, sir."

They go down to Matthew's sitting room and the master frowns at the carpet.

"I seem to remember this carpet being a different colour."

"It had to be replaced, sir. The blood would not come out."

"I see."

Matthew takes a chair by the window.

"Shall I bring you some tea, sir?"

"Yes, thank you, Dominic. And could you have someone sent up to my bedroom? It needs airing and the linen needs to be changed."

"I will take care of it directly, sir."

Dominic returns with the the tea tray. Matthew has a book in his lap and he turns the pages idly as Dominic sets the tray on a table.

"Reading has always been one of my favourite occupations. Do you like to read, Dominic? Do you have a favourite book?"

The boy's stomach ties itself into knots. He has succeeded in keeping his ignorance secret these many months but he should have known this day would come.

"No sir, I do not have a favourite book. I, I cannot read, sir. I have never learned."

Shame weighs him down and he hangs his head. He hears Matthew moving about but does not look up until two fingers under his chin force him to. His master's eyes are kind, his voice gentle.

"It is nothing to be ashamed of, Dominic. I do not think any less of you. Please believe me when I tell you education and intellectual ability are not the same thing. Look at my brother, he has had the finest education money can buy and what benefits has he reaped?"

Matthew's lips twist into a sardonic smile.

"He engaged a lawyer to fight Father's decision, did I tell you that?"

"He did?"

"Oh yes, and then he sent the bill to Father. So you see, Dominic, all the education in the world is useless if a man is a natural-born fool. But you are no fool, Dominic, of that I am certain."

Matthew stares off into the middle distance for a few moments before turning his attention back to his servant

"I could teach you to read."

Dominic begins to answer but a finger on his lips silences him.

"Do not say yes just to please me, Dominic. Say yes only if you really want to learn."

Dominic does not hesitate.

"I would like to learn, sir, if you are willing to teach me."

"I am."

Matthew is as good as his word. As the weeks pass he devotes at least two hours every day to Dominic's schooling. He spends the rest of his time prowling around the house, unwilling to venture outside while his injuries are still healing. Dominic is forever at his master's side, acting as his right hand. They often pass Milly as they walk about, but they take no notice of her. They do not mark how carefully she watches them or the cold, calculating look in her eye.


On his hands and knees, Dominic moans as his master thrusts into him again and again. Oh, how he has missed this, the feel of his master's thick, blood-gorged flesh moving deep within him. Matthew stills for a moment and yanks on Dominic's hair, pulling his head up and around and pressing their lips together. Then he releases Dominic and resumes his furious thrusting. Dominic has almost, but not quite, reached his apex when Matthew reaches his. The master bites down on Dominic's shoulder as he empties himself inside him. He pulls out and flips Dominic onto his back. The boy can feel his toes curl as his master sucks his prick. Dominic soon finds his release, arching his back as Matthew drinks him down. He swallows everything Dominic has to give and crawls up the servant's body, peppering his flesh with kisses and small bites. Their tongues meet in a perfectly obscene way and Dominic can taste himself in Matthew's mouth. The kiss ends and Dominic brushes some hair out of Matthew's eyes.

"I do believe you are fully recovered, sir."


"Sir? I do not understand."

"When we are in company you must observe the usual formalities. But when we are alone, I want you to call me by my given name."

"As you wish, s - Matthew."

Matthew runs a hand over Dominic's flank.

"I have missed this."

"As have I. I have missed touching you."

Matthew's voice is playful.

"You touched me every day, Dominic."

"Helping you bathe and dress does not count."

Matthew's only response is a laugh. They lie together in companionable silence and Dominic is on the verge of sleep when Matthew speaks again.

"Now that my wounds have healed I will be spending a considerable amount of time with Father."

"You will?"

"Yes, he is grooming me to succeed him but that is not enough. He must be seen to be grooming me to succeed him. Paul's behaviour reflected badly on my father and his professional repuation. How can a man be trusted in matters of business when he cannot even govern his own son? Disinheriting Paul was a step in the right direction but it was only the beginning."

"Paul has been left completely to his own devices, then?"

"He has. He is no longer Father's heir, so he receives no money and Father is refusing to honor his debts. Mother would help him if she could, but her wings have been clipped. She cannot communicate with Paul and she cannot send him money."

"What will Paul do now?"

"I expect he will go to debtors' prison when what little money he has runs out. I know I sound cold and heartless but I cannot bring myself to care. My brother's fate is unimportant, the restoration of my father's reputation is my only concern."

Dominic lies there, taking it all in.

"You will have less free time, then."

"Yes, but do not worry, Dominic. We will still have time for this and for your lessons. I will always have enough time for you."


Dominic is on his way to his room when Milly approaches him.

"I would speak with you, Dominic."

"I am busy, Milly. Leave me alone."

"You should mind your manners, Dominic, if you do not want me to tell everyone exactly what it is you do with your precious master."

Dominic stops in his tracks.

"How did you know?"

Milly's expression is one of pure, poisonous triumph.

"You just told me. It is true that I had my suspicions before now. I saw the look on your face when you pulled me away from him that night in his room. I know that look well, I have worn it myself. But I had no proof until now, when I heard it from your own lips."

"What do you want from me?"

She touches his cheek and he flinches away.

"I want many things, Dominic, but now is not the time to discuss them. I will come to your room at midnight and then we will talk about all the things I want."

She leaves him there and Dominic leans against the wall, feeling sick and faint. The feelings pass and he goes in search of his master, finding him in Lord Bellamy's study. Father and son are sitting at a desk, discussing various papers lying there. Dominic tries to hide his agitation but Matthew takes note of it and excuses himself. In the safety of Matthew's rooms Dominic tells the sorry tale, all of it. Matthew's nostrils flare and his hands clench into fists but his voice is calm.

"Do not concern yourself, Dominic. I will deal with this."


"Do as the girl told you and meet her in your room tonight and you will see."

Matthew leaves the house shortly after this conversation. Dominic does not accompany him and does not see him again until just before midnight, when he comes to Dominic's room. He winks and places himself behind the door. Milly appears exactly at midnight. She enters the room and Matthew steps out from behind the door. Her expression, when she lays eyes on the master, is priceless. She rounds on Dominic.

"You little sneak."

"Shut up," Matthew advances on her and she thrusts out her chin defiantly.

"How dare you speak to me like that. Who are you to set yourself above me? You are a pervert and a sodomite."

Her insults amuse Matthew.

"Those are awfully big words for such a little girl, and a girl who does not know her place at that. As to your accusations, how do you know I am either of these things? What proof do you have?"

She points at Dominic.

"He admitted it."

"Yes? Did anyone else hear him say this? How can you prove he said anything at all?"

Milly's face is an education, Dominic can almost see the wheels turning in her head as she tries to reason her way out of her predicament. Then her shoulders slump in defeat and Matthew takes complete control of the situation.

"Breathe a word of this to anyone and it will not go well for you. If I am in good humour I will laugh in your face. I will dismiss your story as the malicious lies of a spurned woman. I will say you tried to seduce me in an attempt to become pregnant with my child and extort money from me, just as you did with the son of your last employer. Oh yes, my girl, I know all about that situation."

"You lie! It was not like that!"

"Perhaps not, but it hardly matters. I spoke with him earlier this evening and he will tell the story I want him to. We are both gentlemen, after all."

Matthew's voice is cold now.

"This is what will happen if I am in good humour. If I am not I will dismiss your accusations as the ravings of a madwoman and I will have you thrown in an asylum."

"You cannot do that!"

"I can and quite easily, too. You have heard the stories about those places I am sure. If you are not careful you will experience them at first hand."

Tears begin to roll down Milly's face. Matthew is not moved.

"Do not play games with men, little girl, you will get hurt," Matthew becomes brisk and businesslike, "now, I want you out of this house and away from Dominic, but I also want you somewhere I can keep an eye on you. We are in luck, for it just so happens that one of Charlotte's friends needs a personal maid. I have made all the arrangements. Pack your things in the morning, a carriage will come for you at eleven."

The master sits on the edge of Dominic's bed.

"I want to make one thing quite clear to you. This position is not a reward for your behaviour. Your new mistress is quite the demanding young lady and she possesses a wickedly sharp tongue. But you will stay by her side and serve her to the best of your ability and never complain. I will be watching you and if you misbehave or become too talkative I will bring you low. Do you understand?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, sir."

"That is better. You may go."

Milly fairly flees the room and Dominic watches her go. Matthew stands and places his hands on his servant's shoulders.

"Do you pity her, Dominic?"

"I do. You were quite severe with her."

"I suppose I was, but I had to be. She would have ruined us both. She brought this on herself, Dominic, remember that."

"I know she did and yet I cannot help but pity her."

"I know, you have a kind heart, Dominic."

They embrace for a moment before Matthew returns to his own room.

Milly leaves the following morning and Dominic stands in Matthew's bedroom, giving a full account.

"What of the other servants, Dominic? What do they think of her sudden departure?"

"They were surprised to learn of her new position, but they were not sorry to see her go. She was not popular."

"No, I do not imagine she was."

"I am sorry about all of this, Matthew."

"This was not your fault."

"It was. I should not have handled her so roughly that night."

"Why did you, then?"

"I was ... jealous. I do not know why I thought this, but I thought you might wake and see her there and then you would want her and cast me aside."

"I would never cast you aside, Dominic, and certainly not for the likes of her."

Matthew pulls Dominic into a tight embrace.

"You are the one I want, Dominic. You and only you."

hannah_chapter1: (atlas)
Title: Yes Sir Part Five
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

Dominic kneels beside his master and tries to rouse him. Matthew does not respond and Dominic fears the worst. But then he sees Matthew's chest rise and fall and he is almost light-headed with relief. His master is alive. But he is still bleeding. Dominic opens his own coat, tears off a piece of his shirt and presses it against the wound. The white cloth becomes crimson as blood continues to flow from the cut.

The stableboys are trying to drag Paul out of the room. He is resisting them, dragging his heels and cursing violently. Gregory stands with his arms folded, watching the spectacle and calling instructions to the stableboys, struggling to make himself heard over Paul's angry, hectoring shouts. This task has captured all his attention and Matthew's stricken state has escaped his notice. The stableboys finally succeed in removing Paul from the room. Gregory is about to follow them about when Dominic calls to him.

"Gregory, help me. My master is hurt."

Kneeling beside them, Gregory gently pulls Dominic's hand away from the wound. He hisses in a breath.

"He needs a doctor. We must get him up to his room."

His shirt is already ruined, so Dominic tears off another piece and ties it around Matthew's head, a crude bandage. Gregory looks on in approval.

"Good thinking, lad. Take his arms and help me get him upstairs. Careful, now! He might be hurt inside."

Gregory takes Matthew's legs and, working carefully and as quickly as they dare, they bring him to his room and lay him on his bed. Gregory withdraws and Dominic fetches a cloth and a basin of water from the bathroom. He places the basin on the table by the bed and washes Matthew's face, wiping away dried blood and spittle. Matthew stirs and his eyes open for the briefest of moments before closing again. Dominic removes his master's coat, cravat and collar and Matthew mutters what might be the first syllable of Dominic's name. The servant leans in until his lips are almost touching Matthew's ear.

"Can you hear me, sir?"

Matthew remains silent and still, so Dominic brings the basin back into the bathroom and empties it. He has just returned to Matthew's side when he hears Gregory's heavy footfalls in the hall outside. The older man re-enters the bedroom, red-faced and panting.

"All this running about will be the death of me, I am not as young as I was. Tell me, did your master wake while I was gone?"

"He opened his eyes for a moment. He tried to say something."

"Did he know you?"

"I think he did but I cannot say for certain."

"I see."

"Is that good?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not. We shall see when the doctor gets here. Now, be a good lad and stay with your master while I go and speak with mine."

Dominic does as he is bid, dragging a chair to Matthew's bedside. Matthew is beginning to stir again when the doctor bustles in and orders Dominic out into the hall. Kneeling outside the bedroom door, Dominic presses his ear to the keyhole. He can hear the doctor, speaking softly and his master's voice, raised in weak protest. Dominic shoves his ear even closer to the hole, trying to hear more. He is suddenly aware of a new sound: Lord Bellamy's walking stick, thumping along the carpet. Dominic stands and moves away from the door as Matthew's father turns the corner into the hall. His lordship is afflicted with gout and he shuffles slowly down the hall, mouth set in a grim line, eyes fixed on the carpet ahead of him. He brushes past Dominic without a word.

Matthew's younger sisters. Charlotte and Emily, peer cautiously around the corner. When they see Dominic looking at them they blush and withdraw. Dominic sits on the floor with his back against the wall. All of his orders come from Matthew and, with his master laid low, he cannot think of anything else to do. He leans forward, rests his cheek and waits for someone to come along and tell him what to do. Dominic has no watch and he soon loses track of time. But, by the time Lord Bellamy leaves Matthew's room he has cramps in his legs and feet.

"You, boy. Come here."

Dominic gets up, wincing as the blood rushes back to his feet, and stands before Lord Bellamy.

"What is your name, boy?"

"Dominic, my lord."

"You will sit with my son, Dominic."

"Yes, my lord."

"If his condition worsens, send for the doctor immediately."

"I will, my lord."

"Get to it. I will return presently."

Lord Bellamy limps away and Dominic steps inside. The doctor, a portly man with a kind face and bushy white eyebrows, is closing a black bag.

"Come in, my boy. Well, your master has had a rough time of it today."

"Will he recover?"

"Oh yes, but it will take some time. He took quite a bit of damage. His right wrist is broken, along with two of his fingers and two of his ribs. But these are minor conveniences when set against that cut on his head. He lost some blood, but he would have lost a good deal more if not for that bandage. Was that your doing?"


"Then you are to be commended. You saved your master's life."

Matthew has lain silent and unmoving during this conversation. The doctor sees the concern in Dominic's face and laughs.

"He cannot hear us. I filled him up with laudanum to ease his pain and make him sleep. Didn't I, Matthew?" the medical man shouts directly into Matthew's face and gets no reaction, "That is what I do to patients who struggle and threaten me."

The doctor shakes his head.

"Your master has always been a bad patient. When he was a boy, he would hide under his bed when I came to see him."

"You have known him since he was a boy?"

"I held him when he was a baby. I have served the Bellamys for more years than I care to remember."

"Do you know Paul?"

A frown darkens the doctor's features.

"Oh yes, I know Paul."

"Who is he?"

"He is Matthew's brother. He is the older son."

The doctor leaves and Dominic sits by Matthew's bed, the bed where they have shared so many hours of pleasure. Matthew looks so small and fragile as he lies there and Dominic wishes he could crawl into bed and cradle his master in his arms, or even just hold his uninjured hand. But someone could walk in at any time and so Dominic does neither of these things. The light bleeds out of the room as the night draws on. Dominic is drawing the curtains and lighting the lamps when Lord Bellamy returns. Dominic watches him bend over his son and brush a stray lock of hair away from Matthew's forehead.

"How is he?"

"The same, my lord."

Dominic's stomach begins to growl, the sound clearly audible in the quiet bedroom. Dominic blushes furiously as Lord Bellamy turns to face him.

"You have missed dinner,"

"It does not matter, my lord."

I will have the kitchen prepare something for you."

"Thank you, my lord."

His lordship waves a dismissive hand. Here, in the privacy of his son's room, Lord Bellamy is not as harsh and forbidding as he seems in public. He does not go quite so far as to treat Dominic as an equal, but his voice is slightly softer and the blue eyes he shares with his son are a little kinder.

"You cannot go hungry. I need you to stay with Matthew tonight, Dominic."

"Of course, my lord."

"I would do it myself but I am afraid certain matters require my immediate attention. I must put my house in order."

Dominic knows better than to press for details. Lord Bellamy is as good as his word and a serving girl soon arrives with a tray. Dominic's heart sinks when he sees the girl in question: it is Milly. Serving girls are not in short supply - why, then, did it have to be her? Milly puts the tray on the table by the bed.

"This is your master?"


Dominic waits for the girl to leave but she does not. She steps closer to the bed and, as Dominic looks on in horror, snatches back the bedclothes, exposing Matthew's bare, bandaged chest. She reaches out a hand to touch him and all of Dominic's reservations about raising his hand to girls burn away in a white-hot blaze of jealousy.

"Get away from him!"

He grabs her by the shoulders, pulling her away from Matthew and throwing her to the floor. She stares up at him, her eyes narrowed to slits, and Dominic tries to correct his mistake.

"Lord Bellamy told me to watch over his son. What do you think he would say if he came in and caught you doing that?"

Milly picks herself off the floor.

"I was just curious. You did not have to be so rough."

Dominic knows he should smooth things over with an apology, but he cannot quite bring himself to make one. The words stick in his throat, so he turns his back on the girl.

"You can leave now."

He can feel her eyes burning a hole in his back, but he will not face her. He finally hears her walk away and the sound of the bedroom door shutting. Matthew has remained insensible through all of this, but Dominic can see him shivering in his sleep, a slight frown creasing his brow. The servant draws the bedclothes back up and Matthew is still and quiet again. Dominic turns his attention to the food Milly brought: a plate piled high with bread, meat and cheese and a pot of coffee. The confrontation with the girl has tied his stomach into knots and Dominic must force himself to eat and drink.

The sun is not long risen when Matthew wakes. He raises his arm as if to fend someone off.

"Get your hands off me, you miserable old fraud!"

He comes to his senses and sees Dominic sitting by his bed.

"Where is the awful man with the sharp, prying instruments?"

"The doctor left yesterday evening, sir."

"I see."

"How do you feel, sir?"

"Everything hurts."

Matthew examines himself, assessing the damage. When he is done he looks up at Dominic.

"You spent the night by my bed?"

"I did, sir."

Matthew hold up his uninjured hand and Dominic takes it.

"Thank you."

Dominic squeezes Matthew's hand gently.

"I should have remained at your side when Paul came. I could have helped you."

A look of alarm crosses Matthew's face.

"No, Dominic, you should not. If Paul would do this to his brother, what do you think he would do to a servant foolish enough to get in his way?"

Their conversation is interrupted by the sound of the bedroom door handle turning. Dominic releases Matthew's hand just as Lord Bellamy appears in the doorway. Matthew acknowledges his father with a nod, then turns his attention to Dominic.

"You can leave us, Dominic. Take yourself off to bed."

Dominic takes the empty tray back down to the kitchen. Some of the other servants are just finishing breakfast and they fall upon him like a pack of wolves, bombarding him with questions until his mother rescues him and he is allowed to escape to his room. When he worked below stairs, Dominic shared a room with three other boys. But the family's personal servants get rooms of their own and, on this particular morning, Dominic is glad of it. There is no one to disturb him. He takes off his coat and shoes, crawls into bed and falls into a dreamless sleep.

He is woken, some hours later, by a hand shaking his shoulder. It is his mother, kneeling by his bed with a bowl of water.

"You are wanted upstairs, Dominic. Make yourself presentable and come along to the kitchen."

"Yes, Mum."

She leaves and Dominic washes himself, changes into a fresh suit and combs his hair. He examines his reflection in the tiny mirror on the wall and sighs. He loves being Matthew's servant - but life was easier when he did not have to take so much time and trouble over his appearance. When he arrives in the kitchen his mother thrusts a tray into his hands.

"Bring this soup to your master."

Lord Bellamy is still sitting by his son's bed. He rises as Dominic enters the room. The servant and the lord pass each other by and his lordship stops, about to say something. But then he shakes his head and limps out of the room. Matthew watches this little comedy of manners with a faint smile on his lips.

"Father is impressed with you, Dominic, even if he cannot admit it. I am afraid it is not in his nature to praise servants."

Dominic shrugs and brings the tray over. He helps Matthew sit up and slides a pillow behind his back before placing the tray on his master's laps. Matthew picks up the spoon in his left hand and promptly drops it. Dominic picks up the spoon and bowl and begins to feed him.

"This is most undignified," Matthew grumbles between mouthfuls. Dominic ignores him and Matthew soon settles down, allowing himself to be fed. Dominic has just taken the tray away and placed it on the table when Lady Bellamy walks into the room. Matthew's entire body becomes rigid at the sight of her.

"Get out of here. You are not welcome," he hisses through clenched teeth.

She stands her ground.

"I must speak with you Matthew, and I will not leave until I have had my say."

Matthew lunges forward and almost falls out of bed. Dominic grips his shoulders but Matthew does not notice.

"Out, out OUT! Get out of my bedroom, you meddling bitch!"

Dominic tries to push Matthew back against the pillow.

"Please sir, you must calm down. You will hurt yourself."

"I want her out of here, Dominic. Make her leave."

Dominic takes his hands off Matthew's shoulders and turns to Lady Bellamy, spreading his hands in a helpless gesture.

"My master wants you to leave, my lady."

She draws herself up to her full height, trying to intimidate Dominic.

"How dare you! I will not be ordered about by a servant."

"I am not ordering you about, my lady, I am telling you what my master wants. If you do not wish to leave I cannot force you."

Dominic makes as if to leave the room and Lady Bellamy blocks his path.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"I am going to find Lord Bellamy and tell him about this."

Lady Bellamy flinches when her husband is mentioned. She gives her son one last cold look before sweeping out of the room in a rustle of silk. Dominic settles his master back against the pillow. Matthew is sweating, his face contorted with pain.

"I think I should fetch the doctor, sir."

"No, I do not want him."

"But you are in pain, sir."

"That is easily remedied. Go to Gregory and ask him to mix some laudanum and water. He does it for Father all the time."

The servant does as his master asks and is soon handed a glass with a foul-smelling concoction in it. He brings it back to the bedroom and Matthew drinks half of it. He lies back and stares at the celing for awhile. When he speaks his voice is quiet and contemplative.

"Do you have brothers, Dominic?"

"No, sir. I have an older sister, she works in another house alongside her husband."

"You are close to your mother?"


"I am not. The children of the upper classes rarely are. We are raised by nannies and do not see much of our mothers. You are frowning, Dominic. Do you disapprove?"

"It sounds very cold and unfeeling, sir."

"I suppose it does but it is not always a bad thing. My mother is living proof of that. She insisted on looking after Paul herself, only passing him off to the nanny when she had to. He is the first child, the important one, but Mother went too far. She spoiled him, gave in to his every whim and spent hours upon hours telling him how special and perfect he was. Is it any wonder, then, that Paul grew to believe the world and everything in it was there to serve him?"

Matthew sits up and gesture for the glass. Dominic passes it to him and he takes another couple of mouthfuls.

"Well, as you can imagine, the birth of another son, a rival, did not sit well with either one of them and they were never shy when it came to expressing their displeasure. I spent my childhood trying to fade into the background. But I always outshone Paul."


"Paul is stupid, a lumbering, semi-literate dolt. Now, in most aristocratic families, this would not be a disadvantage. But the Bellamys have always prized intellect above all other attributes. My father needs an heir who will be successful in business, someone who can increase the family fortune, as each successive head of our family has done."

"And that is not Paul."

"No, that is me and my father knows it. He has always preferred me to Paul and this has never sat well with my mother. She resented me for taking attention away from her precious firstborn. It was her idea to send me to be educated abroad, she wanted to get rid of me. When Father would not hear of it she made my life so unpleasant I begged him to let me go."

Matthew sounds so lost and lonely and Dominic's heart aches for him. He strokes his master's cheek, giving what little comfort he can as Matthew goes on.

"And so I went away, only returning occasionally to see my father and my sisters. Everyone had what they wanted. I was far away from the tyranny of my mother and brother and Paul finally had the stage all to himself."

"Why did you return?"

"Paul grew up wild and, in recent years, he has turned to drink. He resists all my father's efforts to control his drinking and really, why should that surprise anyone? It is typical Bellamy arrogance: if we do something, it cannot be wrong. This is why my father continues to indulge in rich food and drink even as it destroys his body, this is why I see no wrong in sharing my bed with men. And Mother stands there, calmly fanning the flames, defending Paul from all criticism and making a bad situation worse."

Matthew takes some more laudanum.

"Father was always generous with Paul's allowance, at Mother's insistence. But it ran through his fingers like water and he took to stealing trinkets from the house and selling them. He has started fights in public, destroyed property and done all he can to shame our family. Father finally had enough. He told Paul he was no longer welcome in this house and he brought me home."

"He wants you to be the heir?"

The master sighs.

"Yes. I did not want it to come to this. I had hoped, in these last few months, that Paul would mend his ways and I could leave this wretched country and return to the Continent."

His words are a dagger in Dominic's heart and he struggles to keep his voice light.

"Where would you go?"

"Paris to begin with. I think you would like Paris, Dominic."

"I would?"

Matthew smiles.

"Did you think I would leave you behind, Dominic? I would not dream of it. You are mine, you go where I go."

The glass is empty now. Matthew hands it back to Dominic and lies down again.

"But Paul will not be steered from his course and he left my father with no choice but to disinherit him and make me his heir. The papers were drawn up three days ago and Father planned to visit Paul at the end of the week and tell him."

"This is why your mother wanted to see you?"

"Yes. Her precious Paul must be the next Lord Bellamy and that is all there is to it. She spent hours wooing me, wheezing on the coals, begging me to persuade Father to change his mind. But what I did not know, what my father did not know, was that she had already sent a man to Paul, urging him to come back and defend his birthright and now you know why I cannot bear the sight of her. She put me in this bed. Paul struck the blow, but she guided his fists."

Matthew laughs, a brittle, hopeless sound.

"My mother understands nothing. She accuses me of plotting to steal my brother's title. But I do not want to be Lord Bellamy. I never did. But I cannot stand by and let Paul destroy my family and all it stands for. He could do it; our fortune is large but everything has a limit. After a few years with my brother as the head of our family we would be nothing but blue-blooded paupers. I will not allow it."

Matthew's eyes have been drooping through this last speech as the laudanum takes hold. Now they close completely and his breathing slows as he relaxes into sleep. Dominic places the empty glass on the tray next to the bowl and settles back in his chair. Matthew sleeps the afternoon away and Dominic remains by his side, watching over him.


hannah_chapter1: (Belleville)
Title: Yes Sir Part Four
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

This new serving girl will not stay long. This is Dominic's opinion, anyway. She is loud, talkative and has rather a high opinion of herself. She left her last position under a cloud. An affair with the son of her employer did not end well and she has spent her brief time in the Bellamy household airing her grievances to all and sundry:

"Masters and masters' sons are all the same, take my word for it. Oh, they talk pretty when it suits them and they promise you the moon. But do not be fooled, all they care about is their own pleasure. All take and no give, that is the way of it. And when they have had their fill you are cast off while they move onto fresh conquests."

This is not appropriate dinner conversation and Dominic can see his mother and his aunt Ellen tutting in disapproval. He keeps his eyes on his plate and ignores the girl as best he can. But he must have caught her eye for she accosts him in the passage outside the kitchen later that evening, pressing him up against the wall. He could overpower her easily enough but Dominic would never dream of raising his hand to a woman. She flutters her eyelashes.

"You are a well-turned out young man and no mistake. What is your name?"


"I am Milly. Would you like to come along to my room? I have one to myself and I could teach you a few things."

"What kind of things?"

Milly giggles and jiggles her bosoms in a fetching manner but Dominic is not fetched.

"Oh look at you, so innocent, it is too adorable for words. Well, I could show you something else you can do with your prick besides let piss out of it. What do you think of that?"

"My mother would disapprove."

"How would she find out?"

"She is standing behind you."

Startled, Milly whirls around. Dominic spoke the truth: Mrs. Howard is standing there with a rolling pin in her hand and murder in her eyes. Milly blushes furiously and beats a hasty retreat.

"Run, you little tart," Mrs. Howard calls after her, "and keep your hands off my son!"

She faces Dominic.

"Stay away from her, Dominic. She is more trouble than she is worth."

"I will, Mum."

"That goes for all the serving girls, my lad. I know you are at a curious age and I suppose I cannot stop you partaking of certain pleasures. But promise me you will not become involved with any girl in this household. It almost always leads to disaster."

"I promise. I will not become involved with any girl in this household, Mum, of that you can be sure."


Milly keeps her distance after that but Dominic finds himself thinking about what she said about masters and how they are all the same. There may be some truth to what she says but Dominic does not, cannot, believe all masters are alike. His master is better than that, Dominic is sure of it. He is generous in bed, does not selfishly seek his own pleasure at the expense of Dominic's. And he seems to genuinely enjoy spending time with Dominic. No, not all masters are alike.


Matthew lies on his back and Dominic lies on his side, resting his chin on his hand, listening to his master speak. Matthew falls silent and looks at Dominic thoughtfully. Dominic stirs uneasily.

"Is something wrong, sir?"

"You were listening to me."

"Of course, sir."

"Very few people do."

"Your friends do not listen?"

Matthew snorts.

"My friends, as you call them, are a bunch of ill-mannered dunderheads. They seek my company because they are impressed by my father's wealth, not because they like me. They do not listen, they just sit around and wait for an opportunity to speak, although I cannot imagine anyone ever wanting to hear anything they have to say, for they have all the intellectual ability of a turnip. Believe me, Dominic, you are worth ten of any one of them."

He pulls Dominic to him and their lips meet. But then the door handle rattles.


It is Lady Bellamy. Matthew curses and fairly leaps out of bed. He walks over to the door and slaps it angrily.

"Go away!"

"Why have you locked your door?"

"To keep out annoying females who have no business anywhere near my rooms."

"What are you doing in there?"

"I am fucking my manservant up the arse, Mother."

"I do wish you would not use such vulgar language, Matthew, you know I do not like it."

"I know and I do not care."

"Kindly stop doing whatever it is that you are really doing and come to my parlor, would you, dear? I would speak with you."

"Go to Hell, woman."

"I will be waiting, Matthew."

They can hear her footsteps retreating down the hall. Matthew stamps back to the bed. He flops on his back and glares up at the ceiling. Dominic reaches out and places a hand on Matthew's chest. The touch has the desired effect and some of the tension drains out of Matthew's body. He covers Dominic's hand with his own and sighs.

"You would not speak to your mother like that, would you, Dominic?"

"Certainly not, sir. She would roast me over a slow fire if I did."

Matthew smiles.

"I know I was rough with her but I have my reasons."

He does not elaborate and Dominic knows better than to pursue the matter. Matthew shifts slightly and Dominic expects he will get up and go to his mother. But then he pushes Dominic onto his back and captures the boy's lips with his own. Dominic moans, already aroused.

"Sir," he gasps as Matthew's lips blaze a hot trail down his throat, "your mother wants you to go to her."

"She does. But I would much rather stay here and sport with you."

"She ... she is waiting."

"Let her wait. I will not go to her immediately and she knows this. And I have been struck with an urgent desire to feel your hand tugging on my prick."

Dominic feels his master's fingers on his prick and he reaches down and takes his master in hand. It is a slow, gentle encounter and, compared to some of their other exploits, quite tame. That does not make it any less enjoyable for either one of them. Dominic stares up into his master's eyes, those - beautiful, beautiful blue eyes - as he frigs him, relishing the feel of the other man's prick, hot and heavy in his hand. He feels the pressure building and knows he is close. With his free hand he scratches at the base of his master's spine, a move he knows will drive Matthew wild. Matthew stiffens, then thrusts furiously into Dominic's hand. Dominic feels his masters seed on his hand and his stomach and, moments later, enjoys his own climax. They collapse into a satisfied and sticky heap, holding each other close. Matthew yawns.

"I suppose I should go see her."

In the bathroom they wash all the evidence of their latest coupling away. Returning to the bedroom, Dominic dresses quickly and turns his attention to Matthew, bringing him a clean suit. Matthew dresses and Dominic runs the brush over his coat and adjusts his cravat. Matthew goes over to the mirror and casts a critical eye over his reflection.

"Do I look alright, Dominic?"

"Perfect, sir."

Matthew cups Dominic's face in his hands and kisses him sweetly.

"I will not need you again until sometime after dinner."

Dominic nods and Matthew releases him. He unlocks his bedroom door and goes to his mother.


Matthew spends the following morning in his sitting room, gazing out the window, lost in thought. Dominic does not think the interview with Lady Bellamy went well. Then Matthew blinks and appears to snap out of his funk.

"It is a beautiful day, I think I will go for a walk. Would you care to join me, Dominic?"

"If you want me to, sir."

"Of course I want you to. You know I enjoy your company."

They turn as the door is kicked open and a tall, powerfully built man strides in. He is wearing good clothes but they are filthy and he smells of strong drink. He spies Matthew and his mouth twists into a cruel sneer.

"Did you think I would take this lying down, Matthew? Did you really think you could get away with it?"

The man goes to the small table by the fireplace and picks up the brandy decanter. Matthew shuffles over to Dominic while the stranger is distracted.

"Dominic, do you know my father's man?"


"Yes. Go to my father's rooms, find Gregory and tell him Paul is here. He will know what to do. Go, quickly now!"

Dominic obeys, running through hallways and up staircases. By the time he finds Geoffrey he is sweating and out of breath. He gasps out his message. At the word 'Paul' Gregory straightens up and his brow darkens.

"Wait here."

Gregory leaves and returns with two stableboys. Dominic brings them to his master's sitting room. He is told to stay back as Gregory and the stableboys charge in. Dominic hears angry shouts and peers into the room. The stableboys are restraining the stranger. Then Dominic's hands fly to his mouth and his eyes widen in dismay. Matthew is lying on the floor by the fireplace and the blood pouring out of his head seeps into the carpet.
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Title: Yes Sir Part Three
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.

The tailor puts in the last pin and steps back.

"You can get down now."

Dominic steps off the stool.

"Walk around, let me see how it looks."

He walks up and down the room as Mathew and the tailor look on.

"Very nice." Matthew turns to the other man. "You are to be complimented on your skill."

The tailor bows, accepting the praise.

"Have, shall we shall we say, a dozen suits made up and sent to my father's house. I cannot have my servant wandering around in rags, now can I?"

"Indeed not, sir."

"You can get changed now, Dominic."

Dominic goes behind the screen and changes back into his old suit, his only suit. When Matthew heard his servant had only one good suit (for Sundays) he insisted on bringing Dominic to his tailor and buying him more. They leave the tailor's shop and walk to the carriage waiting outside. Matthew stops so abruptly Dominic almost walks into him.

"Why do you do that?"

"Do what, sir?"

"Why do you slouch when we are in public?"

"I am taller than you, sir."

"Yes, what of it?"

Dominic looks down at his feet and Matthew's expression softens.

"Stand tall and proud, Dominic. You do not have to feel bad because you are taller than me. Almost everyone is and I have learned not to care."

Matthew climbs into the carriage, Dominic follows suit and they travel back to the Bellamy house.


Months go by and Dominic settles into his new role as Matthew's servant. The work itself is not difficult. His main duty is to attend to his master's day-to-day needs: bringing him his breakfast, hot water to shave, keeping him supplied with fresh clothing, running his errands, that kind of thing. They do well together, for Dominic has always been a hard worker and Matthew is indeed a kind and patient master. Affectionate too, even when they are not in bed. He will often touch or kiss Dominic in passing, but only when he is absolutely certain they are alone, that goes without saying.

In company he is, at best, coldly polite to Dominic. But Dominic does not take offense. He knows Matthew cannot be seen to be too familiar with a servant, especially around his father. To say Lord Bellamy considers servants his inferiors would be an understatement. His Lordship is the kind of aristocrat who does not really consider servants to be people; to him, they are more like pieces of furniture that have learned to walk and talk.

For his part, Dominic must be careful around the other servants and his family. His parents are proud of him and grateful for the extra money but his mother has always been inquisitive by nature and she bombards him with questions about his duties and whether his new master is treating him well. The other servants are no less curious and Dominic fends them off with vague answers. It saddens him sometimes, but he knows he cannot trust anyone with the truth.


Dominic yawns and stretches. His master is still sleeping beside him. It is Saturday and the house is quiet. The rest of the Bellamy family have gone out, as have most of the servants and Matthew and Dominic have spent the afternoon in bed, as has become their custom when the house is quiet like this. It is a cold and wet day but a fire burns in the grate, the room is warm and Dominic would have been happy to sleep beside his master for at least another hour. But his bladder is full and he cannot ignore it.

He gets out of bed, goes to the bathroom and relives himself. Coming back into the bedroom, he stands beside the bed and looks down at his master. Matthew has rolled onto his side and is running a hand over the empty space beside him, frowning and grumbling to himself - he is searching for Dominic. Smiling, Dominic climbs back into bed and Matthew grunts and wraps himself around the servant. Dominic closes his eyes but opens them again when he realises that, while his master is still asleep, one particular part of his anatomy is not; Dominic can feel it pressing against the back of his thigh.

He turns in his master's arms and kisses his cheek. Matthew does not stir. Dominic nudges him until he is lying on his back. Matthew throws an arm across his face and continues to sleep. Dominic pulls back the bedclothes and takes the master's prick in his hand, stroking it gently. It suddenly occurs to Dominic that, while Matthew has sucked his prick on countless occasions, he has never pressed Dominic to suck his. And Dominic is curious - will he enjoy it? Can he please his master this way? He will find out.

He lowers his head to his master's prick and begins to kiss it, moving slowly, starting at the base and working his way to the tip. Matthew whimpers softly but does not wake, not quite yet. Lowering his head again, Dominic runs his tongue up and down his master's length before taking it in his mouth. Matthew's entire body spasms and he cries out - he has finally woken. He looks down at the servant's head between his legs and moans. Dominic is inexperienced but what he lacks in skill he makes up for in enthusiasm. Matthew falls back against the pillow, closes his eyes again and loses himself in the sensation.

As for Dominic, well, he is enjoying this more than he thought he would. He sucks harder, hearing his master's moans increase in pitch and urgency. He begins to thrust up into Dominic's mouth and Dominic knows he is close to release. But then Dominic feels Matthew's hands on his head, pulling him away.

"Stop, Dominic."

Dominic looks up at Matthew, confused. "It it not good, sir? Am I doing something wrong?"

Matthew pulls him up until they are face to face and kisses him.

"It was wonderful, Dominic. But I do not want to spend myself in your mouth, not today. I want to feel your prick inside me."

Dominic is shocked. "Are you sure, sir?"

"Yes. I want you to fuck me, Dominic."

The servant is nervous but his master has told him to do something and Dominic has been raised to obey. He moves down his master's body and, recalling how Matthew prepared him the first time, spreads his cheeks and flicks his tongue over his master's entrance. Matthew groans in approval and Dominic does it again and then again, becoming more confident with each lick. Then he pushes his tongue inside Matthew's arse, savouring this strange new taste.

Dominic can feel Matthew's thighs trembling as he pulls his tongue out. He sucks his fingers and slides one inside his master. Moving it in and out, he adds a second, feeling for Matthew's prostate. When the master presses down on Dominic's fingers he knows he has hit the target. Matthew's hand fists in the hair on the back of his head and, when he speaks, his voice is tight with need.

"Now, Dominic. Fuck me now."

Dominic wets his prick and presses the tip against Matthew's arse. Taking a deep breath, he pushes forward, sliding all the way in on the first thrust. He bites his lip, there are no words to describe this new sensation - hot and tight, these words are accurate but fall far short of the mark. Bracing himself on his elbows, Dominic begins to thrust. He moves slowly at first but then he feels Matthew's hand on his arse and hears his voice, begging him to go harder, faster, deeper.

And Dominic does. He loses himself in the man beneath him, all thoughts of class division, of masters and servants leaving his mind. There is only this - flesh on flesh, flesh in flesh. He is dimly aware of Matthew sliding a hand between them, frigging himself in time with Dominic's thrusts. Then he hears Matthew scream, feels the master's arse clenching around him and then he is falling over the edge. He collapses against his master and Matthew holds him and murmers in his ear. As soon as he gets his breath back Dominic raises his head.

"Was I good, sir?"

Matthew kisses him gently. "You were better than good, Dominic. You were perfect."
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Title: Yes Sir Part Two
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.


Dominic does not respond. A hand shakes him gently.

"Wake up, Dominic."

He opens his eyes, unsure of his surroundings. This is not his bed. These sheets are a good deal softer than he is accustomed to. Matthew smiles at the sleepy boy's confusion and pats his head.

"My family will return home soon and I must dress for dinner. Much as it pains me to say it, Dominic, you must leave."

Dominic slides out of the master's bed and searches for the clothes he was so quick to throw off earlier in the day. Matthew, clad only in trousers and an unbuttoned shirt, watches the boy dress and, when he is done, escorts him to the bedroom door. Placing a hand under Dominic's chin, he claims one last, fiery kiss.

"Goodbye, Dominic. I will see you soon."

"Goodbye, sir."

Dominic leaves the bedroom and creeps back down to the servants' quarters. His luck holds and he does not encounter a single soul along the way. Lying on his own bed, he touches the mark left by the master's teeth and shivers. One thing is certain: when he gave in to a sudden impulse and decided to go exploring, he never could have anticipated the events of this afternoon.

Days pass and Dominic goes about his duties, taking special care to hide the bruise on his neck from prying eyes. He waits for his master to come and claim him. But the master does not come and, when six days have come and gone, Dominic begins to think he never will. Dominic tries to be practical about the whole affair. He is not the first servant to be taken advantage of by a gentleman and he knows he will not be the last. Dominic, at least, is luckier than many others in his position: he was not violated and he will not have some awkward questions to answer in nine months' time. He is not even angry, not really. He just wants to be with the master again.

On the nineth day everything changes. Dominic is shining shoes when one of the serving girls comes to him with a message: all male servants must come to the main kitchen at once. Dominic abandons his task and hurries along to the kitchen. He blinks at the sight before him; the young master is standing in the kitchen and speaking to Mr. Jenkins, the head of household.

"As you know, I am recently returned to England and I do not yet have a servant of my own. I intend to correct that oversight directly."

"Very good, sir. I can recommend many fine -"

"I will choose my own servant, your assistance in this matter is not required."

Mr. Jenkins bows and holds his tongue. Matthew paces the length of the kitchen, eyes examining each servant in turn. He stops when he reaches Dominic.

"You, boy. What is your name?"

Dominic, suddenly shy and unsure of how to respond, remains silent. An open hand strikes his back and Mr. Jenkins' harsh voice breaks the silence.

"Answer the master!"

Matthew rounds on the older man. "Why did you do that?"

Mr. Jenkins quails under the master's cool blue gaze. "Sir, it is my duty to punish errant servants."

"Punishing a servant when he has done wrong is one thing. Hitting someone for no good reason is quite another. If that was intended to impress me, I can assure you it has had quite the opposite effect."

Matthew turns back to Dominic. "Now, what is your name?"

"Dominic, sir."

Matthew stares at him for a long moment and then nods.

"I will have this one."

Mr. Jenkins begins to protest. "Sir, I urge you to reconsider."

"What is this? You dare to question my judgement? You have a rare nerve, sir!"

Dominic can hear the other servants sniggering. Mr. Jenkins is a petty tyrant, despised by one and all and referred to as "Piss Brain" behind his back. To see him put in his place by a superior is a rare treat indeed. Mr. Jenkins is scarlet with embarrassment but still makes one last attempt to change the master's mind.

"But sir, he has never worked above stairs and he has had no training."

"That makes him ideal for my purpose. I want a servant who will do things the way I want them done, not how he thinks they should be done. Further discussion of the matter would be quite useless. I have made up my mind. I do not change it."

Matthew strides out of the kitchen without so much as a backward glance. Mr. Jenkins glares at the faces still watching him.

"Get back to work!"

The others leave the kitchen and Dominic goes with them. Those shoes will not shine themselves.


Dominic stands outside Matthew's bedroom door, feeling uncomfortable and out of place in his suit. He raises a hand and knocks.

"Come in."

He enters the bedroom. Matthew is sitting with one leg hooked over the arm of a chair, a book open is his hands. His face lights up when he sees Dominic. Dropping his book on the floor, he crosses the room in three quick strides and takes the boy in his arms. Dominic melts into his master's embrace. Matthew graces Dominic with a soft kiss, then pulls back so that he can look in the boy's eyes.

"Forgive me, Dominic, it was not my intention to keep you waiting for so long. My father was preoccupied with other, more important matters and in no mood to discuss my domestic affairs. But you have never been far from my thoughts."

"It is quite alright, sir. But Mr. Jenkins - "

"Jenkins is an ass."

"Just as you say, sir. But he was right about one thing. I have never worked above stairs."

"That is of no consequence. You will learn as you go and I think you will find me a patient master."

Matthew raises an eyebrow as he looks at Dominic. "But where are my manners? I neglected to tell you how handsome you look in your suit."

"Thank you, sir."

Dominic's mother insisted on the suit. She also forced Dominic into a bath and scrubbed him until he was raw. When he objected to being treated like a child, she told him he was not yet too old to be put over her knee. He does not tell his master any of this.

Matthew's smile broadens and Dominic sees mischief in his eyes. "Of course, I do think think you would look better without them."

The master guides Dominic over to the chair and begins to remove the boy's clothing, folding each item carefully and placing it on the seat. When he is done he takes Dominic's hands and brings them to his shirt front.

"Take my clothes off, Dominic. I want to feel your hands on me."

Dominic obeys, undressing his master and placing his clothes on top of his own. When he is done Matthew takes him by the hand and leads him to the bed. They lie together on soft sheets, hands and tongues sliding over bare skin. Dominic, at Matthew's urging, grows bolder in his explorations. He seeks out Matthew's spots of pleasure, making careful note of the master's reaction to each touch. Eager to learn, he wants nothing more than to please his master.

Matthew indulges him until his need to be inside the boy overwhelms him. He pins Dominic to the bed and captures his lips in a kiss so fierce it leaves them both breathless. Matthew pulls Dominic until he is lying on his side, facing away from his master. Dominic feels Matthew's tongue gliding down the length of his spine and shivers with delight. He knows where this is going. Sure enough, he soon feels Matthew's hands spreading his cheeks and the master's tongue lapping at his hole.

Dominic moans and strokes himself as his master prepares him. He hisses when he feels Matthew's prick penetrating him. It hurts, yes, but not as much as the last time and the pain soon fades away, giving way to dark and intense pleasure. Matthew maintains a steady pace, fucking Dominic with quick, sharp thrusts. His hand roams freely over the boy's flesh, nails scratching at Dominic's nipples, fingertips skating gently over his prick. As Matthew feels his orgasm approaching his carefully maintained pace degenerates into something far more primal. He slams into Dominic again and again, stroking the boy's prick in time with his thrusts until the pleasure is too much and he cries out in ecstasy. Dominic feels Matthew's hot seed spilling inside him and soon finds his own release, spurting into his master's hand. Spent, they lie together as the sweat on their bodies cool and their breathing slows. Matthew slips out of Dominic and kisses the boy's ear.

"Mine, Dominic."

Dominic turns his head and looks into his master's eyes.

"Yours, sir."

Yes Sir

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hannah_chapter1: (Fatrix)
Title: Yes Sir
Author: hannah_chapter
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: 18/NC-17
Summary: AU. Victorian England. Matthew is the son of a lord, Dominic is a young and innocent servant: "The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him."
Feedback: Makes me do the dance of joy.
Disclaimer: Fake as fake could be.
Notes: I was thinking about where I want to take my office workers story next (yes, I'm doing another one) and was maybe going to include a bit where our dynamic duo discuss roleplaying and, more specifically, some kind of master/servant seduction game. But then that particular scenario took on a life of its own and turned into a story in its own right. And here it is.

Dominic scurries through the upper halls of the Bellamy house. He should not be here: he works below stairs and is not allowed in the upper levels of the house. But Lord Bellamy has taken his family out for the day, Dominic has finished his own work and his curious nature has gotten the better of him. He wants to see how the gentry live. Opening a door at random, he finds himself in a large bedroom. But he is not alone: a young, dark-haired man is looking at him. This must be the younger son, master Matthew. Dominic can feel himself blushing.

"Forgive me, sir. I did not know you were here."

"No need to apologise." Matthew sits on the edge of the bed and pats the spot next to him. "Come and sit with me."

Of course Dominic obeys, what choice does he have? If he is lucky, the young master will not report him for trespassing. He sits next to Matthew.

"Have I seen you before?"

"No, sir. I work below stairs." Dominic racks his brains, trying to come up with an explanation for his intrusion, but Matthew does not pursue the matter.

"What is your name?"

"Dominic, sir."

Matthew does not respond to this, he just sits and stares. Dominic clears his throat awkwardly.

"I have heard the other servants talking about you, sir."

"Have you, now? What do they say?"

"They say you have been educated abroad and are recently returned to England. You must have seen some wonderful things on your travels, sir."

"Indeed I have. I have had quite a few interesting experiences and have learned a great deal, especially about pleasure."

Dominic almost jumps out of his skin when he feels the young master's hand on his thigh.

"Pleasure, sir?"

"Yes, Dominic, pleasure. How to take it and how to give it."

Dominic begins to sweat as Matthew's hand glides up and down his thigh.

"How old are you, Dominic?"

"Fifteen, sir."

Matthew smiles. "All grown up, then?"

"If you say so, sir."

"Do you have a friend, Dominic? A special friend?"

"What do you mean, sir?"

"A lady friend, perhaps?"

"Oh. No, sir."

"Have you ever kissed a girl?"

"No, sir."

"A boy?"

"No, sir"

"What a pity. Such a waste of a pretty little mouth like yours."

Dominic's reply is cut off when Matthew leans forward and presses their lips together, kissing him softly. Dominic freezes, unsure of how to proceed. He cannot push Matthew away, that much is clear. Matthew is a master and Dominic is a servant. The young master has the power, the servant none. And ... this is not unpleasant. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Matthew is still kissing him and rubbing his thigh gently and Dominic can feel his body responding to the young master's touch. Fear and uncertainty give way to desire and he relaxes, surrendering himself to Matthew. His reaction does not go unnoticed: Matthew's kisses become more passionate and his tongue slips between Dominic's lips, ravishing the boy's mouth.

The young master puts his hand on Dominic's shoulder and pushes him down. Dominic falls back onto the bed and Matthew covers the boy's body with his own. And still they kiss, tongues sliding wetly together as the hand on Dominic's thigh moves higher, caressing him through his trousers, making him moan deep in his throat. Matthew breaks the kiss, ignoring the boy's whines of protest as he undoes the fastenings on Dominic's trousers. The boy is bare beneath the cloth and his stiff prick rises to greet Matthew. The young master wraps his long fingers around Dominic's length and begins to stroke him. Dominic's eyes roll back in his head as Matthew touches him. He has pleasured himself before, but it has never been like this.

"Do you like this, Dominic? Does it feel good?"

"Yes, sir. It feels so, so good."

"Ah, but did you know it can feel even better?"

Matthew lowers his head and takes Dominic in his mouth. Dominic's hands clutch the bed clothes, all coherent thought leaving his mind. The rest of the world falls away, the only thing he is aware of is the head between his legs, the mouth sucking his prick. Matthew suddenly releases him and stands. Dominic looks up at the young master, confused.

"Undress for me, Dominic. Now."

Dominic hurries to obey, pulling his clothes off and Matthew smiles at the boy's eagerness. Naked, Dominic lies on the bed, waiting for Matthew's next order. Matthew begins to remove his own clothes.

"Look at you, such a beautiful boy. I want to run my hands all over your body. I want to lick you everywhere."

Dominic blushes and Matthew smiles again as he continues undressing, pleased with the boy's reaction. He meant what he said: Dominic truly is a beautiful sight, lying on the bed, naked and ready for Matthew. The moment Matthew laid eyes on the boy, he knew he had to have him. Some men would scoff at Matthew's seduction, calling it a waste of time. They would simply take the boy. But Matthew does not care to be acquainted with such boors and has nothing but contempt for their methods. Using brute strength or his superior social standing to get the things he wants - where is the challenge in that? Now, to seduce someone, to overcome their resistance and see them submit of their own free will, that is the real challenge.

Matthew, naked now, covers Dominic again, both of them moaning when their erect members brush against each other. The young master kisses Dominic again as his finger traces small circles on the boy's stomach. Then he moves down Dominic's body, kissing and licking the bare skin, the boy's moans and cries sweet music to his ears. Matthew grabs Dominic's thighs and pulls him to the edge of the bed. Kneeling between Dominic's legs, Matthew spreads his arsecheeks and flicks his tongue over the boy's entrance.

Dominic's body rises from the bed and Matthew grips his thighs and holds him down as he licks his arsehole. Dominic cries out steadily as Matthew tastes him. Then he feels Matthew's tongue sliding inside him and he loses the ability to think. His hands grip the edge of the bed and he tries to shove himself down on Matthew's tongue, wanting more of that wet and delicious muscle.

Matthew slides his tongue in and out of Dominic, preparing him. He pulls his tongue out completely and sucks his fingers, making sure they are nice and wet. Matthew slips one finger into Dominic's arse and the boy squirms; the sensation is not painful, it just feels strange, new. Matthew moves his finger, searching for that special spot deep inside. He knows he has hit it when Dominic screams. Adding a second finger, he stretches Dominic's hole, making him ready.

The young master removes his fingers, spits in his hand and spreads the fluid over his prick, making it wet. Then he lays atop Dominic once more and enters him, pushing inside him slowly and carefully, not wanting to hurt the boy anymore than he has to. Dominic bites his lip to stop himself screaming. The pain is too much, he feels like he is being split in two. Matthew strokes the boy's hair, trying to soothe him.

"I know it hurts. The first time is always painful. But it will pass, I promise."

Dominic nods and tries to relax. Matthew begins to move in and out of him with long, slow thrusts. As Dominic's body grows accustomed to this new sensation the pain begins to fade, as Matthew said it would. His moans of pain become moans of pleasure. Matthew thrusts harder, loving the way Dominic feels: so hot and tight, he is perfect. Then the head of Matthew's prick hits Dominic's prostate and his mind splinters into a thousand pieces. He never thought anything could feel as good as this does.

"Do you like this, Dominic?" Matthew's voice is rough with desire. "Do you like it when I fuck you?"

Dominic gasps at the crudeness of the word. He has heard it before, of course. But Dominic's mother would wash his mouth out with soap if she heard him say it and he never expected to hear it from the lips of a gentleman like Matthew.

"Yes, sir."

"Then say it."

"I love it when you fuck me, sir."

"Dirty little boy, I knew you would. Touch yourself. Touch yourself while I fuck you."

Dominic does as he is told, sliding a hand between their bodies and frigging himself as Matthew fucks him. With his free hand Dominic grabs Matthew by the neck and slams their mouths together. This unexpected boldness delights Matthew and his thrusts become rougher as he feels his climax approaching. Tearing his mouth away from Dominic's, Matthew bites down on the flesh of his neck, marking the boy as his. The mix of pain and pleasure is too much for Dominic: he throws his head back and screams as he finds his release. His climax triggers Matthew's, the young master grunting through clenched teeth as he comes inside Dominic's willing body. Spent, he falls forward onto Dominic. They stay like this for a moment, then Matthew pulls out and turns them until he is lying on his back with Dominic's head on his chest. He runs his hand through the boy's sweaty hair.

"I really must speak to my father about you, Dominic."

Dominic raises his head and looks at Matthew, suddenly worried.


"I want you to be my servant. Would you like that, Dominic? Would you like to be mine?"

Dominic smiles and lays his head on his master's chest again.

"Yes, sir. I would."


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